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Dr Lisa Smithers

Telephone +61 8 8313 0546
Position Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Building 178 North Terrace - Terrace Towers
Floor/Room 7 34
Campus North Terrace
Org Unit School of Population Health

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Bachelor of Applied Science (1992)

Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition (1999)

Master of Public Health (2013)

Doctor of Philosophy (2006)

Registered Nutritionist (2007)

Research Interests

Research Supervision

I have research interests in paediatrics, nutrition and public health, perinatal epidemiology, and Aboriginal health.  I will supervise PhD or masters by research projects in these areas.  If you are a high-performing graduate who is interested in undertaking a PhD or masters by research projects in these areas, please contact me by email for further information.





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Non-Peer Reviewed Papers, Reports and Book Chapters


  1. Roesler A, Moore V, Smithers LG, Wangpakapattanawong P. (2014) Local insights into improving child nutrition in northern Thailand: findings and recommendations regarding breastfeeding.

  2. Smithers LG. (in press) Dietary interventions in school settings: can they change children’s diets and metabolic outcomes? British Journal of Nutrition.

  3. Smithers LG, Lynch JW, Merlin T. (2012) Television marketing of unhealthy food and beverages to children: a review of the published evidence since 2009. Canberra: Australian National Preventive Health Agency (ANPHA).

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  7. Smithers LG, Gibson RA, Makrides M. (2007) Long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid (LCPUFA) supplementation for infants born preterm.  NeoReviews  8;4 e143.

Professional Associations


Member of the Australasian Epidemiology Association

Member of the Public Health Association of Australia

Member of the Nutrition Society of Australia

Member of the Healthy Development Adelaide

Member of the Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth

Member of the International Association of Epidemiology

Member of the World Public Health Nutrition Association






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