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Dr Cullen Habel

Telephone +61 8 8313 4763
Position Adjunct Lecturer in Marketing
Fax +61 8 8313 4368
Building Nexus 10 Tower
Floor/Room 10 21
Campus North Terrace
Org Unit Business School Office

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Biography/ Background


Cullen Habel joined The University of Adelaide in January 2008 and moved to serving in an adjunct role in January 2012. Cullen has extensive experience in teaching throughout Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, within the discipline of marketing.

Cullen's PhD was entitled "Formalising Double Jeopardy and Deconstructing Dynamics in Repeat Purchase Markets" which he completed in 2007 with Cam Rungie and Professor Larry Lockshin as supervisors. His primary research interest is still in quantitative marketing science.

Prior to academia Cullen had spent 15 years in various sales roles - most recently as key account manager for Cryovac, the leading supplier of flexible packing systems to the export meat and dairy industries. In that time he gained experience in the art and science of retail packaging for perishable products.

Cullen currently lectures in Brand Management, Intro to Marketing and Market Research at Undergraduate, Postgraduate and MBA levels. His two teaching interests involve work intergrated learning, and utilising modern modes of content delivery.


PhD (UniSA): "Formalising Double Jeopardy and Deconstructing Dynamics in Repeat Purchase Markets". Supervisors: Professor Larry Lockshin, Dr. Cam Rungie. Examiners: Prof Don Morrison (UCLA), Prof Mark Uncles (UNSW).

Bachelor of Management (Marketing)

Teaching Interests

Student post graduation placement in consulting

Integrating Marketing Science into coursework curriculum

Modern methods of content delivery and course management

Research Interests

Social Media and Marketing

Dynamics in Repeat Purchase Markets

The Mechanics of Brand Growth

Stochastic (probability based) marketing models

Agent based modelling

Wine Marketing


Publications - Refereed Journal

Habel, Cullen and Goodman, Steve (2008). "Complexity Modelling in Marketing: A Look "Under the Hood" of the NBD" Marketing Bulletin 19.

Habel, Cullen and Rungie, Cam (2005). "Drawing a double jeopardy line." Marketing Bulletin 16.

Publications - Refereed Conference

Habel, Cullen (2008). "Fostering Graduate Attributes and Experiential Learning through Web Based Primary Research". Australia New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Sydney.

Li, Fang; Habel, Cullen and Rungie, Cam (2006). Excess loyalty - how often does it occur? Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) Conference. Brisbane, Queensland.

Habel, Cullen A.; Rungie, Cam M. and Li, Fang (2005). Representing Excess Loyalty on the Double Jeopardy Line. Australia New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Fremantle.

Habel, Cullen A.; Rungie, Cam M. and Laurent, Gilles (2005). Investigating Category Dynamics using the Double Jeopardy Line. Australia New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Fremantle.

Habel, Cullen A. and Reibe, Erica (2004). An Investigation into Australian Wine Wholesaling using the Negative Binomial Distribution. European Marketing Academy Conference, Murcia, Spain.

Habel, Cullen; Rungie, Cam and Goodman, Steven (2004). An "Agent Based Modeling" Perspective of the Dirichlet Model, ANZMAC: Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference.

Kweh, John; Habel, Cullen A. and Rungie, Cam M. (2004). Heterogeniety in adoption - a critical review of theory. ANZMAC: Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Wellington.

Habel, Cullen A.; Rungie, Cam M.; Lockshin, Lawrence and Spawton, Anthony L. (2003). The Pareto Effect (80:20 rule) in Consumption of Liquor: A Preliminary Discussion. Australian Wine Marketing Colloquium, Adelaide.

Driesener, Carl; Rungie, Cam; Habel, Cullen and Allsopp, Jason (2003). The three legs of Dirichlet tables. ANZMAC: Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Adelaide.

Habel, Cullen; Rungie, Cam; Geursen, Gus and Kweh, John (2003). Common ground for Bass and NBD/Dirichlet: is conditional trend analysis the bridge?

Habel, Cullen; Driesener, Carl; Rungie, Cam and Jarvis, Wade (2003). Pareto and parameters: how customer concentration varies with NBD parameters. ANZMAC, Adelaide.

Habel, Cullen A. and Rungie, Cam M. (2005). Quantifying the Double Jeopardy Relationship. Marketing Science, Emory University, Atlanta GA.

Publications - Editor Reviewed Journal

Lockshin, L. and C. A. Habel, (2004). Measuring Your Brand's Performance - A simple method with strong theoretical underpinnings. Australian Wine Industry Journal

Expertise for Media Contact

CategoriesBusiness & Management, Advertising, Marketing & PR
ExpertiseRepeat Buying; Merchandising; Marketing; Market Modelling; Dirichlet; Probability Models; Wine Marketing; Market Dynamics; Marketing Science; Marketing Models; Food Marketing; Sales; Selling; Management; Branding; Brands; Brand Equity; Marketing Communication; Promotion; Public Relations; Direct Marketing; Market Analysis; Marketing Education; Advertising; Publicity; Word of Mouth; Viral Marketing
Mobile0439 921 833

Entry last updated: Sunday, 24 Jan 2016

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