Professor Lindsay Richards

Professor Lindsay Richards
  Org Unit Dental
  Telephone +61 8 8313 4121
  Location Floor/Room WS10074.18 ,  Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences Building ,   North Terrace

Joined the academic staff in the Dental School in 1982 as a lecturer in restorative dentistry. Recently involved in:

Undergraduate teaching in prosthodontics, general practice and rural practice

Postgraduate teaching as Course Director of the specialist prosthodontics programme

Research involving tooth wear, dento-facial development in twins and indigenous oral health

Administration as Dean and Head of School (2005-6, 2015-17) and Deputy Head or Associate Dean at various times

Promoted to a Personal Chair in Dental School in 2003

Over the years has spent periods of study leave working in United States (Washington University in St Louis and University of Missouri in Columbia), Israel (Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem), Japan (Nihon University School of Dentistry at Matsudo in Tokyo) and the United Kingdon (Guy's Hospital in London)

Involved in both private and public dental practice in general dentistry until 1985 and then specialist practice in prosthodontics

BDS, BScDent(Hons), PhD, MRACDS(Prosth), FICD, FADI

Last 5 years


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Parker,E, Misan,G, Shearer,M, Richards,L, Russell,A, Mills,H, Jamieson,L, 2012, Planning, implementing, and evaluating a program to address the oral health needs of aboriginal children in Port Augusta, Australia, International Journal of Pediatrics, 2012, 1-10 10.1155/2012/496236



Immediate Past President, International Association for Dental Research (ANZ Division)

Member, Australian Dental Association

Council Member, Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science

Honorary Life Member, Australian Prosthodontic Society

Foundation Member, Australian Academy of Craniomandibular Disorders

Foundation Member, Academy of Australian and New Zealand Prosthodontists

Member, American Association of Physical Anthropologists

Member, New York Academy of Science

Constituent Member, International College of Prosthodontists

Fellow, Academy of Dentistry International

Fellow, International College of Dentists

Specialist Member, Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons

Director, Australian Dental Council

Private Practice (part time) restricted to Prosthodontics.

Senior Visiting Dental Specialist, Adelaide Dental Hospital.

Visiting Dental Specialist, Adelaide Womens' and Childrens' Hospital

Consultant Dental Specialist, Department of Veterans' Affairs.

Member, Governing Board, Australian Dental Council

Chair, Australian Dental Council, Assessment Committee 

Chair, Australian Society of Prosthodontists, Research and Education Committee

ExpertiseRestorative dentistry; prosthodontics; education; research; dental education

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