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Dr Cally Guerin

Telephone +61 8 8313 3043
Position Careers - Research Training Scheme Officer
Fax +61 8 8313 5725
Building 10 Pulteney Street
Floor/Room 8 08
Campus North Terrace
Org Unit Faculty of Arts

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BA (Hons), University of Adelaide (1987)

PhD, University of Adelaide (1996)

CELTA Cambridge Certificate, SACE (2002)

Grad Cert in Higher Education (2011)


Teaching Interests

Writing skills

English as an Additional Language

Supervision of research degrees

Research management and leadership 


Research Interests

Academic mobility and the multicultural academy

Theories of pedagogy in relation to higher education

Doctoral writing and academic integrity

English language learning


Research Funding

Guerin C, Laming M & Walker R (2014) HDR supervisor training and development in Australian universities: a scoping study. Association for Academic Language & Learning (AALL) Research and Resource Development Grant. $4000.

Palmer E, Picard M, Green I, Guerin C, Miller J, Velliaris D & Smith S. (2012) HERDSA Review of Australian Learning and Teaching Scholarship and Research. Higher Education Research and Development Association. $50 000. 

Guerin C, Ranasinghe D, McCulloch A, Calder P. (2012) Motivating students to engage in postgraduate research degrees in ICT. Australian Council of Deans of ICT (ACDICT) Learning and Teaching Academy (ALTA). $15 000.

Green I & Guerin C. (2010) Letters Home Project, Equity and Diversity Grant, University of Adelaide. $5000.



Guerin, C., Jayatilaka, A., Ranasinghe, D., McCulloch, A. & Calder, P. (forthcoming) Research degrees in Information and Communication Technology (ICT): Why so few doctoral students? Journal of Further and Higher Education.

Guerin, C. (forthcoming) Connecting the dots: Writing a doctoral thesis by publication. In C. Badenhorst & C. Guerin (eds), Post/graduate Writing Pedagogies and Research Literacies in the 21st Century, Studies in Writing Series, Brill: Leiden, Netherlands.

Picard, M. & Guerin, C. (in press) Learning to research in the professions: Possibilities of discovery learning. In C. Guerin, P. Bartholomew & C. Nygaard (eds), Learning to Research, Researching to Learn, Libri: Faringdon, UK.

Guerin, C., Carter, S. & Aitchison, C. (2015) Blogging as learning community: Lessons for academic development? International Journal for Academic Development. 20(3): 212-223. DOI:10.1080/1360144X.2015.1042480.

Guerin, C., Kerr, H. & Green, I. (2015) Supervision pedagogies: Narratives from the field. Teaching in Higher Education 20(1): 107-118. DOI: 10.1080/13562517.2014.957271.

Guerin, C. & Green, I. (2015) "They're the bosses": Feedback in team supervision. Journal of Further and Higher Education. 39(3): 320-335. DOI:10.1080/0309877X.2013.831039.

Guerin, C., Jayatilaka, A.,  Ranasinghe, D., McCulloch, A. & Calder, P. (2015) Why don't more ICT students do PhDs?. Proceedings of 17th Australasian Computer Education Conference (ACE 2015) Sydney, Australia. CRPIT, 160. In D. D'Souza & K. Falkner (eds), ACS 73-80.

Guerin, C., Jayatilaka, A. & Ranasinghe, D. (2015) Why start a higher degree by research? An exploratory factor analysis of motivations to undertake doctoral studies. Higher Education Research & Development. 34(1): 89-104. DOI10.1080/07294360.2014.934663.

Guerin, C. & Green, I. (2014) Cultural diversity and the imagined community of the global academy. Asia Pacific Journal of Education. DOI: 10.1080/02188791.2014.922048.

Guerin, C., Picard, M. & Green, I. (2014) A coordinated framework for developing researchers' intercultural competency. In R. Albertyn, E. Bitzer, L. Frick, B. Grant & F. Kelly, Pushing Boundaries in Postgraduate Supervision, Stellenbosch, African Sun Media.

Guerin, C. (2014) The gift of writing groups: Critique, community and confidence. In C. Aitchison & C. Guerin (eds), Writing Groups for Doctoral Education and Beyond: Innovations in Practice and Theory, Abingdon: Routledge.

Aitchison, C. & Guerin, C. (2014) Writing groups, theory, pedagogy and practice: An introduction. In C. Aitchison & C. Guerin (eds), Writing Groups for Doctoral Education and Beyond: Innovations in Practice and Theory, Abingdon: Routledge.

Guerin, C. (2014) "I wish someone had told me...", Putting together a doctoral skills programme. In S. Carter and D. Laurs (eds), Developing Generic Support for Doctoral Students: Practice and Pedagogy, Abingdon: Routledge.

Guerin, C. (2013) Rhizomatic research cultures, writing groups and academic researcher identities. International Journal of Doctoral Studies 8, 137-150.

Guerin, C. & Green, I. (2013) "Collaborative Critique" in a supervisor development program. Innovations in Education and Teaching International 50(4): 399-409. DOI:10.1080/14703297.2013.839335

Guerin, C., Xafis, V., Doda, D.V., Gillam, M., Larg, A., Luckner, H., Jahan, N., Widayati, A. & Xu, C. (2013) Diversity in collaborative research communities: A multicultural, multidisciplinary thesis writing group in Public Health. Studies in Continuing Education 35(1): 65-81.  DOI:10.1080/0158037X.2012.684375.

Guerin, C. & M. Picard (2012) Try it on: voice, concordancing and text-matching in doctoral writing. International Journal of Educational Integrity 8(2).

Guerin, C. (2012) Positioning academic identities for rhizomatic research cultures: the case for diversity in doctoral writing groups.  In Narratives of Transition, Conference Proceedings of 10th Quality in Postgraduate Research Conference,

Guerin, C. & Green, I. (2012) Voice as a threshold concept in doctoral writing. In Narratives of Transition, Conference Proceedings of 10th Quality in Postgraduate Research Conference,

Picard, M. & Guerin, C. (2011) "Be original, but not too original": Developing academic voice through innovative use of text-matching and concordancing software. In Beyond Transmission: Innovations in University Teaching. Libri, UK.

Guerin, C., Bastalich, W. & Green, I. (2011) Big love: Managing a team of research supervisors. In Kumar, V. & Lee, A. (eds). Connecting the Local, Regional and International in Doctoral Education, Serdang, Universiti Putra Malaysia Press.

Guerin, C. & Ranasinghe, D. (2010) Why I wanted more: Inspirational experiences of the teaching-research nexus for engineering undergraduates. Journal of University Learning and Teaching Practice 7(2).  

Guerin, C. & Green, I. (2009) The transcultural academic: Cosmopolitanism and the imagined community of the global academy. Journal of the World Universities Forum 2(3): 17-24.

Cadman, K., Barnett, J. & Guerin, C. (Eds) (2009) Pedagogies of connection. TESOL in Context Special Edition S2.


Recent conference presentations 

Guerin, C. (2015, March 30-31). Putting it out there: The thesis by publication and connectivism. Second International Conference on Developments in Doctoral Education and Training, Oxford, UK.

Guerin, C., Aitchison, C. & Carter S. (2015, march 24-27). Networks and knowledge: Blogging to support academic development of doctoral candidates and supervisors. Fifth Postgraduate Supervision Conference on Looking Ahead: The Future of Postgradaute Supervision in the Knowledge Society, Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Guerin, C. (2014, October 3). Academic writing month (AcWriMo): A 30-day online writing group for doctoral candidates at Adelaide University. Association for Academic Language and Learning (AALL) Symposium on Doctoral Writing. Sydney, NSW.

Guerin, C., Green I. & Enomoto, K. (2014, July 7-10). The new academic mobility and international research collaboration. HERDSA conference on Higher Education in a Globalized World, Hong Kong, PRC.

Green, I. & Guerin, C. (2014, July 7-10). 'Collaborative critique' for developing transcultural research degree supervision. HERDSA conference on Higher Education in a Globalized World, Hong Kong, PRC.

Guerin, C. (2014, Feb 19-22). Researcher education: Writing groups for the 21st century. Third Writing Research Across Borders Conference (WRAB), Paris, France.

Guerin, C., Kerr, H. & Green, I. (2013, April 23-26). Identities and boundaries in supervision pedagogies: narratives from the field. Fourth Postgraduate Supervision Conference, Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Guerin, C. & Picard, M. (2012, July 16-18). To match or not to match: voice, concordancing and textmatching in doctoral writing. Fifth International Plagiarism Conference, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.

Guerin, C. & Green, I. (2012, June 27-29). Is voice a threshold concept in doctoral education? Fourth Biennial Threshold Concepts Conference on From Personal Practice to Communities of Practice, Dublin, Ireland.

Guerin, C. & Green, I. (2012, June 12-15). The Letters Home project. Sixth Academic Consortium 21 (AC21) forum on Maximising the Benefits of Internationalisation, Adelaide, SA.

Guerin, C., Green, I. & Picard, M. (2012, June 12-15). A coordinated framework for developing researchers' intercultural competency. Sixth Academic Consortium 21 (AC21) forum on Maximising the Benefits of Internationalisation, Adelaide, SA.

Guerin, C. (2012, April 17-19). Positioning academic identities for  rhizomatic research cultures: The case for diversity in doctoral writing groups. Tenth Quality in Postgraduate Education (QPR) conference on Narratives of Transition, Adelaide, SA.

Guerin, C. & Green, I. (2012, April 17-19). Doctoral voices: Threshold concepts in research supervision. Tenth Quality in Postgraduate Education (QPR) conference onNarratives of Transition, Adelaide, SA.

Picard, M. & Guerin, C. (2011, 26-28 September). Developing authorial voice in EAL research students: Combining concordancing and textmatching software. Fifth Asia Pacific Conference on Educational Integrity (APCEI) on Educational Integrity: Culture and Values, Perth, WA.

Guerin, C. and Green, I. (2011, April 18-21). Team supervision, academic subjectivity and research cultures. Postgraduate Supervision conference on Promoting a Culture of Postgraduate Scholarship, Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Guerin, C. and Ranasinghe, D. (2010, October 25-26). For love or money? Research-teaching linkages and recruitment into higher degrees by research. International Pedagogical Research into Higher Education (PRHE) conference on Research-Teaching Linkages to Enhance Student Learning, Liverpool, UK.

Picard, M. and Guerin, C. (2010, September 23-24). Acceptable discipline ‘intertextuality’ versus plagiarism: Combining concordancing with plagiarism-detection software as pedagogic tools. The 5th Education Research Group of Adelaide (ERGA) conference on The Changing Face of Education, Adelaide, SA.

Green, I. and Guerin, C. (2010, July 20-22). Pedagogy, hedagogy, redagogy: Legitimizing researcher education. Higher Education Close Up 5 (HECU5) conference onQuestioning Theory-Method Relations in Higher Education Research, Lancaster, UK.

Green, I. and Guerin, C. (2010, June 28-30). Homogeneity or diversity? 'Collaborative critique' in cross-cultural research degree supervision training. International Congress for Educational Development (ICED) on Enhancing Strategies for Global Quality Learning in Higher Education, Barcelona, Spain.

Guerin, C. and Green, I. (2010, April 19-23). Team supervision: A new era in supervisor and candidate relations? International Doctoral Education Research Network (IDERN) Invitational Meeting on Connecting the Local, Regional and Global in Doctoral Education Research, Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Guerin, C. and Ranasinghe, D. (2010, April 13-15). What's exciting about the teaching-research nexus? Experiences that inspire undergraduates to become researchers. Quality in Postgraduate Education (QPR) conference on Educating Researchers for the 21st Century, Adelaide, SA.

Guerin, C. and Green, I. (2009, December 8-10). Research supervision and internationalisation: Belonging to the global academy. Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) on Challenging Higher Education: Knowledge, policy and practice, Newport, UK.

Guerin, C. and Green, I. (2009, January). Transcultural supervision: EAL supervisors and their research students. Virtual presentation at the World Universities Forum, Mumbai, India. Accessed at 

Invited presentations

'Voice' in discipline-specific research writing'. With M. Picard. ArtsEd DocFest, Charles Sturt University, 24 August, 2015.

Making writing groups work for you. Panel chair. ArtsEd DocFest, Charles Sturt University, 25 August, 2015.



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