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Master of Water Resources Management

Degree Type Masters by Coursework

Duration 1.5 years full-time or part-time equiv.


A unique blend of cross-institutional and cross-faculty study, providing students with access to a wide range of expertise, resources and state-of-the-art research facilities in the broad field of water resources management. Programs in water resources management offer a selection of specialised coursework electives and study options enabling students to create a program of study that meets their individual needs. Programs are designed to provide students with an opportunity to increase their breadth and depth of knowledge and application of skills in the area of water resources management. 

The core courses in this program are delivered in conjunction with ICEWaRM, an Australian Government initiative.

Intending students should consult the program coordinator early in the year in which they plan to study to check whether particular courses or projects will be available in that year and/or that semester.

  • Program Structure

    This is a 36 unit program comprising of 12 units of core courses and 24 units of electives.

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  • Admission and Fee Information

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    Domestic applicants

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    Annual tuition fees
    Australian Full-fee place: $20,000
    Mid-year entry? Subject to availability
    Enquiries Ask Adelaide
    Selection Criteria
    Graduate entry only.
    Relevant Bachelors degree or four year degree plus relevant work experience
    How to Apply
    Contact the Faculty Office for application procedure.

    International applicants

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    IELTS Overall 6.5 [more info]
    Annual tuition fees International student place: $27,500
    Mid-year entry? Subject to availability
    CRICOS 056486K
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    Selection Criteria
    Graduate entry only
    Equivalent Scores
    How to Apply

    International applicants applying with Australian year 12 results

    Not an international applicant applying with Australian year 12 results?

    Annual tuition fees International student place: $27,500
    Mid-year entry? Subject to availability
    Enquiries Ask Adelaide
    Selection Criteria
    Graduate entry only
  • Areas of Specialisation

    Water Resources Management

  • Study Plans

    The study plans given are examples of pathways through this degree.

    Total of units required for this program - 36 units

    At least 18 units of study must be undertaken from courses offered by the University of Adelaide.

    Core Courses

    All candidates shall complete the following core courses:

    • WRM 7000 Global Water Systems I (Natural Water Cycle) (3 units)
    • WRM 7002 Global Water Systems II (Engineered Water Cycle) (3 units)
    • WRM 7003 Water Resources & Society (3 units)
    • WRM 7004 Water Resources Planning & Management (3 units)
    Elective Courses

    Select 12 units from the following with at least 9 units taken from one of the streams:

    Management of Water Infrastructure

    The University of Adelaide

    • WRM 7011 Environmental Modelling, Management & Design (3 units)
    • WRM 7012 Water Resources Optimisation & Modelling (3 units)
    • WRM 7013 Water Distribution Systems & Design (3 units)
    • WRM 7014 Coastal Engineering & Design (3 units)
    • WRM 7021 GIS for Environmental Management (3 units)
    • WRM 7022 Analysis of Rivers & Sediment Transport (3 units)
    • WRM 7023 Water Resources Sustainability & Design (3 units)
    • WRM 7108 Environmental Engineering and Design IVA (3 units)
    • WRM 7109 Environmental Engineering and Design IVB (3 units)

    University of South Australia

    • Facilities & Asset Performance (3 units)
    • Facilities Program management (3 units)
    • Asset Management Service Delivery (3 units)
    • Sustainability in Assets and Facilities (3 units)
    • Engineering Infrastructure Management (3 units)
    • Strategic Asset Management (3 units)
    • Introduction Geographic Information Systems (3 units)

    Deakin University

    • Risk and Environmental Sustainability (3 units)
    • Coastal Engineering Management
    •  Water Resources Systems Analysis (3 units)
    • Water Resources Engineering (3 units)
    • Environmental Systems(3 units)

    Central Queensland University

    • Introduction to Maintenance Engineering (3 units)
    • Establishing the Maintenance Strategy (3 units)
    • Maintenance Organisation  (3 units)
    • Maintenance Systems and Documentation (3 units)
    • Auditing maintenance Systems (3 units)

    Water Quality and Treatment

    The University of Adelaide

    • WRM 7010 Wastewater Engineering & Design (3 units)
    • WRM 7011 Environmental Modelling, Management and Design (3 units)
    • WRM 7013 Water distribution Systems and Design 3 units)

    University of South Australia

    • Water Quality Fundamentals & Processes N
    • Advanced Water Quality and Wastewater Management
    • Design of Flood and Drainage Systems
    • Water Quality Modelling
    •  Water Quality Management

    Deakin University

    • Environmental Systems Design
    • Water Treatment Processes
    • Wastewater Treatment Processes
    • Water Reclamation and Reuse

    Ecosystem and Catchment Management

    The University of Adelaide

    • WRM 7021 GIS for Environmental Management (3 units)
    • WRM 7024 Freshwater Ecology (3 units)
    • WRM 7025 Ecosystems Modelling for Environmental Management (3 units)
    • WRM 7026 Integrated Catchment Management (3 units)

    Deakin University

    • Risk and Environmental Sustainability (3 units)
    • Integrated Catchment Management:Concepts, Principles and Planning (3 units)
    • Integrated Catchment Management: Practical Tools for Assessment and Implementation (3 units)
    • Aquatic Ecosystems Management and Rehabilitation (3 units)

     Central Queensland University

    • Environmental Risk Management (3 units)
    • Water Management 1 (3 units)

    The following streams are not offered at the University of Adelaide:

    • Groundwater Hydrology/ Hydrogeology
    • Irrigation
    • Water Planning
    Unstreamed Electives
    • WRM 7015 Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases (3 units)
    • WRM 7017 Biostatistics (3 units)
    • WRM 7018 Epidemiological Research Methods (3 units)
    • WRM 7020 Industrial Toxicology (3 units)
    • WRM 7027 Environmental Economics EIII (3 units)
    Other Electives

    With permission from the Faculty, the following courses may be undertaken in lieu of an elective course:

    • WRM 7007 Research Methodology (3 units)*
    • WRM 7009 Specialised Studies I (3 units)

    *This course is a prerequisite for WRM 7008 Research Project and WRM 7006 Major Industry Project listed below

    Other relevant courses may be presented towards the requirements of the degree with the approval of the Faculty.

    Additional Study

    Select 12 units from one of the following options:

    Study Option 1

    • Four additional courses (12 units) chosen from the electives

    Study Option 2

    • Two additional courses (6 units) chosen from the electives
    • WRM 7005 Minor Industry Project (6 units)

    Study Option 3

    Study Option 4

    • WRM 7006 Major Industry Project (12 units)
    The availability of all courses is conditional on the availability of staff and facilities and sufficient enrolments.
  • Career Opportunities

    Advanced technical and management roles in the many industries that interrelate with water resources management.

    Potential careers

    Coastal Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Environmental Management, Environmental Modeller, Hydrologist, Researcher, Scientist, Sustainability Manager, Water Resources Engineer

  • Graduate Attributes
    • Knowledge and understanding of the content and techniques of a chosen discipline at advanced levels that are internationally recognised.
    • The ability to locate, analyse, evaluate and synthesise information from a wide variety of sources in a planned and timely manner.
    • An ability to apply effective, creative and innovative solutions, both independently and cooperatively, to current and future problems.
    • Skills of a high order in interpersonal understanding, teamwork and communication.
    • A proficiency in the appropriate use of contemporary technologies.
    • A commitment to continuous learning and the capacity to maintain intellectual curiosity throughout life.
    • A commitment to the highest standards of professional endeavour and the ability to take a leadership role in the community.
    • An awareness of ethical, social and cultural issues and their importance in the exercise of professional skills and responsibilities.
  • Program Rules

    The Calendar is a comprehensive handbook of the University's academic program rules.

  • Useful Links

The University of Adelaide is committed to regular reviews of the courses and programs it offers to students. The University of Adelaide therefore reserves the right to discontinue or vary programs and courses without notice. Please read the important information contained in the disclaimer.

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