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Master of Marine Engineering

Degree Type Masters by Coursework

Duration 1.5 years full-time or part-time equiv.


CRICOS 073672M

The Master of Marine Engineering offers students the opportunity to further develop and enhance their skills and expertise in this field. The variety of specialised coursework electives and study options enables students to meet their individual career goals as well as meeting industry-defined objectives. Industry-sponsored students can undertake workplace projects to enhance their practical experience.

The University of Adelaide delivers most of the courses, though courses from a number of other leading universities throughout Australia are also included.

Marine engineering programs are structured so that students can complete the degree in steps with the graduate certificate, graduate diploma, then the master's degree, providing an opportunity for career-life balance.

Intending students should consult with the program coordinator prior to commencement to check whether particular courses or projects will be available.

  • Entry Requirements

    Choose your applicant type to view the relevant admissions information for this program.
    I am a:

    Domestic applicants

    Not a domestic applicant?

    Mid-year entry? Subject to availability
    Enquiries Ask Adelaide
    Selection Criteria
    Graduate entry only.
    Relevant Honours degree plus two years of relevant work experience, or Graduate Diploma of Marine Engineering
    How to Apply
    Contact the Faculty Office for application procedure.

    International applicants

    Not an international applicant?

    CRICOS 073672M
    Intake February
    Selection Criteria
    English Language Requirements
    Australian Year 12 Successful completion of an Australian year 12 qualification with a minimum pass in an accepted English language subject
    English Tests accepted by the University of Adelaide
    IELTS Overall 6 Reading 5.5 Listening 5.5 Speaking 6 Writing 6
    TOEFL Overall 60 Reading 8 Listening 8 Speaking 18 Writing 21
    Pearsons Overall 50 Reading 42 Listening 42 Speaking 50 Writing 50
    Cambridge Overall 169 Reading 162 Listening 162 Speaking 169 Writing 169
    Qualifications that meet minimum English requirements A range of alternative qualifications may meet the University’s minimum English requirements
    Academic Entry Requirements
    International Qualifications Relevant Honours degree or equivalent plus 2 years relevant work experience or a Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering.
    Additional Entry Requirements
    Specialisation courses are available in alternate years.

    How to Apply
  • Fees and Scholarships

    Choose your applicant type to view the relevant admissions information for this program.
    I am a:

    Domestic applicants

    Not a domestic applicant?

    Annual tuition fees
    Commonwealth-supported place: $9,325

    International applicants

    Not an international applicant?

    Annual tuition fees International student place: $38,000


    These scholarships, as well as many others funded by industry and non-profit organisations, are available to potential and currently enrolled students.

    Find a Scholarship.

  • Careers

    Career Readiness

    Graduates have secured advanced technical and management roles in marine engineering.

    The University of Adelaide Careers Service prepares, inspires and empowers students to achieve successful career transitions and connect with industry.

    Graduate Attributes

    The objective of this program is to produce graduates with specific attributes as outlined in University of Adelaide Graduate Attributes.
    1. Deep discipline knowledge
    2. Critical thinking and problem solving
    3. Teamwork and communication skills
    4. Career and leadership readiness
    5. Intercultural and ethical competency
    6. Self-awareness and emotional intelligence

    Potential careers

    Defence Engineer, Engineer, Marine Engineer, Maritime Engineer, Naval Ship Engineer, Systems Engineer

  • Global Learning

    A Global Learning Experience is an integral component to your academic journey at The University of Adelaide. The university is committed to offering its students the opportunity to study overseas through a range of degrees offered via the Global Learning Office, including student exchange, study tours, short study degrees, internships and placements. There are many exciting opportunities in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Oceania ranging from a few weeks to a full academic year.

    To find Global Learning opportunities available in your study area click Global Experiences.

  • Degree Structure

    The master's degree is a 36-unit program. Students will complete 9 units of core courses and 15 units of electives and a 12-unit research project. At least 21 units of study must be taken from courses taught by the University of Adelaide.

    The availability of all courses is conditional on the availability of staff, facilities and sufficient enrolments.

    Academic Program Rules

    The Calendar is a comprehensive handbook of the University's academic program rules.

    Example Study Plan

    Year 1 MECH ENG 7042 Introduction to Submarine Design (3 units)#

    MECH ENG 7046 Submarine Design (3 units)#

    PROJMGNT 7013 Systems Engineering 1 (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7049 Marine Engineering Research Project Part A (6 units)

    Elective (9 units)
    Year 2 MECH ENG 7049 Marine Engineering Research Project Part B (6 units)

    Elective (6 units)
    ELEC ENG 7015 Adaptive Signal Processing (3 units)

    ELEC ENG 7033 Principles of RF Engineering (3 units)

    ELEC ENG 7046 Power Quality & Fault Diagnosis (3 units)

    ELEC ENG 7082 Principles of Control Systems (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7030 Advanced Vibrations (3 units)

    APP MTH 7075 Fluid Mechanics (3 units)*

    ELEC ENG 7065 Sonar Sensors & Systems (3 units)^

    ELEC ENG 7069 Electric Energy Systems (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7045 CFD for Engineering Applications (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7059 Finite Element Analysis of Structures (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7020 Materials Selection & Failure Analysis (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7076 Renewable Fluid Power Technology (3 units)

    TECHCOMM 7030 Logistics and Supply Chain Management (3 units)* ^

    MECH ENG 7021 Combustion Technology & Emissions Control (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7024 Robotics M (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7028 Advanced PID Control (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7050 Sustainability & the Environment (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7053 Aerospace Propulsion (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7066 Aeronautical Engineering (3units)

    MECH ENG 7067 Aerospace Materials & Structures (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7070 Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7071 Mechatronics II (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7074 Structural Design & Solid Mechanics (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7026 Advanced Topics in Fluid Mechanics (3 units)^

    CHEM ENG 7047 Composites & Multiphase Polymers (3 units)^

    COMP SCI 7076 Distributed Systems (3 units)

    ELEC ENG 7049 Power Electronics Systems (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7023 Fracture Mechanics (3 units)^

    TECHCOMM 7029 Systems Engineering 2* (3 units) ^ 

    PROJMGNT 7024 Complex Project Management (3 units)*

    MECH ENG 7027 Engineering Acoustics (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7029 Airconditioning (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7034 Advanced Digital Control (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7043 Stresses in Plates & Shells (3 units)^ 

    MECH ENG 7047 Dynamics & Control II (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7061 Corrosion: Principles & Prevention (3 units)

    ELEC ENG 7055 Antennas & Propagation (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7044 Biomechanical Engineering (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7062 Aircraft Design

    MECH ENG 7063 Advanced Topics in Aerospace Engineering (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7068 Applied Aerodynamics (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7072 Micro-Controller Programming (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7073 Space Vehicle Design (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7075 Sustainable Thermal Technologies (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7025 Topics in Welded Structures (3 units)

    MECH ENG 7027 Engineering Acoustics (3 units)

    PROJMGNT 7024 Complex Project Management (3 units)*
    *Students may present no more than 9 units of courses denoted with an asterisk

    *Available to Non – ASC students only
    # Contact Ms Jennifer Reeves at ASC: Phone +61 8 8348 7040 for location of classes

    ^Check the course planner for course availability noting the availability of all courses is conditional on the availability of staff and facilities.

    Please refer to the ECMS website for a study plan to guide your enrolment


    Assessment includes coursework, project work and examinations.

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  • Further Information

    Please direct enquiries to Ask Adelaide
    Phone: +61 8 8313 7335 (toll free 1800 061 459)

    The annual Open Day and Information Night events provide an excellent opportunity to see our campus, meet with academics, and discuss your study options.

The University of Adelaide is committed to regular reviews of the courses and programs it offers to students. The University of Adelaide therefore reserves the right to discontinue or vary programs and courses without notice. Please read the important information contained in the disclaimer.

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