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Deputy Director - SA Law Reform Institute
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David Plater worked for a number of years with the Crown Prosecution Service in Kent and London. He was a Senior Crown Prosecutor at the Youth and Inner London Crown Court branch of the CPS. He has also worked with the State DPP in South Australia. He still maintains a role in legal practice in South Australia. He has previously lectured at the University of South Australia and the University of Tasmania (where he retains a role as an Adjunct Lecturer). His PhD from the University of Tasmania in 2011 examined the development and modern application of the role of the prosecution lawyer as a 'minister of justice'. He is currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of Adelaide and is Deputy Director of the South Australian Law Reform Institute based at the Adelaide Law School.



Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws: Monash University

Master of Laws: Inns of Court Law School, City University, London, 2003 

PhD: University of Tasmania, 2011    







Advocacy, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Law Reform, Sentencing



Prosecution Role and Discretion

Vulnerable Parties in the Criminal Justice System

Sentencing of Sexual Offenders

Prerogative of Mercy and Exercise of Death Penalty in 19th Century

Gender and Crime in 19th Century 

In 2013, David was part of a national team of researchers led by Professor Kate Warner of the University of Tasmania who were awarded an Australian Research Council Linkage grant of $252,124 to conduct an ongoing national study aimed at gauging informed public opinion on sentencing for sex offences by surveying the views of jurors in sex offence trials in all higher courts in Australia.

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David Plater and Lucy Line, 'Has the Silver Thread of the Criminal Law Lost its Lustre? The Modern Prosecutor as a Minister of Justice' (2012) 31 University of Tasmania Law Review 54 – 94


David Plater and Sue Milne, '"The quality of mercy is not strained": the Norfolk Island mutineers and the exercise of the death penalty in colonial Australia 1824-1860' [2012] Australian and New Zealand Law and History Society e-Journal 1-43


David Plater and Sangeetha Royan, 'The Development and Application in Nineteenth Century Australia of the Prosecutor's Role as a Minister of Justice: Rhetoric or Reality?' (2012) 31 University of Tasmania Law Review 78-130


David Plater and Lucy DeVreeze, 'Is the Golden Rule of Full Prosecution Disclosure a Modern Mission Impossible?' (2012) 14 Flinders Law Journal 133-188


David Plater, 'The Development of the Prosecutor's Role in England and Australia with Respect to its Duty of Disclosure: Partisan Advocate or Minister of Justice?' (2008) 25 University of Tasmania Law Review 111-155


David Plater, 'The Development of the Role of the Prosecuting Lawyer in the Criminal Process: ‘Partisan Persecutor’ or ‘Minister of Justice’?' [2006] ANZLH E-Journal 1-33




Law Societies of England and Ireland

International Association of Prosecutors

Institute of Judicial Administration

Member of Executive, Australia and New Zealand Law and History Society






Mentor on the South Australian Indigenous Law Student mentor scheme

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