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Professor Anna Chur-Hansen

Telephone +61 8 8313 5738
Position Head of School
Fax +61 8 8313 3770
Building Hughes Building
Floor/Room 7 13
Campus North Terrace
Org Unit Psychology

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Biography/ Background

Professor Anna Chur-Hansen is a Registered Psychologist with Endorsement in Health Psychology, who holds a PhD in Medical Education. 

Awards & Achievements


Carrick Citation (was then ALTC, now OLT) “Outstanding contributions to research and literature related to the education of health professionals which have benefited the learning experiences of students locally, nationally and internationally”.

University of Adelaide Stephen Cole the Elder Teaching Award.

University of Adelaide Stephen Cole the Elder Teaching Award – High Commendation.


University of Adelaide School of Population Health and Clinical Practice Prize for Scholarship in Education – Honourable Mention.

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry – “Most important papers of 2003” – Awarded by Professorial team peer review, for co-authored paper on patients’ perceptions of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).

ANZAME: The Association for Health Professional Education Award for Research.  Awarded based on consistent research in health professional education and dissemination of the results in peer reviewed journals.


Australian Psychological Society 2011 National College of Health Psychologists Award of Distinction.

Australian Psychological Society South Australian Branch Award 2008, for significant contributions to the South Australian section of the College of Health Psychologists.

Teaching Interests

Interdisciplinary approaches to health care. 

Human behaviour and experiences considered from psychological, anthropological and biological perspectives.

Health Psychology.

Co-co-ordinator Master of Psychology (Health).

Qualitative research methods.

Contributions throughout the Psychology curriculum.

Research Interests

Professor Chur-Hansen has two main areas of research endeavour.

One is Health Professional Education, with an emphasis on the education of medical undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The other is Health Psychology, with an emphasis on patients' perceptions of their health and illness and the health care they receive.  The other major theme within Health Psychology involves the role of companion animals in human physical and mental health.

Current and most recent PhD students:

Ethel Chung Master of Psychology (Clinical)/PhD - Non-traditional university students and mental health.  Co-supervisor Professor Deb Turnbull (Psychology)

Katie Crocker PhD – IBS, sexuality and intimacy. Co-supervisor A/Professor Jane Andrews (Medicine)

Amaya Gilson PhD – Ethnography of genetic counselling.  Co-supervisors Dr Shona Crabb (Public Health) and Dr Susan Hemer (Anthropology) - completed, with Dean's Commendation.

Sonia Masciantonio PhD – An Ethnography of a parent-infant psychiatric facility.  Co-supervisor Dr Susan Hemer (Anthropology) - completed.

Dr Felicity Ng PhD – Depression and palliative care.  Co-supervisors A/Professor Greg Crawford (Medicine/Mary Potter Hospice) and Dr Rajan Nagesh (Psychiatry) - graduated with Dean's Commendation.

Melissa Opolski PhD – Psychological aspects of surgery for obesity.  Co-supervisor Professor Gary Wittert (Medicine)

Gigetta Salamone-Violi PhD – User satisfaction in an inpatient psychiatric mental health unit.  Co-supervisor Professor Helen Winefield (Psychology)

Carly Sutherland Master of Psychology (Clinical)/PhD - Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other characteristics of rural and urban psychologists.  Co-supervisor Professor Helen Winefield (Psychology)

Dr Melanie Turner PhD – Support for parents of neonates. Co-supervisor Professor Helen Winefield (Psychology/Psychiatry) - graduated.

Kristi Urry PhD - Sexual health and stigma. Co-supervisor Dr Carole Khaw (Medicine).

Research Funding

Dry, M.J., Due, C., Chur-Hansen, A. and Burns, N.R. (2015-16). Office of Learning and Teaching - Seed Grant: Assessing the utility of an online adaptive learning tool in a large undergraduate program. (SD14-4348), $22,000.

Australian Learning and Teaching Council Award (value $465,000) for project “A collaborative multi-disciplinary project for the expansion, dissemination, and evaluation of a blended learning initiative for tertiary medical education.” (Palmer, E., Devitt, P., Chur-Hansen, A. and Crabb, S.) 2009-2011.


The last five years or so (2009-2015)

Sutherland, C., Chur-Hansen, A. & Winefield, H.R. (in press)  Experiences of Fly-in, Fly-Out (FIFO) and Drive-in, Drive-Out (DIDO) Rural and Remote Psychologists."  Australian Psychologist.

Salamone-Violi, G.M.L., Chur-Hansen, A. & Winefield, H.R. (in press) 'I don't want to be here but I feel safe': Referral and admission to a child and adolescent psychiatric inpatient unit: The young person's perspective.  International Journal of Mental Health Nursing.

Opolski, M., Chur-Hansen, A. & Wittert, G. (2015) The eating-related behaviours, disorders and expectations of candidates for bariatric surgery.  Clinical Obesity, 5, 165-197.

Gilson, A., Hemer, S., Chur-Hansen, A. & Crabb, S. (2015) (Book Chapter) The Right to Know or Not to Know: Risk Notification and Genetic Counselling.  In Advances in Medical Sociology.  Volume 16, 249-267.

Savic, M., Chur-Hansen, A., Moore, V. & Mahmood, A. (2015) "We don't have to go and see a special person to solve this problem": Trauma, mental health beliefs and processes for addressing "mental health issues" amongst Sudanese refugees in Australia.  International Journal of Social Psychiatry,

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Professional Associations

Fellow, Australian Psychological Society

Member College of Health Psychologists Australian Psychological Society

Fellow, Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia

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