Professor Nigel Stocks

Head of Discipline - Professor
Professor Nigel Stocks
  Org Unit General Practice
  Telephone +61 8 8313 3462
  Location Floor/Room 11 17 ,  178 North Terrace - Terrace Towers ,   North Terrace

Prof. Stocks is Head of the Discipline of General Practice at the University of Adelaide, acting Deputy Head of the School of Population Health and Clinical Practice and holder of a Senior Principal Research PHCRED Fellowship (2007-2010) to devote more time to research. Since 2002 he has attracted $1.0 million in NHMRC project grant funding as CIA (1.3 million as a co-investigator) and over $2.9 million in small and other grants. His main research interests cover cardiovascular, respiratory and mental health with an emphasis on clinical and health services research but also examining patient health literacy and risk perception that might explain the ‘treatment gap’.  He is currently supervising 8 PhD students and regular mentors academic GP registrars.


2011-2013                  Si Si:  The 45-49 health assessment program in Australian general practice: determinants of attendance and predictors of subsequent medical care utilization and associated cost.


2010 - 2013                David Johnson:  Perceptions of Older Persons living with memory loss  over time.


2010 - 2014               Dr Lawrie MacArthur: Developing Self-Efficacy – building confidence in clinical GP supervisor/trainer’s teaching in a General Practice setting.


2009-2012                  Habibur Seraji:  Evaluation of a community based intervention on integrated management of childhood illnesses in Bangladesh.


2009-2013                  Dr Elaine Leung: COMBAT Stroke: COMmunity-Based rapid Access Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) management.


2006-2011                  Mr Liviu Opera:  Home Blood Pressure Measurement: an ethical appraisal of the impact of this technology on physician-patient relationships.  (submitted)


2006-2012                  Ms Fiona May: An examination of nicotine replacement therapy as a secondary prevention strategy in the acute cardiac care setting: A multi-method approach.


2005-2013                  Ms Jodie Avery: Mental Health and its Influence of Help Seeking Behaviour for Incontinence”.





Gold Michael, Braunack-Mayer Annette, Buttery Jim, Stocks Nigel, Effler Paul, Macartney Kristine, Haji Ali Afzali, Hossein. Can e-Health improve post-marketing surveillance of drugs and vaccines? The Stimulated Telephone Assisted Rapid Safety Surveillance (STARSS) randomised controlled trial. NHMRC Partnership Project 1067703. 2014-2016 $431,902

Stewart S, Brown A, Thompson D, Stocks NP, Scuffham P, Eades S, Carrington M, Silwa K, Maguire G. Centre of Research Excellence to Reduce Inequality in Heart Disease. NMMRC 2012 -2017 $2,493,649

Harris M, Bauman A, Laws R, Caterson I, Campbell K, Crawford D, Stocks NP,  Hayman N, Denney-Wilson E, Teng Liaw S, Lynch J. The Centre for Obesity Management and Prevention Research Excellence in Primary Health Care. APHCRI 2012-2015  $2,379,688.

Stocks N. ASPrin in Reducing Events in the Elderly (ASPREE) 2012. Monash University (part of an international trial funded by the NIH – USA) $125,000.

Crocket A, Stocks N, Malbon T.   Lung Function Testing, Review and Analysis.  Metropolitan Fire Service 2012 -2013 $108.391.

Stocks NP, Chilver M.  The Australian Sentinel Practice Research Network (ASPREN).  Department of Health and Ageing, Surveillance Section Bio-security and Disease Control Branch 2012-2013 $925,000.

Frank O, Stocks N, Aylward P.  Increasing prevention, detection and treatment of osteoporosis through automated opportunistic reminders to patients, general practitioners and practice nurse RACGP Osteoporosis award 2012 $29,528.

Frank O, Stocks N, Aylward P.  Feasibility, acceptability and sustainability of automated production of pre-consultation patient prevention summary and reminder sheets: pilot study. RACGP  2011  $20,000 .

Frank O, Stocks N, Pond D.  What are the beliefs and attitudes of older people with impaired cognition, and of their relatives, towards the impaired person’s continuing to drive? RACGP  - CONROD Research Fellowship 2011 $29,333.

Ried K, Frank O, Stocks N. Aged garlic extract for uncontrolled hypertension: A dose-response trial. Royal Adelaide Hospital New Investigator Project Grant 2011 $15,000.


Stocks NP, Chilver M.  The Australian Sentinel Practice Research Network (ASPREN).  Department of Health and Ageing, Surveillance Section Bio-security and Disease Control Branch 2009-2011 $1,035,467.


Stocks NP, Ryan P, Tideman P.  Increasing cardiovascular risk assessment in first degree relatives of patients with premature ischemic heart disease: A randomised controlled trial. NHMRC Project Grant 565415 2009-2010  $110,650.


Pond D, Marley J, Bridges-Webb C, Howell C, Stocks N.  Outcomes of best practice diagnosis and management of dementia in general practice.  NHMRC Dementia Research Grants Program Round 2, 2008-2009   $792,180.


Pond D, Brodaty H, Marley J, Bridges-Webb C, Gunn J, Beilby J, Stocks N, Joyce T, Bruen W. A GP intervention to assist the primary care and management of depression for carers of people with dementia  Department of Health and Ageing

Dementia Service Development Grant $101,365.


Pond D, Brodaty H, Marley J, Bridges-Webb C, Gunn J, Beilby J, Stocks N, Joyce T, Bruen W A GP intervention to assist the primary care and management of depression for carers of people with dementia  Beyond blue $100,000.


Stocks N, Barton C, Tideman P, May F. An examination of the effectiveness of transdermal nicotine replacement therapy as a secondary prevention strategy in patients admitted to hospital for coronary artery bypass grafting. GlaxoSmithKline funding for product. 2007 $5,300


 Seidel B, Stocks NP, Duszynski K.  Development of a reliable, validated instrument to assess patient’s conceptual knowledge of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in Primary Care: The brief-CVD-knowledge-test.  RACGP Cardiovascular Research Grant 2007 $25,000


Stocks NP, Seidel B.  Awareness, perception and knowledge of cardiovascular disease risk and prevention among residents in the northern districts of Adelaide.  Northern Communities Health Foundation Inc.  2008-2010 $60,000.


Stocks NP, Wittert G, Allan J.  Primary Prevention of Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) in first degree relatives of patients with premature heart disease.  RAH  Research Fund 2007 $18,127.


Sved Williams A, Stocks NP, Howell C, Wade V, Burke. Primary care mental health consultation-liaison between GP and psychiatrist: consumer and carer evaluation 2007 $64,000.


Frank O, Ried K, Stocks NP.  Literature review and cost assessment of dietary supplements which are effective in reducing blood pressure.  Vicki Kotsirilos Integrative Medicine Grant. RACGP Research Awards  2006 $5,000.


Frank O, Ried K, Stocks NP.  The acceptability and effectiveness of cocoa or tomato extract in reducing blood pressure in people with pre-hypertension: A pilot study.  RACGP Cardiovascular Research Grant 2006 $25,000.


Laurence C, Stocks NP.  What do new GP graduates and IMG’s deem important in their selection of a rural practice in South Australian?  A stocktake of views from recently recruited or soon to be recruited rural GPs. Rural Doctors Workforce Agency, South Australia, 2006 $30,000.


Laurence C, Turnbull D, Stocks NP.  Unsuccessful applicants to Medical School. Rural Doctors Workforce Agency, South Australia, 2006 $30,000.


Stocks NP.  The Australian Sentinal Practice Research Network (ASPREN).  Department of Health and Ageing, Surveillance Section Bio-security and Disease Control Branch 2006 $200,000.


Stocks NP.  Primary Health Care Research Evaluation and Development (PHCRED) Strategy. Department of Health and Ageing, Canberra 2006-2009 $1,040,000.


Crockett A, Moss J, Pegram R, Stocks NP. A Systematic Review of Models for the Organisation and Financing of Primary Health Care for Mild and Moderate Chronic Lung Disease.   Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute, Research in Priority Areas Stream 4 2005-2006   $150,398.


Stocks NP, Beilby J, Murphy A, Doust J, Tideman P. Provision of secondary cardiac preventive care in Australian general practice.  NHMRC General Practice Clinical Research Grants 2006-2008 $499,937.


Beilby J, Crockett A, Mudge P, Stocks NP, Ryan P, Adams R, Staugus R. Spirometry and asthma management in children and adults in general practice. NHMRC General Practice Clinical Research Grants 2005-2007 $545,637.


Stocks NP, James A, Ryan P.  Improving primary and secondary prevention of Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) in general practice.  Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Cardiovascular Research Grants 2004 $24,841.


Stocks NP, Broadbent J, Beilby J.  Researcher Development Program.  Department of Health and Ageing 2004 $78,594.


Waters R, Farmer L, Stocks NP, Broadbent J, Taylor J Gentle I, Dollard J. Indigenous Research Training Grant. Department of Human Services 2004 $20,000.


Stocks NP, Turnidge J, Crockett A, Veale A.  Acute bronchitis in general practice: what factors predict a poor outcome and can antibiotics help? NHMRC 2004-2006 $388,875.


MacLennan AH, Stocks NP, Henderson VW, Mathias J, Taylor AW.  Population based observational study of Hormone Therapy and cognition in women aged 60+.  Australian Menopause Society Research Grants 2004 $29,000.



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