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Dr Edward Palmer

Telephone +61 8 8313 6036
Position Senior Lecturer
Fax +61 8 8313 3604
Building Nexus 10 Tower - Marjoribanks Wing
Floor/Room 8 23
Campus North Terrace
Org Unit School of Education

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Biography/ Background

I am a professional educator and evaluator with 15 years of experience in developing, implementing and analysing the impact of educational initiatives on tertiary students. My fields of interest are technology in education, assessment, game based learning and staff development by mentoring


  • PhD, Medicine
  • Graduate Certificate Higher Education
  • BSc
  • BE (Hons)

Awards & Achievements

Awarded the Dean's prize (Faculty of Health Sciences) for Excellence in Teaching in 2009.

ALTC citation in 2008 for his work with the development, design and evaluation of the learning package Medici

Winner of the Stephen Cole the Elder Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2007

Co-founder and convener of the Education Research Group of Adelaide (ERGA)

Research Funding

  • Palmer E, Picard M, Green I, Guerin C, Miller J, Velliaris D and Smith S. HERDSA Review of Australian Learning and Teaching Scholarship and Research. Higher Education Research and Development Association. $50 000. 2012
  • Palmer E, Devitt P, Chur-Hansen A, Crabb S. The Medici Project: Developing a multi-disciplinary, sustainable resource for blended learning initiatives in tertiary medical education. ALTC Competitive Grant. $219,000. 2009.
  • Devitt P, Palmer E. Developing online medical education for students. Chinese University of Hong Kong. $125,000 2006.
  • Baron J, Palmer E. Play by The Rules. Australian Government: Australian Sports Committee. $4000 2006.
  • Palmer E, Guy S, Pawlak B. Survey design and implementation. ARC Project into social inclusion. Survey support. $6000. 2006.
  • Botten J, Palmer E, Devitt P. Adaptation of a successful, medically oriented, on-line formative learning tool for use in Science based practical courses. University of Adelaide. 2008. $32,000
  • Palmer E, Coulson M, Falkner K, Alexander B, Al-Sarawi S, McEntee J, Rogers L, Botten J, Walker D, Devitt P. (ERGA application). Funding for ERGA Conference 2008. University of Adelaide. $6,300
  • Palmer E, McEntee J, Falkner K, Alexander B, Al-Sarawi S, Coulson M, Botten J, Rogers L (ERGA application) Evaluating effectiveness, defining standards and sharing effective methods of assessment across disciplines University of Adelaide. 2007: $32,07
  • Palmer E, Coulson M, Falkner K, Alexander B, Al-Sarawi S, McEntee J, Rogers L, Botten J, Walker D, Devitt P. (ERGA application). Funding for ERGA Conference 2007. University of Adelaide. $16,300
  • Turnbull D, Nettelbeck T, Crisp G, Ward L, LeCouteur A, Sarris A, Strelan P, Palmer E. What are student expectations of the University at entry? (2006) University of Adelaide Learning and Teaching Fund 2006: $18 518.
  • Palmer E, Coulson M, Falkner K, Coulson M. (ERGA application). Funding for ERGA Conference 2006. University of Adelaide. $7,500 2006


Author of many refereed publications and educational CDs. Most recent publications are shown below.

  1. Ann Luzeckyj, A., Burke da Silva, K., Scutter, S., Palmer, E., & Brinkworth, R. (2010). “Don’t ask me what I think of you I might not give the answer that you want me to”: An exploration of 1st year university students’ expectations and experiences from the students’ and the teachers’ perspectives. Paper presented at the First Year in Higher Education Conference 2010.
  2. Palmer, E., Duggan, P., Devitt, P., & Russell, R. (2010). The modified essay question: Its exit from the exit examination? Medical Teacher, 32(7), 300-307.
  3. Palmer E, Duggan P, Devitt P, Russell R. The Modified Essay Question - its exit from the exit examination? Medical Teacher 2009. Accepted for Publication
  4. Palmer E, 2009, Editorial, ergo, vol. 1, no. 2, pp.3.
  5. Walker, DJ & Palmer E, 2009, The relationship between student understanding, satisfaction and performance in an Australian engineering programme, Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, First published on: 21 October 2009 (iFirst).
  6. Darwin, A & Palmer E, 2009, Mentoring circles in higher education, Higher Education Research & Development, vol. 28, no. 2, pp.125-136
  7. Falkner, K & Palmer E, 2009, Developing authentic problem solving skills in introductory computing classes, ACM SIGCSE Bulletin - SIGCSE '09, vol. 41, no. 1, pp.4-8
  8. Crisp GT, Palmer EJ. Engaging Academics with a Simplified Analysis of their Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) Assessment Results JUTLP 2009 2:88-106
  9. Palmer E, Devitt PG. Limitations of student-driven formative assessment in a clinical clerkship. A randomized controlled trial. BMC Medical Education 2008, 8:29doi:10.1186/1472-6920-8-29
  10. Palmer E, Devitt PG. eMedici website.
  11. Devitt PG, Palmer E. Simply For Doctors. Medical Fact of the Day. 
  12. Palmer E, Devitt PG. Assessment of higher order cognitive skills in undergraduate education: modified essay or multiple choice questions? Research paper. BMC Med Educ. 2007 Nov 28;7:49
  13. Palmer E.J, Devitt P.G. Interactive Content for the iPod - its Production, Design and Potential Use: Technical Advances BMC Med Educ. 2007 Sep 22;7:32
  14. Duggan P, Palmer E.J, Devitt P.G. Electronic voting to encourage interactive lectures: a randomised trial. BMC Medical Education 2007, 7:2
  15. Palmer E.J, Devitt P.G. Constructing Multiple Choice Questions as a Method for Learning. Annals, Academy of Medicine, Singapore. Education Theme Issue Sept 2006 24: 604-608
  16. Palmer E, Devitt P, DeYoung N, Morris D. Assessment of an electronic voting system within the tutorial setting: A randomised controlled trial. BMC Medical Education 2005, 5:24



 Recent Conference Presentations

  1. Scutter, S., Palmer, E., Luzeckyj, A., Brinkworth, R., & McCann, B. (2010). What a strange idea! Student expectations of the first year university experience, ERGA 2010. Adelaide, Australia, 23-24 September.
  2. Willis, C., & Palmer, E. (2010). Understanding the first year experience of engineering students. ERGA 2010, Adelaide, Australia, 23-24 September.
  3. Johnson, I., Palmer, E., & Burton, J. (2010). Attitudes of medical students to online anatomy ANZACA 2010, Tasmania, Australia, 2-3 December.
  4. Palmer E, 2009, History never repeats...or does it? Presentation at Feedback and Flexible Learning: 4th ERGA Conference 2009, University of Adelaide, 24-25 September.
  5. Walker D, Palmer E, 2009, Student satisfaction, understanding and the role of feedback. Presentation at Feedback and Flexible Learning: 4th ERGA Conference 2009, University of Adelaide, 24-25 September.
  6. Chur-Hansen A, Crabb S, Devitt P, Palmer E,De Young N. 2009, If fishes were wishes we'd all have online materials for our students. Presentation at Feedback and Flexible Learning: 4th ERGA Conference 2009, University of Adelaide, 24-25 September.



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