Dr Jungho Suh

Dr Jungho Suh
  Org Unit Geography, Environment and Population
  Email jungho.suh@adelaide.edu.au
  Telephone +61 8 8313 3014
  Location Floor/Room G 20 ,  Napier Building ,   North Terrace

Jungho obtained his doctoral degree in the field of environmental economics in 2002 at The University of Queensland. He joined The University of Adelaide in 2006. His current research interests include integrated rice-duck farming, nature-based tourism, community-based natural resource management in developing countries, and the economic valuation of non-market services provided by natural and environmental resources. Jungho is teaching the principles of  economics and their applications in contemporary environmental and social issues.  

Curent courses

• GEOG 1103 Economy, Environment and Place 
• GEOG 2134 Resource Scarcity and Allocation
• GEOG 2144 Principles of Environmental Economics

• GEOG 5004 Environmental Economics and Policy (Postgraduate)

• GEOG 5045 Valuing the Environment (Postgraduate)

Past teaching experience (at The University of Queensland)

• Environmental Decision Support Methods
• Statistics for Business and Economics
• Environmental and Ecological Economics
• Natural Resource Economics
• Operations Research
• Introductory Microeconomics
• Introductory Macroeconomics

• Non-market valuation methods
• Community-based natural resource and environmental management
• Nature-based tourism
• Sustainable agriculture and economy 
• Environmental philosophy

(Journal articles)  


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(Book chapters, conference papers, discussion papers)  


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