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Dr Eran Binenbaum

Telephone +61 8 8313 3048
Position Lecturer
Fax +61 8 8223 1460
Building 10 Pulteney Street
Floor/Room 4 33
Campus North Terrace
Org Unit School of Economics

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Biography/ Background

PhD, Berkeley, 2002

Teaching Interests

First semester 2008: Public Economics III/IIID

Second semester 2008: Public Economics (Honours)

Other courses taught in past 5 years:

The Knowledge Economy (Honours and postgraduate)

Microeconomics for MBA students

Intermediate microeconomics

PhD microeconomics

Business statistics (first year)

Econometrics (second year)

Econometrics (Honours and postgraduate)

Research Interests

Economics of innovation; Collective Action; Industrial organisation; Welfare Economics; Economic methodology


Binenbaum, E. (2008): The Basic/Applied Tradeoff in Academic Research: Grants, Contracts, and Comparative Advantage. Click on "2008 BasicApplied GrantsContracts paper" under "Files" below.

Binenbaum, E. (2008), Incentive Issues in R&D Consortia: Insights from Applied Game Theory. Contemporary Economic Policy, Vol. 26, Issue 4, pp. 636-650.

Pardey, P.G. & J. James & J. Alston & S. Wood & B. Koo & E. Binenbaum & T. Hurley & P. Glewwe (2007): Science, Technology and Skills. Background Paper for the 2008 World Development Report of the World Bank. St. Paul, MN, USA: InSTePP, October 2007. Downloadable from:

Binenbaum, E. & Z. Wei (2007/2005): Improved measurement of national income using a Ricardian trade model. School of Economics Working Paper 2005-10.

Binenbaum, E. (2007): The Hay and the Carrot: Can the Introduction of Incentives Be Harmful? Available from the author.

Binenbaum, E. (2005): The Power of the Provisioning Concept. School of Economics Working Paper 2005-09.

Binenbaum, E. (2005): Knight versus Herskovits: A Methodologically Charged Debate in the 1940s. School of Economics Working Paper 2005-08.

Binenbaum, E. (2005): Towards a Relational Economics: Methodological Comments on Intellectual Property Strategy, Industrial Organisation, and Economics.

Binenbaum, E. & P.G. Pardey (2004): Intellectual Property Strategy in the Context of Inter-Organizational Relations: The Case of International Agricultural Research. In R.E. Evenson & V. Santaniello (eds.), The Regulation of Agricultural Biotechnology. Oxon, UK: CABI Publishing.

Binenbaum, E. (2004): The Intellectual Property Strategy of International Agricultural Research Centres. Australasian Agribusiness Review (peer-reviewed Web-based journal), Vol. 12, 2004, paper 3. Downloadable from:

Binenbaum, E., C. Nottenburg, P.G. Pardey, B.D. Wright, and P. Zambrano (2003): South-North Trade, Intellectual Property Jurisdictions, and Freedom to Operate in Agricultural Research on Staple Crops. Economic Development and Cultural Change 51(2): 309-35.

Pardey, P.G., B.D. Wright, C. Nottenburg, E. Binenbaum, and P. Zambrano (2003): Intellectual Property and Developing Countries: Freedom to Operate in Agricultural Biotechnology. International Food Policy Research Institute: Biotechnology and Genetic Resource Policies Brief 3, January.

Binenbaum, E., P.G. Pardey, and B.D. Wright (2001): Public-Private Research Relationships: The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 83(3): 748-753.

Binenbaum, E., C. Nottenburg, P.G. Pardey, B.D. Wright, and P. Zambrano (2000): South-North Trade, Intellectual Property Jurisdictions, and Freedom to Operate in Agricultural Research on Staple Crops. International Food Policy Research Institute: EPTD Discussion Paper No. 70. [Note: This paper is far more elaborate than our 2003 EDCC paper.]

Binenbaum, E. and B.D. Wright (1998): On the Significance of South-North Trade in IARC Crops. Appendix C-3 in Report of the CGIAR Panel on Proprietary Science and Technology. SDR/TAC:IAR/98/7.1. Rome: Technical Advisory Committee of the CGIAR.

Binenbaum, E. (1995): Kirzner's Core Concepts, in G. Meijer (ed.), New Directions in Austrian Economics. London: Routledge.

Community Engagement

*** Currently "Brainbag" (informal lunch seminar) coordinator:

*** Honours Coordinator (2006), School of Economics

*** Past Kurnik player. I am not playing Kurnik anymore though. Too addictive.

*** Activity linked with BioInnovation SA which helped establish the MTAA Venture Capital Fund for South Australian Bioscience:


Entry last updated: Wednesday, 29 Jan 2014

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