Dr Kieren Mitchell

ARC Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Kieren Mitchell
  Org Unit Genetics & Evolution
  Email kieren.mitchell@adelaide.edu.au
  Telephone +61 8 8313 5565
  Location Floor/Room 2 05c ,  Darling Building ,   North Terrace

Australian Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD), University of Adelaide, Australia

Doctor of Philosophy - 2015

University of Adelaide, Australia

Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Evolutionary Biology - 2011

Kieren's research focuses on determining the relationships among different species and groups of animals as a framework for studying broad macroevolutionary processes. His studies encompass the estimation of speciation and extinction rates, biogeography, and the loss and gain of ecological and physiological traits in different animal groups through time.

Current projects involve the extraction and sequencing of DNA from species that became extinct in the last 50,000 years, providing access to new data concerning the mechanisms and drivers of evolutionary change.

White LC, Mitchell KJ, Austin JJ (2017) Ancient mitochondrial genomes reveal the demographic history and phylogeography of the extinct, enigmatic thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus). Journal of Biogeography, In Press.

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Scofield RP, Mitchell KJ, Wood JR, De Pietri VL, Jarvie S, Llamas B, Cooper A (2017) The origin and phylogenetic relationships of the New Zealand ravens. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 106: 136-143.

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Soubrier J, Gower G, Chen K, Richards SM, Llamas B, Mitchell KJ, Ho SYW, Kosintsev P, Lee MSY, Baryshnikov G, Bollongino R, Bover P, Burger J, Chival D, Crégut-Bonnoure E, Decker JE, Doronichev VB, Douka K, Fordham DA, Fontana F, Fritz C, Glimmerveen J, Golovanova LV, Groves C, Guerreschi A, Haak W, Higham T, Hofman-KamiƄska E, Immel A, Julien M-A, Krause J, Krotova O, Langbein F, Larson G, Rohrlach A, Scheu A, Schnabel RD, Taylor JF, Tokarska M, Tosello G, van der Plicht J, van Loenen AL, Vigne J-D, Wooley O, Orlando L, Kowalczyk R, Shapiro B, Cooper A (2016) Early cave art and ancient DNA record the origin of European bison. Nature Communications 7: 13158.

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Mitchell KJ, Cooper A, Phillips MJ (2015) Comment on “Whole-genome analyses resolve early branches in the tree of life of modern birds”. Science 349: 1460-a

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Wood JR, Mitchell KJ, Scofield RP, Tennyson AJD, Fidler AE, Wilmshurst JM, Llamas B, Cooper A (2014) An extinct nestorid parrot (Aves, Psittaciformes, Nestoridae) from the Chatham Islands, New Zealand. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 172: 185-199

Mitchell KJ, Pratt RC, Watson LN, Gibb GC, Llamas B, Kasper M, Edson J, Hopwood B, Male D, Armstrong KN, Meyer M, Hofreiter M, Austin J, Donnellan SC, Lee MSY, Phillips MJ, Cooper A (2014) Molecular phylogeny, biogeography, and habitat preference evolution of marsupials. Molecular Biology and Evolution 31: 2322-2330

Mitchell KJ, Llamas B, Soubrier J, Rawlence NJ, Worthy TH, Wood J, Lee MSY, Cooper A (2014) Ancient DNA reveals elephant birds and kiwi are sister taxa and clarifies ratite bird evolution. Science 344: 898-900

Mitchell KJ, Wood JR, Scofield RP, Llamas B, Cooper A (2014) Ancient mitochondrial genome reveals unsuspected taxonomic affinity of the extinct Chatham duck (Pachyanas chathamica) and resolves divergence times for New Zealand and sub-Antarctic brown teals. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 70: 420-428

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