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Dr Greg Guerin

Position Postdoctoral Fellow
Building Schulz Building
Floor/Room 12
Campus North Terrace
Org Unit Ecology and Environmental Science

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PhD in Science, University of Adelaide, conferred 2008.

Teaching Interests

September 2015: Through the TERN AusPlots program, we are offering a PhD Top-Up Scholarship for 2016-2018 to conduct a project title: "Improved methods to account for sampling in interpretation of ecosystem change".

For full details of the project, scholarship and application process, please link here to the flyer (external link): Top-Up Scholarship–Ecosystem Sampling

Note. The scholarship has not been filled and is still available for 2016.



Honours 2016 ecology project: In-depth analysis of plant biodiversity centres in South Autralia

In addition to Honours projects already described here (see link under Prof. Andrew Lowe), a project is available on mapping conservation values, habitat condition and threats at high resolution over a set of identified plant biodiversity centres. The project involves working with rich spatial biodiversity data to help locate the most biodiverse habitats and their management needs, building on a recent assessment of plant biodiversity for the entire state. 


Honours/post-graduate research projects are available in biodiversity mapping, community ecology and functional ecology, co-supervised by senior academic staff.

Data analysis focused projects include biogeography and ecosystem modelling, mostly at regional to continental scales, examining ecosystem properties and how they are constrained.

Field-based and empirical projects include measuring variation in plant functional traits and their response to environmental change, comparative ecophysiology, and functional measures of ecosystem condition in remnant and restored environments.

Research Interests

Influence of environmental change on ecosystem properties and biodiversity assets

My research within Prof. Andrew Lowe's group and the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN: AusPlots/ATN) involves two main themes:


1) Ecological analysis of ecological communities along large-scale monitoring transects, particularly the TREND transect. The main focus is patterns of ecosystem composition and functional responses to changes in climate through space and time. This work aims to better understand how ecosystems in Australia respond to environmental change and apply this information to practical interventions.

2) Continental scale analysis of the distribution of plant biodiversity at ecosystem level. The aim is to map diversity according to various metrics (e.g. species richness, beta diversity, endemism, phylgenetic diversity) and determine how these are constrained by environmental gradients / heterogeneity and interact with land-use change and climate sensitivity. Outcomes are improved ecological understanding of biodiversity assets but also practical identification of conservation hotspots. On a practical level, this project involves the development of new biodiversity mapping functionality.



Taxonomy of Australian Lamiaceae

On-going research involves taxonomic revision of the genera Hemigenia and Microcorys (classification and species-level) and investigation of the evolution of stamen morphology and pollination systems (with Prof. Dr. Regine Claßen-Bockhoff's group).


Ecological and evolutionary analysis using the R language and statistical environment

I post some R code I have found useful for research in ecology and evolution here and some stand alone functions here.


Guerin, G.R., Sparrow, B., Tokmakoff, A., Smyth, A., Leitch, E., Baruch, Z., Lowe, A.J. (2017) Opportunities for integrated ecological analysis across inland Australia with standardised data from AusPlots Rangelands. PLoS ONE 12(1): e0170137. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0170137


Baruch, Z., Christmas, M.J., Breed, M. F., Guerin, G.R., Caddy-Retalic, S., McDonald, J., Jardine, D. I., Leitch, E., Gellie, N., Hill, K., McCallum, K. and Lowe, A. J. (2016), Leaf trait associations with environmental variation in the wide-ranging shrub Dodonaea viscosa subsp. angustissima (Sapindaceae). Austral Ecology. doi:10.1111/aec.12474


Thiele, K.R. & Guerin, G.R. (2016) Hemigenia tichbonii (Lamiaceae), a new, rare species from Western Australia. Nuytsia 27: 129-132. External download.


Guerin, G.R., Biffin, E., Baruch, Z., Lowe, A.J. (2016) Identifying centres of plant biodiversity in South Australia. PLoS ONE 11(1): e0144779. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0144779 [Covered by ABC News, The Islander, Radio Adelaide 'Barometer', Radio Adelaide 'The Sounds of Science']


Guerin, G.R. & Lowe, A.J. (2015) Mapping phylogenetic endemism in R using georeferenced branch extents. SoftwareX 3–4:  22–26DOI:10.1016/j.softx.2015.10.002


Guerin, G.R., Sweeney, S.M., Pisanu, P., Caddy-Retalic, S., Lowe, A.J. (2015) Establishment of an ecosystem transect to address climate change policy questions for natural resource management. DEWNR Technical Report 2016/04, Government of South Australia, through Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, Adelaide. ISBN 978-1-925369-96-0


Guerin, G.R. (2015) Hemigenia yalgensis, a new species from the Mid-west region of Western Australia (Lamiaceae: Westringieae). Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens 29: 7-9. External download


Guerin, G.R. (2015) biomap: Biodiversity Mapping Package. R package v1.0 (pre-release). [development]   DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.23116 [pre-release archive]


Guerin, G.R. & Lowe, A.J. (2015) ‘Sum of inverse range-sizes’ (SIR), a biodiversity metric with many names and interpretations. Biodiversity and Conservation. DOI: 10.1007/s10531-015-0977-6   Download author pdf


Guerin, G.R. (2015) Lectotypification of Hemigenia pedunculata (Lamiaceae: Westringieae). Nuytsia 25: 157-158. 


Guerin, G.R., Ruokolainen, L., Lowe, A.J. (2015) A georeferenced implementation of weighted endemism. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 6: 845-852.  DOI: 10.1111/2041-210X.12361


Guerin G.R., Biffin E., Jardine D.I., Cross H.B., Lowe A.J. (2015). TREND (PSRF) vegetation plot data 2011, Version 1. DOI 10.4227/05/54AB6B443D1D3. Obtained from Australian Ecological Knowledge and Observation System Data Portal (ÆKOS,, made available by University of Adelaide. Accessed 06 January 2015. Access dataset


Hill, K.E. Guerin, G.R., Hill, R.S. and Watling, J.R. (2015) Temperature influences stomatal density and maximum potential water loss through stomata of Dodonaea viscosa subsp. angustissima along a latitude gradient in southern Australia. Australian Journal of Botany 62: 657–665.


Guerin, G.R. (2014) Empirical modelling and a revised community assembly framework for predicting climate change impacts on plant communities. 57th Annual Symposium of the International Association for Vegetation Science (IAVS), 1–5 September 2014, the University of Western Australia, Perth, abstract.


Guerin, G.R., Martín-Forés, I., Biffin, E., Baruch, Z., Breed, M.F., Christmas, M.J., Cross, H.B. & Lowe, A.J. (2014) Global change community ecology beyond species sorting: a quantitative framework based on Mediterranean Biome examples. Global Ecology and BiogeographyDOI: 10.1111/geb.12184


Guerin, G.R., Biffin, E. Jardine, D.I., Cross, H.B. & Lowe, A.J. (2014) A spatially predictive baseline for monitoring multivariate species occurrences and phylogenetic shifts in Mediterranean southern Australia. Journal of Vegetation Science 25: 338–348 DOI: 10.1111/jvs.12111


Guerin, G.R. (2013) The value of herbaria to diverse collections-based research. Australasian Systematic Botany Society Newsletter 157: 43–44.  Download pdf 

Guerin, G.R. (2013) Distinguishing characters of Hemigenia rigida, a conservation significant species confused with H. pritzelii (Lamiaceae: Westringieae). Nuytsia 23: 467–474.Download pdf from Nuytsia

Guerin G.R., Biffin E., Lowe A.J. (2013) Spatial modelling of species turnover identifies climate ecotones, climate change tipping points and vulnerable taxonomic groups. Ecography 36. doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0587.2013.00215.x


McCallum K., Guerin G.R., Breed M.F., Lowe A.J. (2013) Combining population genetics, species distribution modelling and field assessments to understand a species vulnerability to climate change. Austral Ecology. doi:10.1111/aec.12041


Keith, D.A., Lindenmayer, D.R., Lowe, A., Russell-Smith, J., Barrett, S., Enright, N.J., Fox, B.J., Guerin, G., Paton, D.C., Tozer, M.G. & Yates, C.J. (2014). Heathlands. In: Lindenmayer, D., Burns, E., Thurgate, N. & Lowe, A. (eds.) Biodiversity and Environmental Change: Monitoring, Challenges and Direction, CSIRO Publishing, Collingwood, Vic, pp. 213–282. ISBN 9780643108561


Guerin, GR, Lowe, AJ (2013) Leaf morphology shift: new data and analysis support climate link. Biology Letters 9: 20120860 doi:10.1098/rsbl.2012.0860. [Covered by ABC science news] Download pdf from Royal Society


Guerin, GR, Lowe, AJ (2013) Systematic monitoring of heathy woodlands in a Mediterranean climate – a practical assessment of methods. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 185: 3959-3975 doi:10.1007/s10661-012-2842-3


Guerin, GR, Wen, H, Lowe, AJ (2012) Leaf morphology shift linked to climate change. Biology Letters 8: 882-886.  [Covered by Nature, New Scientist, ABC, BBC, The Conversation, Channel 7 nightly news, Radio New Zealand National 'Morning Report', Radio Adelaide 'Orbit', Examiner, el-nacional, The Bunsen Burner, SciTech Daily, Asian Scientist, Kennislink.] Download post-print pdf


Guerin, GR, Lowe, AJ (2012) Multi-species distribution modelling highlights the Adelaide Geosyncline, South Australia, as an important continental-scale arid-zone refugium. Austral Ecologydoi:10.1111/j.1442-9993.2012.02425.x


Kahraman A, Celep F, Doğan M, Guerin GR, Bagherpour S (2011) Mericarp morphology and its systematic implications for the genus L. section Hymenosphace Bentham (Lamiaceae) in Turkey. Plant Systematics and Evolution 292(1-2): 33-39.


Guerin GR (2009) A revision of Westringia sect. Cephalowestringia (Lamiaceae: Westringieae). Australian Systematic Botany 22(2): 121–136.


Özkan M, Aktaş K, Özdemir C, Guerın G (2009) Mericarp morphology and its taxonomic utility in Salvia (Lamiaceae: Mentheae) from Turkey. Acta Botanica Croatica 68 (1): 105–115.


Guerin GR (2008) A taxonomic revision of Hemigenia section Malleantha sect. nov. (Lamiaceae: Westringieae). Australian Systematic Botany 21(5): 326-374.


Guerin GR (2008) Evidence for polyphyly in Hemigenia and Microcorys (Lamiaceae: Westringieae). Australian Systematic Botany 21(5): 313-325.


Guerin GR, Hill RS (2006) Plant macrofossil evidence for the environment associated with the Riversleigh fauna. Australian Journal of Botany 54: 717-731.


Guerin GR (2005) Nutlet morphology of Hemigenia R.Br. and Microcorys R.Br. (Lamiaceae). Plant Systematics and Evolution 254(1-2): 49-68.


Guerin G (2005) Floral biology of Hemigenia R.Br. and Microcorys R.Br. (Lamiaceae). Australian Journal of Botany 53: 147-162.


Guerin G (2004) Plant macrofossils associated with the Riversleigh macrofauna. Australian Biologist 17(1): 55-62.


Guerin GR, Hill RS (2003). Gymnostoma tasmanianum sp. nov., a fossil Casuarinaceae from the early Oligocene of Little Rapid River, Tasmania, Australia. International Journal of Plant Sciences 164(4), 629-634.


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Professional Interests

Available for consultancies relating to specialised community ecology and ecosystem monitoring, biodiversity mapping, multivariate analysis and development of custom data processing, analysis and visualisation programming.


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