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Professor Mark Weder

Telephone +61 8 8313 4664
Position Professor
Fax +61 8 8223 1460
Building 10 Pulteney Street
Floor/Room 3 23
Campus North Terrace
Org Unit School of Economics

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Teaching Interests


Research Interests

Macroeconomics Business cycles, expectations, monetary policy and theory, labor markets and institutions, economic growth.


Economic History Economic history of the United States and of Germany, Great Depression.

Research Funding

Australia – Germany Joint Research Co-operation Labor Markets and Productivity in the Short and in the Long Run, Group of Eight and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD-57141344), 2015-2016.


Discovery Project Grant Allocation of Risk and Economic Slumps, Australian Research Council (DP140102869), 2014-2017.        


Discovery Project Grant Understanding the Effects of News Shocks on Macroeconomic Fluctuations, Australian Research Council (DP1096358), 2010-2013.    


Humboldt Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers, Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, (AUS/1132996), 2009-2011.   


Heisenberg Fellowship, German Science Foundation (We2274/2-2), 2002-2005.        


Research Grant, Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 2001.             


Research Grant, German Science Foundation (We2274/1-1), 1998-1999.         


Research Fellowship for Younger German Scholars of American Politics, Economics, History or Society, German Marshall Fund of the United States (A-0375-25), 1997.


Scholarship, German Academic Exchange Service, 1990-1991.


Scholarship, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 1988-1990.


“Monetary Policy and Indeterminacy after the 2001 Slump”, with Firmin Doko Tchatoka, Nicolas Groshenny and Qazi Haque, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (forthcoming).

“Product Scope and Endogenous Fluctuations“, with Oscar Pavlov, Review of Economic Dynamics 24 (2017), 175-191.

“Payroll Taxes, Social Insurance and Business Cycles”, with Michael C. Burda, Journal of the European Economic Association 14 (2016), 438-467.


“Observations on the Australian Business Cycle”, with Nopphawan Photphisutthiphong, Journal of Business Cycle Research 12 (2016), 141–164.


“News about Aggregate Demand and the Business Cycle”, with Jang-Ting Guo and Anca Sirbu, Journal of Monetary Economics 72 (2015), 83-96.


“Countercyclical Markups and News Shocks”, with Oscar Pavlov, Review of Economic Dynamics 16 (2013), 371-382.


“Sunspots and Credit Frictions”, with Sharon G. Harrison, Macroeconomic Dynamics 17 (2013), 1055-1069.


“Variety Matters”, with Oscar Pavlov, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 36 (2012), 629-641.


“Capital-Labor Substitution and Indeterminacy in Two Sector Growth Models”, with Nopphawan Photphisutthiphong, Macroeconomic Dynamics 16 (2012), 411-421.


“Economic Crisis and Economic Theory”, Economic Record 86 (2010), 7-12.


“Technological Change and the Roaring Twenties: A Neoclassical Perspective”, with Sharon G. Harrison, Journal of Macroeconomics 41 (2009), 363-375.


“Indeterminacy and Sticky Prices”, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 40 (2008), 1073-1082.


“Did Sunspot Forces Cause the Great Depression?” with Sharon G. Harrison, Journal of Monetary Economics 53 (2006), 1327-1339.


“The Role of Preference Shocks and Capital Utilization in the Great Depression”, International Economic Review 47 (2006), 1247-1268.


“Taylor Rules and Macroeconomic Instability or How the Central Bank Can Pre-empt Sunspot Expectations”, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 38 (2006), 655-678.


“Some Observations on the Great Depression in Germany”, German Economic Review 7 (2006), 113-133.


“A Heliocentric Journey into Germany’s Great Depression”, Oxford Economic Papers 58 (2006), 288-316.


“Near-Rational Expectations in Animal Spirits Models of Aggregate Fluctuations”, Economic Modelling 21 (2004), 249-265.


“On the Plausibility of Sunspot Equilibria”, Ricerche Economiche 57 (2003), 65-81.


“Tracing Externalities as Sources of Indeterminacy”, with Sharon G. Harrison, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 26 (2002), 851-867.


“On Forecasting Heterogeneity, Irrational Exuberance and the Multiplicity of Rational Expectations”, Journal of Economics 76 (2002), 201-215.


“Complementarity of Labor Market Institutions, Equilibrium Unemployment and the Persistence of Business Cycles”, with Michael C. Burda, German Economic Review 3 (2002), 1-24.


“Indeterminacy in a Small Open Economy Ramsey Growth Model”, Journal of Economic Theory 98 (2001), 339-356.


“Aggregate and Sector-Specific Externalities in a Model of Indeterminacy”, with Sharon G. Harrison, Economics Letters 69 (2000), 173-179.


“Can Habit Formation Solve the Consumption Anomaly in the Two Sector Business Cycle Model?”, Journal of Macroeconomics 22 (2000), 433-444.


“Animal Spirits, Technology Shocks and the Business Cycle”, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 24 (2000), 273-295.


“Fickle Consumers, Durable Goods and Business Cycles”, Journal of Economic Theory 81 (1998), 37-57.



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