Dr Andrew Rosser

Dr Andrew Rosser

I am a political economist who works on development issues in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia and Timor Leste. My main interests are the resource curse, the political economy of policy-making, the politics of inclusion, aid governance, rebuilding governance in fragile states, and corporate governance/corporate social responsibility. I am currently working on a research project focused on law, politics and socio-economic rights in Indonesia courtesy of an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship. I have worked at the Institute of Development Studies (Sussex), AusAID, the University of Sydney and Murdoch University and acted as a consultant to the World Bank, the UK Department for International Development, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Oxfam, UNRISD, UNDP, and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Sole-Authored Books

2002 The Politics of Economic Liberalisation in Indonesia, Richmond: Curzon.


Edited Collections

2016 The Domestic Politics of Aid in Pacific Asia (with Czeslaw Tubilewicz), special edition of Pacific Review, 29 (1).

2015 Law and the Realisation of Human Rights in Asia, special edition of Asian Studies Review, 39 (2). 

2006 IDS Bulletin: Achieving Turnaround in Fragile States, 37 (2).


Journal Articles

2016 Predation, Productivism, and Progessiveness: The Political Economy of Welfare Capitalism in Post-New Order Indonesia (with Maryke van Diermen), Asia Review (in Korean), 5 (2), pp.157-182.

2016 Law, Democracy and the Fulfilment of Socio-economic Rights: Insights from Indonesia (with Maryke van Diermen), Third World Quarterly, 37 (2).

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Book Chapters

Forth.  'Foreign Aid' in S. Hameiri and M. Beeson (eds.) Navigating the New International Disorder: Australia in World Affairs 2011-2015, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Selected Other Publications

2014 Challenging Times for Big Tobacco, Inside Indonesia, July-September, available at: http://www.insideindonesia.org/feature-editions/challenging-times-for-big-tobacco.

2013 The World Bank's Health Projects in Timor Leste: The Political Economy of Effective Aid (with Sharna Bremner), United Nations University-World Institute for Development Economics Research Working Paper 2013/095.

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2013 Where There's Smoke There's Politics, Inside Indonesia, Jan-Mar, http://www.insideindonesia.org/write-for-us/where-there-s-smoke-there-s-politics.

2012 Unsafe Motherhood, Inside Indonesia, July-September, http://www.insideindonesia.org/feature/unsafe-motherhood-01072921

2012 The Politics Behind the "Cuts" to Foreign Aid, The Conversation, http://theconversation.edu.au/the-politics-behind-the-cuts-to-foreign-aid-6924

2011 Power, Politics and Political Entrepreneurs: Realising Universal Free Basic Education in Indonesia (with Anu Joshi and Donni Edwin), IDS Working Paper 358, Brighton: Institute of Development Studies.

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2011 Leaders, Elites and Coalitions: The Politics of Free Public Services in Decentralised Indonesia (with Ian Wilson and Priyambudi Sulistiyanto), Development Leadership Program Research Paper 16.

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