Ms Bernie Foley

Associate Dean Education ECMS
Ms Bernie Foley
  Org Unit School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering
  Telephone +61 8 8313 0689
  Location Floor/Room 2 31e ,  Engineering North ,   North Terrace

2013 OLT Seed Grant Project Leader: Promoting student engagement and continual improvement: integrating professional quality management practice into engineering curricula ($48,000).

 2013 SafeWork SA Innovative Practice Grant Project Leader: Embedding safety in design (SiD) within the undergraduate engineering curriculum ($44,000).

 2012 Encouragement Certificate for the Australian Council of Engineering Deans (ACED) National Award for Engineering Education Excellence (CR Willis, BA Foley and DG Wilson)

2011 Faculty of ECMS Excellence in Teaching Award (early career teaching award)

2004 WH Warren Medal by Engineers Australia for best published paper in the field of Civil Engineering

2003 GN Alexander Medal by the Institution of Engineers Australia for best paper in Hydrology and Water Resources in the previous 18 months.


My research focuses on using alternative thinking techniques and tools to advance the concept of sustainability and develop it as a journey. The objective is to determine a process that allows decision-makers to undertake an assessment of a project (or company) based on pre-determined sustainability criteria. Traditionally, projects have been assessed on technical and economic criteria. While it is recognised that many projects are now also assessed on environmental criteria there is little scope at present, with the available analytical tools, to combine the various assessments into a 'sustainability assessment'.

Analytical techniques generally require problems or situations to be broken into parts and assessed using quantitative data. Unless the quantitative data is of a similar nature, it is difficult to put the parts back together to see the whole picture or solution. Whole brain, non linear or Da Vincian thinking presents information to the brain in a different format and allows the relationships and interconnectedness of both quantitative and qualitative data to be assessed on their merits. The complex nature and interconnectedness of the concept of sustainability lends itself to using these alternative techniques for assessment purposes.


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