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Ally Nitscke - 11 August, 8.30am

Step Into Leadership

Are you ready to accelerate your leadership impact? This course is designed for new and emerging leaders; professionals who want to explore and get clarity on their personal leadership vision and skills to communicate effectively. You will discover leadership strategies to apply within your teams, as well as amplify your personal strengths and work to develop your own leadership blueprint.

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Daniel Panozzo - 12 October, 8.30am

In this highly interactive and engaging workshop, we will discover the emotions of change - how feelings shape change, and how change shapes feelings. We will explore what helps us become “change ready” and beyond to becoming a “changemaker” and how the competencies of emotional intelligence give you the tools to navigate and lead through change. 

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Chad Habel - 26 November, 8.30am

Leading vs Managing in Authority Roles

This session will facilitate rich conversations to unpack participants' experiences and the stories we tell ourselves about the role of managing staff, and the skills of leadership. It will explore the essential services of authority (protection, direction and order) and how they are exchanged for followership in different kinds of organisational systems. Participants will leave with an enhanced awareness of their own mental models of leadership/management, and an idea of how they differ from others'.

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