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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)(Mining)

Degree Type Honours Bachelor

Duration 4 years full-time or part-time equiv.

SATAC Code 324401


Mining engineers are concerned with the extraction and processing of ores from the earth that contain valuable minerals or metals. They are involved in mine design, mining systems, geology/resource estimation, mine planning, geotechnical/rock mechanics, mine ventilation, mining economics, management and finance, project evaluation and environmental considerations.

Mine engineers may supervise other engineers, surveyors, geologists, scientists and technicians working on a mine site/office.

The academic program focuses on analysis and design and combines knowledge from geotechnical, civil and environmental engineering, geology, computing, mathematics and finance.

  • Program Structure

    The first two years of the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mining) focus on building engineering, mathematics and science foundations that are further developed in the final two years of the degree.

    The third and fourth years of the degree have been developed by Mining Education Australia; a unique, industry-funded and internationally respected collaboration of the University of Adelaide, the University of New South Wales, the University of Queensland and Curtin University. This provides students with a unique perspective on mining practice across Australia.

    The degree focuses on engineering problem-solving, analysis and design, optimisation, computer-based methods and research, and communication and management skills.

    Students are required to complete 12 weeks of approved practical experience.

  • Assessment

    Assessment can vary from course to course and can include a combination of class work, tutorials, assignments, laboratory work, quizzes, project work and exams.

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  • Admission and Fee Information

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    Domestic applicants

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    SATAC Code 324401
    Adelaide Approved Score 80
    2016 CSP IB 28
    Mid-year entry? Yes
    Deferment? Yes - 2 year
    Enquiries Ask Adelaide
    Selection Criteria
    Year 12 applicants
    You must not have completed more than 2 years full time equivalent university study (48 units). You compete for a place with your Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR).
    SACE Stage 2: Mathematical Studies, Specialist Mathematics, Physics.

    IB: Mathematics (HL grade 3), Physics (SL grade 4/HL grade 3)

    Assumed Knowledge
    SACE Stage 2 Chemistry

    Alternative entry pathways
    • Higher Education applicants
      You must have completed at least half a year full time equivalent higher education study. A Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated for each separate program you have undertaken (apart from some double degree programs where the GPA is combined). You compete on the basis of your best GPA.
    • VET applicants
      You must have completed an AQF Certificate IV or above from a Registered Training Organisation. Your application will be ranked according to the level of the award.
    • Special Entry applicants
      You must be 18 years or over before 1 February 2017. If you have studied at higher education level in the last two years (for 2017 entry this means you were enrolled in either 2016 or 2015), you must not have accumulated more than a TOTAL of 2 years full-time (or part-time equivalent) higher education study (ie. including any study prior to 2015). If you meet this criteria, you will be ranked according to your result in the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT). Your STAT result is not weighted between verbal and quantitative components. Indigenous applicants may be eligible for entry through the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Access Scheme. See Wirltu Yarlu for further information.
    • Other Entry Pathways
    How to Apply
    SATAC Code: 324401

    International applicants

    Not an international applicant?

    IB 27
    IELTS Overall 6 [more info]
    Annual tuition fees International student place: $35,500
    Mid-year entry? Yes
    CRICOS 082114M
    Enquiries Ask Adelaide
    Selection Criteria
    Mathematics and Physics
    Assumed Knowledge
    Chemistry is desirable
    Equivalent Scores
    IB 27
    A-Level 9
    UEC [Malaysia] 15
    SAT [US] 1770
    ISC & CBSE [India] 75%
    ISBE [India] [1] 85%
    OSSD OAC [Canadian Pre-U] 75
    Eynesbury Foundation Program 380
    Bradford Foundation Program 77
    [1] Acceptable Indian State Board Examinations: Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu
    How to Apply

    International applicants applying with Australian year 12 results

    Not an international applicant applying with Australian year 12 results?

    Annual tuition fees International student place: $35,500
    Mid-year entry? Yes
    Enquiries Ask Adelaide
    Selection Criteria
    SACE Stage 2: Mathematical Studies, Specialist Mathematics, Physics.

    IB: Mathematics (HL grade 3), Physics (SL grade 4/HL grade 3)

    Assumed Knowledge
    SACE Stage 2 Chemistry
  • Study Plans

    The study plans given are examples of pathways through this degree.

    The below study plan is indicative of a semester 1 commencement. Please scroll to the bottom of the table to print a study plan for semester 1 or 2 commencement.

    S1 C&ENVENG 1008 Engineering Planning & Design I (3 units) C&ENVENG 1010 Engineering Mechanics - Statics (3 units) GEOLOGY 1104 Geology for Engineers I (3 units) MATHS 1011 Mathematics IA (3 units)
    S2 C&ENVENG 1012 Engineering Modelling & Analysis I (3 units) MECH ENG 1007 Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics (3 units) MINING 1011 Introduction to Mining Engineering I (3 units) MATHS 1012 Mathematics IB (3 units)
    S1 C&ENVENG 2025 Strength of Materials II (3 units) C&ENVENG 2068 Environmental Engineering & Sustainability II (3 units) MECH ENG 2021 Thermo-Fluids (3 units) MATHS 2201 Engineering Mathematics IIA (3 units)
    S2 GEOLOGY 2504 Economic & Mine Geology II (3 units) C&ENVENG 2070 Engineering Modelling & Analysis II (3 units) C&ENVENG 2069 Geotechnical Engineering II (3 units) CHEM ENG 2019 Introduction to Minerals Processing (3 units)
    S1 MINING 3070 Resource Estimation (3 units) MINING 3071 Mining Systems (3 units) MINING 3072 Mining Geomechanics (3 units) MINING 4104 Socio-Environmental Aspects of Mining (3 units)
    S2 MINING 3068 Mine Ventilation (3 units) MINING 3069 Rock Breakage (3 units) MINING 3073 Mine Planning (3 units) MINING 3222 Research Methodologies and Project Management (3 units)
    S1 MINING 4222A Research Project Part A: Mining (3 units) MINING 4102 Mine Geotechnical Engineering (3 units) MINING 4106 Hard Rock Mine Design & Feasibility (3 units) Elective (3 units)
    S2 MINING 4222B Research Project Part B: Mining (3 units) MINING 4101 Mine Management (3 units) MINING 4111 Coal Mine Design & Feasibility (3 units) Elective (3 units)
    MINING 4113 Advanced Mine Ventilation (3 units) C&ENVENG 4056 Linear Geostatistics (3 units)**
    MINING 4107 Surface Mining Systems (3 units) MINING 4112 Advanced Mine Geotechnical Engineering (3 units) MINING 4108 Underground Mining Systems (3 units)
    SUMMER C&ENVENG 4106 Introduction to Geostatistics (3 units)**
    WINTER MINING 4114 Simulation & Animation for Mining Engineers (3 units)
    This study plan should be used to guide enrolment for the current academic year. Some students may need to modify their enrolment based on previous study (e.g. students granted advanced standing/credit, students repeating previously failed courses).

    Unless exempted by the Faculty, all international students are required to take Engineering Communication. At the commencement of study, the Faculty will advise which course is to be replaced by ENG 3003 Engineering Communication EAL.

    ** C&ENVENG 4106 Introduction to Geostatistics is a pre-requisite to C&ENVENG 4056  Linear Geostatistics.

    The Research Project courses9 unit Research project must be undertaken in three consecutive semesters, beginning in semester 2 of your third year. Students form their groups and formulate their Research Proposal in MINING 3222. The group then develop the Research Project in Part A (MINING 4222A) Part A and Part B (MINING 4222B) Part B.

    ^Check the course planner for course availability noting the availability of all courses is conditional on the availability of staff and facilities.
    Download a print copy of the study plan Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)(Mining) PDF

    Semester 2 Start: Students commencing in semester 2, download a print copy of the study plan
    Semester 2 - Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)(Mining)
  • Career Opportunities

    Mining engineers can have highly lucrative careers. Graduates can practise as geotechnical engineers, environmental engineers, drill and blast engineers, ventilation engineers, mine planning engineers, mine managers, project engineers or as geostatisticians.

    A mining engineering degree and a period of directed professional experience in industry is a requirement for appointment as a First Class Mine Manager in South Australia.

    Career opportunities for graduates can also be sought in finance, management, consulting and in government nationally and internationally.

    Potential careers

    Consultant, Geotechnical Engineer, Engineer, Geostatistician, Mining Engineer, Drilling Engineer

  • Graduate Attributes

    The objective of this undergraduate program is to produce graduates with specific attributes as outlined in University of Adelaide Graduate Attributes.

  • Professional Accreditation

    Graduates qualify for professional membership of Engineers Australia and the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

  • Work Placement

    Students are required to complete 12 weeks of approved practical experience.

  • Program Rules

    The Calendar is a comprehensive handbook of the University's academic program rules.

  • Further Information

    Please direct enquiries to the Ask Adelaide
    Phone: +61 8 8313 5208 (toll free 1800 061 459)

    The annual Open Day and Information Night events provide an excellent opportunity to see our campus, meet with academics, and discuss your study options.

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