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Professor Mike Brooks Artificial intelligence; computer science; computer vision
Associate Professor Michael O'Neil Analysis and commentary on the South Australian economy, including assessment of economic and public policy issues of relevance to South Australia and Australian economies. Gambling.
Professor Pascale Quester Consumer Behaviour, Marketing communications, including sponsorship, country of origin effects, branding, relationship marketing.
Professor John Williams High Court of Australia, Australian Constitutional Law, History, federalism
Dr Helen Feist Ageing and Migration, Older people from a CALD background, ageing in rural communities, social networks and community connectedness, older people and new technologies, ageing populations
Professor Martin Hand geology; geothermal, structural geology; earthquakes; tectonics; rock deformation; formation of mountain ranges; plate tectonics; amalgamation of Australia; faults; folds; dating rocks; geochronology
Professor David Haynes Bones; regulation of bone cell metabolism by cytokines; regulation of inflammation by cytokines; loosening of joint prostheses
Professor Sandra Hodge chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD]; emphysema; asthma; cell biology; novel therapies
Professor Phil Hynd Animal science
Dr John Kaldi Carbon Capture and Storage, CCS, CO2 Geoequestration, Reservoir Characterisation, Seal evaluation, Petroleum geology, Petroleum engineering, petroleum industry in Indonesia
Professor Michael Keller Plant protection (insects and weeds); biological control; integrated pest management; insect behaviour; pest control; weeds; pollination
Dr TuckWeng Kok Virology; Virus Neutralizing Antibodies; Biotechnology; Public Health Diangostics; Influenza; Respiratory viruses; SARS; HIV; Microbiology; Point-of-Care Tests;
Professor Martin Lambert Flooding; Water engineering (rivers hydraulics, flooding, rainfall, hydrology); rivers hydraulics; rain
Associate Professor Suzanne Le Mire Corporate law; corporate governance; corporate ethics; legal profession; lawyer regulation; legal ethics
Professor Noel Lindsay Entrepreneurship Private equity

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