Dr Ian Nuberg

Senior Lecturer
Dr Ian Nuberg
  Org Unit School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
  Email ian.nuberg@adelaide.edu.au
  Telephone +61 8 8313 0527
  Mobile +61 4 2114 4671
  Location Floor/Room GN 10a ,  Waite Building ,   Waite

Expertise:  I identify myself as a 'generalist' in that I work across a range of disciplines within agriculture and natural resource management. However my focus is primarily agroforestry and then agricultural extension, particularly in the context of developing countries. My work uses both biophysical and social science methods.  I have also published in the areas of tree water use, horticultural plant pathology, bioenergy, tree genetics and climate change.

History: After studying agricultural science at University of Sydney I spent 2 years tutoring in botany at University of NSW and then a year managing a dairy farm in Gippsland Victoria. This was followed by 5 years at Wollongbar Agricultural Research Centre, NSW Agriculture, working on plant pathology of tropical fruits (particularly avocado) and field crops (particularly maize). After a 3 year journey on bicycle through India (working as volunteer in village agricultural development in Tamil Nadu), Europe and USA, I undertook a PhD with the topic "Appropriate agroforestry interventions for rehabilitating degraded tropical uplands". This involved a year of fieldwork in Sri Lanka and was supported by the Asian Studies Council.  My career at the University of Adelaide began in 1994 with lecturing in the B.Agric and B.NRM programs based at Roseworthy Campus and living in Gawler nearby. In 2009 I changed my base to the Waite Campus where, as Deputy Head of School (Learning & Teaching),  I oversaw the merger of the B.Agriculture and B.Science(Agricultural Science) programs to create the new Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences program.  

B.Sc.Agric.(Hons); M.Sc.Agric.(Sydney); PhD(Melbourne)

Within the Agriculture program I lead the Level 3 core courses

  • Agricultural Resource Management (3rd year, Semester 2)
  • Professional Skills in Agricultural Science (3rd year, Semester 2)

and contribute as lecturer and tutor in the Level 1 core courses

  • Agricultural Systems 1A  (1st yr, Semester 1)
  • Agricultural Systems 1B (1st yr, Semester 2

I also coordinate the Agriculture Internship Program within the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine, and contribute to 'Integrated Catchment Management' delivered from the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.


Currently my main research involvement is in the ACIAR funded project "Enhancing livelihoods and food security from agroforesrtry and community forestry in Nepal" although I am still working with data from another two ACIAR projectsPromoting diverse fuelwood production systems in Papua New Guinea” and "Facilitating the establishment of charcoal producer groups in Papua New Guinea"

Some media releases on this charcoal work can be found on this ACIAR blog, this Radio Australia article, or these radio interviews: 

Go here to see the full range of current research involvement with postgraduate students.

Publications currently in review process


Nuberg IK, Gunn B, Tavune, M, Sumareke A, Kravchuk O (201_) Evaluation of short-rotation coppicing fuelwood production systems for Papua New Guinea. Biomass and Bioenergy. Submitted 29 March 2013 JBB-D-13-00287


Selected refereed research publications in past 10 years:

Nuberg IK (2014) Developing the fuelwood economy of Papua New Guinea. Energy for Sustainable Development. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.esd.2014.10.006

Azam G, Murray RS, Grant CD, and Nuberg IK.(2014) Tolerance of young seedlings of different trees and a cereal to poor soil aeration. Soil Research http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/SR13219

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Dang, LH, Li E, Nuberg IK, Bruwer J (2014) Farmers' Perceived Risks of Climate Change and Influencing Factors: A Study in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Environmental Management DOI 10.1007/s00267-014-0299-

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Azam, G, Grant, C, Nuberg I, Murray R, Misra R(2012)  Establishing woody perennials on hostile soils in arid and semi-arid regions - A review. Plant & Soil  (DOI 1007/s11104-012-1215-6)

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Conference presentations in past 10 years:

Shrestha KK, Ojha HR, Khatri DB, Bhattarai B, Karki R, Nuberg IK, Paudel NS (2014) The forest-food paradox: Rethinking Nepalese community forestry in the face of food insecurity. AgriFood XXI: Food, People, Planet. 24-26 Nov 2014, Sydney.

Amatya SM, Pandit BH, Nuberg IK, Cedamon ED and Subedi YR (2014) Survey of innovative agroforestry systems of Kavre and Lamjung Districts of Nepal. Paper presented at 6th National Community Forestry Workshop. 8-10 June 2014 Babarmahal, Kathamandu, Nepal

Cedamon ED, Nuberg IK, Paudel NS, Poudel G, Tamang D (2014) Timber stock, stand structure and composition of community forests in Nepal: managing community forests to enhance triple-bottom returns. Paper presented at 6th National Community Forestry Workshop. 8-10 June 2014 Babarmahal, Kathamandu, Nepal

Pandit BH, Ojha HR, Shrestha KK, Nuberg IK (2014) Why cannot local communities do forestry business? Analysis of legal barriers in the value chain of forestry products in Nepal. Paper presented at 6th National Community Forestry Workshop. 8-10 June 2014 Babarmahal, Kathamandu, Nepal

Nuberg IK. (2014) Short-rotation coppice agroforestry for charcoal small business in Papua New Guinea. Paper presented at 3rd World Congress of Agroforestry, 10-14 February 2014 New Delhi, India. DOI: 10.13140/2.1.2670.5601

Nuberg IK , Shrestha KK, Ohja, HR and Cedamon ED (2014) Enhancing livelihoods and food security from agroforestry and community forestry in Nepal. Poster presented at 3rd World Congress of Agroforestry, 10-14 February 2014 New Delhi, India


Azam G, Grant CD, Nuberg IK and Murray RS. 2012. Axial growth pressure, elongation and architecture of roots of tree seedlings grown in high strength soil. Paper presented in Kirkham Conference, Exploring the Frontiers in Soil Physics, 28-30 November 2012, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Azam G, Grant CD, Misra RK, Murray RS and Nuberg IK. 2012. Maximum axial growth pressures of the primary and lateral roots of woody perennials and annual crop. Paper presented in Joint Soil Science Australian and New Zealand Society of Soil Science Conference 2-7 December 2012, Hobart, Australia.

Azam G, Grant CD, Nuberg IK, Murray RS and Misra RK. 2011. Variability in maximum root growth pressures (σmax) of woody perennials: a measure to establish in high strength soils. Paper presented in Rhizosphale3 International Conference, 26-20 September, 2011, Perth, Australia.

Bandara, N.P.S.N., Nuberg, I.K., Golding, J. and W.A.J.M. de Costa (2012). Response of Tea Plant to Water Stress under Different Temperature Regimes (227-239) In L.S.K.Hettiarachchi and I.S.B.Abeysinghe (ed.) Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium on Plantation Crop Research - Technological Innovations for Sustainable Plantation Economy. Tea Research Institute of Sri Lanka, St.Coombs, Talawakelle, 22100, Sri Lanka

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Zimmermann, L. Nuberg, I and Bugg, A (2002) Identification of bio-oils feedstocks: the JVAP/AGO Bioenergy Atlas for Australia. International Workshop on Pyrolysis and Bio-oil: Bio-oil production opportunities for new liquid fuels and chemicals, through research and development, 25 - 26 November 2002, CSIRO Ian Wark Laboratories, Clayton, Victoria.

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Zimmermann L and Nuberg IK (2000) Biomass energy industry cluster development. SEGRA 2000: Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia, 4th National Conference 20-22 Nov 2000, Ballarat Victoria. Central Highlands Area Consultative Committee Inc. / Dept State and Regional Development.


 My other main professional interest can be viewed here



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