Dr Andrei Kotousov

Associate Professor
Dr Andrei Kotousov
  Org Unit School of Mechanical Engineering
  Email andrei.kotousov@adelaide.edu.au
  Telephone +61 8 8313 5439
  Mobile +61 4 2369 9885
  Location Floor/Room 2 07 ,  Engineering South ,   North Terrace

Fracture and Solid Mechanics, Composites, Biomechanics, Structural Health Monitoring, Geothermal Energy and Coal Seam Gas, FEA and Impact Mechanics

Completed Master's and PhD thesis (Principal Supervision only)

1. Dr Hideaki Tsukamoto, Theoretical study on toughening and design against fracture of functionally graded thermal barrier coatings, 2007 (PhD)

2.  Dr John Codrington, Non-linear individual and interaction phenomena associated with fatigue crack growth, 2008 (PhD by publications)

3. Dr Phuc Nguyen, Development of a new technique for manufacturing thermal barrier coating for aerospace applications, 2010 (PhD)

4. Dr Roslina Mohammad, Impact loading and transient response of pipes transporting gas or liquid, 2011 (PhD)

5. Dr Stuart Wildy, Scanning laser Dopler vibrometry for strain measurement and damage detection, 2012, (PhD)

6. Dr Luiz Bortolan, Non-linear models for evaluating the residual opening of hydraulically stimulated fractures and its impact on well performance, 2013 (PhD by publications with Dean’s commendations)

7. Dr Donghoon Chang, Theoretical and experimental modelling of multiple site damage in plate components, 2013 (PhD with Dean’s commendations)

8. Mr Evan John Schumann, Advanced processes for Titanium sintering, 2013 (PhM)

9.  Mr Krzysztof Borkowski, Experimental and theoretical modelling of pipeline girth welding. 2014 (PhM)

10. Dr Aditya Khanna, A new solution for an edge dislocation with applications to stress and fracture analysis of multilayered media, 2016, (PhD by publications with Dean’s commendations)

11. Dr Zhuang He, Effect of 3D stress states at crack front on deformation, fracture and fatigue phenomena, 2016, (PhD by publications with Dean’s commendations)

12. Dr Pouria Aryan, A method for compensation of changing environmental and operational conditions for Structural Health Monitoring using guided waves, 2016 (PhD)


Current PhD and Master's research projects (Principal Supervision only).

1. Mr Sunly Bun (3D Fracture Mechanics, analytical solutions)

2. Mr Munawwar Mohabuth (Non-linear acousto-elasticity and stress monitoring)

3.  Mr Hao Thanh Luong (Dislocation solutions and Fracture Mechanics)

4. Mr Behnam Zakavi (Fatigue and FEM)

5. Mr James Middleton Griggs (Interaction of inclined stress corrosion cracks)


Proposed Master's and PhD research projects

A number of projects leading to a PhD or Master’s Degree available in Fracture and Solid Mechanics, Composites, Biomechanics, Structural Health Monitoring, FEA and Impact Mechanics: - please contact A/Prof Andrei Kotousov (andrei.kotousov@adelaide.edu.au).

For international applicants: Please note that the international scholarships provided by the University are extremely competitive and you need to publish 4-6 papers in respectable journals to have a reasonable chance to get one.

Other Current Appointments

Consultant for Siemens Ltd (Germany) and HDI-Gerling Insurance Company (Siemens Insurer)

Consultant for Charles Taylor Adjusting (Australia) Pty Ltd for and on behalf its principal, Munich Reinsurance Company, United Kingdom General Branch (UK)

Visiting Professor, Department of Engineering Design and Materials, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway

Conference Organiser

Chair of ACAM 7, Adelaide 2012, Co-Chair of APCF/SIF-2014 Congress, Sydney 2014, Chair of SIF 16, Adelaide 2016.

Member of scientific and advisory committees for many international conferences, e.g. 14th International Conference on Fracture, 2017, Rhodes, Greece, The 6th International Conference on  Crack Paths  (CP 2018), Verona, Italy, 19 - 21 September, 2018, ACAM 9, November 2017, Sydney.

Major Recent Research Funding  

1. ARC LE 170100079, $487k for 2017: Bridging time/size scales in strain measurements with advanced DIC facility; A. Kotousov, G. Nguyen, A. Dyskin and 12 others

2. ARC DP 160102233, $330k for 2016-2018: Stress evaluation with non-linear guided waves; A. Kotousov, B. Cazzolato, Ching-Tai (Alex) Ng and Francis Rose.

3. ARC LE 150100094, $400k for 2015:  Development of a world-class facility for three dimensional dynamic testing; B Cazzolato … A. Kotousov… (15 participants)

4. ARC LP 110200799, $360k for 2011-2014: Novel technology for enhanced coal bed gas production based on an advanced theory of suspension flows in deformable fractured media; P. Bedrikovetsky, A. Roberts, A. Kotousov, M. Biggs, Y., Cinar, M. Tingay, P. Pendleton, J. Codrington, J. Rodrigues, S. Rahman.

5. ARC DP 1094299, $305k for 2010-2012: Modelling the capillary entrapment phenomena and integrity of geological reservoirs; P. Bedrikovetsky, Y. Cinar and A. Kotousov.

6. NHMRC project 595933, $450k for 2010-2012: Development and validation of a finite element model for orthopaedic screw insertion into trabecular bone; K. Reynolds, J. Costi, N. Fazzalari, A. Kotousov and M. Bottema.

7. ARC LP100100613, $530k for 2011-2013: Development of innovative technologies for oil production based on the advanced theory of suspension flows in porous media; P. Bedrikovetsky, A. Roberts, A. Kotousov and P. Pendleton. 




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