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Professor Martha Augoustinos
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I completed my PhD in 1992 at the University of Adelaide on social representations theory under the supervision of Professor Mike Innes. My main research focus has been in the relatively new field of discourse and social psychology. My most significant contribution to the field in the last ten years has been to re-theorise and empirically examine traditional social psychological topics from a discursive psychological framework. This has included topics such as race, gender, prejudice, social identity and social exclusion. I have been strongly influenced by many of my postgraduate students who have dragged me kicking and screaming into the 'real world' to examine issues such as the crisis in foster care (Assoc Prof Damien Riggs), refugees and asylum seekers (Dr Clemence Due, Dr Scott Hason-Easey, Dr Danielle Every), child sexual abuse (Dr Kathy Fogarty), and climate change (Dr Peta Callaghan).

Journal Publications from 2010



Sorrentino J, Augoustinos M, 2016, 'I don't view myself as a woman politician, I view myself as a politician who's a woman': The discursive management of gender identity in political leadership., The British journal of social psychology / the British Psychological Society, - 10.1111/bjso.12138

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CategoriesPsychology & Psychiatry, Aboriginal & Indigenous Issues
ExpertiseRacism (psychology of; attitudes towards Aborigines, the race debate, the language of racism, political rhetoric on race); Aboriginal people and issues;
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