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Professor Mike Brooks Artificial intelligence; computer science; computer vision
Professor Pascale Quester Consumer Behaviour, Marketing communications, including sponsorship, country of origin effects, branding, relationship marketing.
Professor Kaye Roberts-Thomson Public dental health (social inequality in access to care and in oral health); Indigenous oral health; dental auxiliaries
Professor Annette Braunack-Mayer Medical ethics; general practice; general practice policy and practice
Professor Jennifer Couper Paediatrics; diabetes; endocrinology
Professor Jean Fornasiero French exploration in the Pacific; Baudin Expedition to Australia 1800-1804; French-Australian connections; History of Ideas in 19th century France; Utopian Socialism; Translation Studies; French Detective Fiction
Professor David Haynes Bones; regulation of bone cell metabolism by cytokines; regulation of inflammation by cytokines; loosening of joint prostheses
Professor Donald Howie Orthopaedics, ie hip & knee joint replacement and revision surgery; young adult hip disorders and early arthritis.
Professor Phil Hynd Animal science
Professor Mark Jaksa House foundations; cracking in houses (expansive or reactive soils, residential foundations); Cracking in houses (expansive or reactive soils, residential foundations); foundations; geotechnical engineering
Dr Ian Johnson Nerve injury;Nerve repair;Motor Neurone Disease;Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis; Neurotrophic factors;Motor Neurones;Human anatomy
Professor Noel Lindsay Entrepreneurship Private equity
Professor Guy Ludbrook Drugs (anaesthetic, delivery); neuropharmacology; medical monitoring; intensive care; anaesthesia; anaesthetics; anaesthetic drugs; drug delivery
Professor Guy Maddern Surgery
Professor Sandy McFarlane post traumatic stress disorder; anxiety; trauma; PTSD; military; DSM-IV; psychophysiology; somatic; disasters; bushfire; bushfires; Ash Wednesday; psychology; psychiatry
Mr Michael O'Neil Analysis and commentary on the South Australian economy, including assessment of economic and public policy issues of relevance to South Australia and Australian economies. Gambling.
Dr Susan Oakley Susan Oakley is an urban sociologist. Her research expertise is the relationship between urban planning, governance & urban renewal of brownfield sites. Dr Oakley is also involved in research on the gendered nature of youth homelessness. Currently she is studying pathways into independent living & civic participation for homeless people through sustainable accommodation & support programs.
Dr Michelle Picard Academic Literacy, Plagiarism, Academic Integrity, Researcher Education, Doctoral Education, Academic literacies, Educational Technology, Research Supervision, Internationalisation
Professor Dino Pisaniello Environmental impact assessment; environmental health; hazardous materials incidents; occupational health and safety

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