Dr Andrea Harrington

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Andrea Harrington
  Org Unit Medical Specialties
  Email andrea.harrington@adelaide.edu.au
  Telephone +61 8 8128 4831
  Location Floor/Room 7 ,  SAHMRI ,   North Terrace West

Dr. Harrington is a committed laboratory based scientist undertaking research aimed at understanding how the nervous system controls the function of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and its role in GI dysfunction. After completing her PhD 2008 in Melbourne, Dr. Harrington moved to Adelaide to join a team of international reputable leaders in the field of GI sensory signalling at the Nerve-Gut Research Laboratory (NGL), Disc. of Medicine. Here Dr. Harrington is using multiple tools in molecular biology and integrative physiology to understand the spinal pathways processing visceral pain and various mechanisms regulating visceral mechanosensation and pain signalling. She is an expert in immunohistochemistry and microscopy.

Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Research Award (2013-2017)


              i. scholarly book chapters:

1.     Brierley SM, Hughes PA, Harrington AM and Blackshaw LA. Chapter 24: Innervation of the Gastrointestinal Tract by Spinal and Vagal Afferent Nerves.  Physiology of the Gastrointestinal Tract (Fifth Edition). Johnson LR et al. Elsevier Academic Press, 2012. ISBN: 9780123820266

ii. Refereed journal articles:

2.     Harrington AM, Brierley SM, Isaacs NJ, Young RL, Ashley Blackshaw L. Identifying spinal sensory pathways activated by noxious esophageal acid.Neurogastroenterol Motil. (2013) Jul 12.

3.     Kentish SJ, O'Donnell TA, Iaacs NJ, Young RL, Li H, Harrington AM, Brierley SM, Wittert GA, Blackshaw LA, Page AJ. Gastric vagal afferent modulation by leptin is influenced by food intake status. J Physiol. (2013) 591(Pt 7):1921-34.

4.     Hughes PA, Harrington AM, Castro J, Liebregts T, Adam B, Grasby DJ, Isaacs NJ, Maldeniya L, Martin CM, Persson J, Andrews JM, Holtmann G, Blackshaw LA, Brierley SM. Sensory neuro-immune interactions differ between Irritable Bowel Syndrome subtypes. Gut. (2012) Jul

5.     Harrington AM, Brierley SM, Isaacs N, Hughes PA, Castro J, Blackshaw LA. Sprouting of colonic afferent central terminals and increased spinal MAP kinase expression in a mouse model of chronic visceral hypersensitivity. J Comp Neurol. (2012) 520(10):2241-55.

6.     Brierley SM, Castro J, Harrington AM, Hughes PA, Page AJ, Rychkov GY, Blackshaw LA.TRPA1 contributes to specific mechanically activated currents and sensory neuron mechanical hypersensitivityJ Physiol. (2011) 589:3575-93 

7.     Harrington AM, Hughes PA, Martin CM, Yang J, Castro J, Isaacs NJ, Blackshaw LA and Brierley SM. A novel role for TRPM8 in visceral afferent function. Pain (2011)152(7):1459-1468 

8.     Harrington AM, Lee M, Ong SY, Yong E, Farmer P, Peck CJ, Chow C, Hutson JM and Southwell BR. Immunoreactivity for the high-affinity choline transporter colocalises with VAChT in the human enteric nervous system. Cell and Tissue Research (2010) 341(1):33-48  

9.     Harrington AM, Peck CJ, Liu L, Burcher E, Hutson JM, Southwell BR. Localization of muscarinic receptors M1R, M2R and M3R in the human colon. Neurogastroenterol Motil. (2010)  22(9):999-1008

10.  Brierley SM, Hughes PA, Page AJ, Kwan KY, Martin CM, O'Donnell TA, Cooper NJ,Harrington AM, Adam B, Liebregts T, Holtmann G, Corey DP, Rychkov GY, Blackshaw LA.  The ion channel TRPA1 is required for normal mechanosensation and is modulated by algesic stimuli.  Gastroenterology  (2009)  137(6): 2084- 2095

11.  Peck CJ, Samsuria SD, Harrington AM, King SK, Hutson JM, Southwell BR. Change in number of myenteric neurons and circular muscle nerve fibres in guinea-pig colon with aging.  Neurogastroenterology and Motility  (2009)  21(10): 1075- 1090 

12.  Harrington AM, Hutson JM and Southwell BR. Immunohistochemical localisation of presynaptic muscarinic receptor subtype 2 (M2r) in the guinea pig ileum enteric nervous system. Cell and Tissue Research  (2008)  332(1): 37- 48 

13.  Harrington AM, Hutson JM and Southwell BR Immunohistochemical localisation of cholinergic muscarinic receptor subtype 1 (M1r) in the enteric nervous system of the guinea pig and human.  Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy (2007)  33(4): 193- 291 

14.  Harrington  AM, Hutson JM and Southwell BR High affinity choline transporter immunoreactivity in rat ileum myenteric nerves.  Cell and Tissue Research  (2007)  327(3): 421-431 

15.  Harrington AM, Hutson JM and Southwell BR  Immunohistochemical localisation of substance P NK1 receptor in guinea pig distal colon  Neurogastroenterology and Motility  (2005) 17(5): 727-737 

iii. review articles

16.  Blackshaw LA, Brierley SM, Harrington AM and Hughes PA. TRP Channels in Visceral Pain. The Open Pain Journal, 2013(6): 23-30

17.  Blackshaw LA, Brierley SM, Hughes PA, Harrington AM.  The hot mustard receptor's role in gut motor function.  Gastroenterology  (2011)  141(2): 565- 575

18.  Brierley SM, Hughes PA, Harrington AM, Rychkov GY and Blackshaw LA.  Identifying the Ion Channels Responsible for Signaling Gastrointestinal Based Pain.  Pharmaceuticals  (2010)  3(9): 2768- 2798

19.  Harrington AM, Hutson JM, Southwell BR.  Cholinergic neurotransmission and muscarinic receptors in the enteric nervous system.  Progress in Histochemistry and Cytochemistry  (2010)  44(4): 173- 202 (Invited)

iv. recent conference participation:

20.  Harrington AM, Castro J, Young RL, Kurtz C, Silos-Santiago A, Nguyen N, Andrews  JM and Brierley SM Alterations in the guanylate cyclase-C/cGMP pathway in patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome with constipation. Digestive Disease Week 2013. (Oral presentation)

21.  McGuire C, Harrington AM, Hubball A, McPhail H, Peiris M, Bulmer DC, Knowles CH, Blackshaw LA Anatomical Sensory Nerve Markers in the Human Gut. Digestive Disease Week 2013. (Oral presentation)

22.  Harrington AM and Brierley SM. Reduced dorsal horn neuron activation following intra-colonic icilin administration. Proceedings of the Australian Neuroscience Society meeting 2013. January 2013 (Oral presentation) 

23.  Harrington AM, Brierley SM, Castro J, Isaacs NJ and Blackshaw LA. Characterization of dorsal horn neurons activated by noxious colorectal distension in health and chronic visceral hypersensitivity. Digestive Disease Week 2012.

24.  Castro J, Harrington AM, Hughes PA, Martin CM, Silos-Santiago A, Kurtz C, Blackshaw LA and Brierley M. Mechanism of action for linaclotide induced abdominal pain relief. Digestive Disease Week 2012

25.  Castro J, Harrington AM, Page AJ and Brierley SM. Downstream signaling pathways of nitric oxide induced modulation of colonic afferent mechanosensitivity. Digestive Disease Week 2012 (Poster of distinction- top 10%)

26.  Hughes PA, Nicholson IC, Bird D, To S, Grasby D, Issacs N, Persson J, Harrington AM, Brierley SM, Zola, Andrews J, Blackshaw LA and Krumbiegel D. Disinhibition of colonic afferent mechanosensitivity in C-IBS patients is due to loss of monocyte derived b-endorphin. Digestive Disease Week 2012

27.  Harrington AM, SM Brierley SM, PA Hughes PA, J Castro J and LA Blackshaw LA.Characterisation of colonic afferent central terminals. Proceedings of the Australian Neuroscience Society meeting 2012. January 2012 (Oral presentation) 

28.  Castro J, Harrington AM, Hughes PA, Martin CM, Page AJ, Blackshaw LA and Brierley SM. Nitric Oxide modulates colonic afferent mechanosensitivity via a TRPA1 dependent mechanism. Gastroenterology 140(5): S-536. Published abstract from Digestive Disease Week 2011

29.  Harrington AM, Brierley S.M, Castro J, Huges P.A and Blackshaw LA. Identification of colonic afferent central terminals and changes following colonic inflammation.Gastroenterology 140(5): S131. Published abstract from Digestive Disease Week 2011.(Oral presentation)

30.  Hughes PA, Harrington AM, Brierley SM, Maldeniya L, Martin C, Persson J, Liebregts T, Adam B, Holtmann G, Andrews JM, Blackshaw LA. Cytokine Modulation of Visceral Afferents via Cation Channels is Switched in Chronic Visceral Hypersensitivity.Gastroenterology 140(5): S131. Published abstract from Digestive Disease Week 2011.

31.  Harrington AM, RL Young, Isaacs NJ, SM Brierley and LA Blackshaw. TRPV1 mediates acid activation of esophageal sensory pathways. Neurogastroenterology and Motility 22(s1): 55. Published abstract from Joint International Neurogastroenterology and Motility Meeting 2010.




Nerve Gut Research Laboratory

Disc. of Medicine, University of Adelaide

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