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Associate Professor Peter Mayer

Telephone +61 8 8313 5609
Position Visiting Research Fellow
Fax +61 8 8313 3443
Building Napier Building
Floor/Room 3 10
Campus North Terrace
Org Unit Politics and International Studies (POLIS)

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Research Interests


  • Political, Economic and Social Change in India
  • Suicide and Violence in India
  • India's Political Economy
  • Publications

    For an extended listing of Peter Mayer's publications, please see attached document.

    Selected Publications --digital copies


    “Thinking Clearly about Suicide in India: Desperate Housewives, Despairing Farmers” Economic and Political Weekly, April 2, 2016, Vol. LI, No. 14, pp. 44-55

    1. Suicide and Society in India (London and New Delhi: Routledge, 2011/2012)
    2. "Trends of Real Income in Tiruchirapalli and the upper Kaveri Delta, 1819-1980: A Footnote in Honour of Dharma Kumar"  Indian Economic and Social History Review Vol. 43, No. 3 (July-September, 2006), pp.349-364.
    3. “Beyond Cricket: Australia–India Evolving Relations” Australian Journal of Political Science, Vol. 45, No. 1, (March 2010), pp. 133–148 (with Purnendra Jain).

    4. “Old Regions, New States: Why Is Governance Weak in the Indus-Ganges Plain?” Asian Journal of Political Science Vol. 18, No. 1, (April 2010), pp. 20-47.

    5. “Persuading Politicians: Researching the Value of Social Capital in South Australia” (with Lou Wilson) Revista Migrações No. 9, Outubro 2011, pp. 89-99.

    6. “Gross Violations of Duverger’s Law in India”, Studies in Indian Politics Vol. 1 No.2,  (2013), pp. 179–201.

    7. “The Modi lahar (wave) in the 2014 Indian national election: A critical realignment?”, Australian Journal of Political Science, Vol .49, No. 3, (2014), pp. 518-528, (with Priya Chacko).
    8. "Making Democracy Perform: Human Development and Civic Community in India" in Dwaipayan Bhattacharyya, Niraja Gopal Jayal, Bishnu N. Mohapatra & Sudha Pai (eds.) Interrogating Social Capital (New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2004)
    9. "Inventing Village Tradition: The Late 19th Century Origins of the North Indian 'Jajmani System'"
    10. "India's Falling Sex Ratios" Population and Development Review Volume 25, No. 2 (June, 1999), pp. 323-343.
    11. "Modernisation and the Male-Female Suicide Ratio in India 1967-1997" Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior 34(2) (Summer, 2004) pp. 147-159 (with Della Steen).
    12. "Female Equality and Suicide in the Indian States" Psychological Reports , 92, (2003), pp.1022-1028.

      • Chapters in Edited Volumes
      • “South Australia and India” (with Purnendra Jain) in John Spoehr and Purnendra Jain (eds.) The Engaging State (Adelaide: Wakefield Press, 2012).
      • “Politics at the University of Adelaide” in Nick Harvey, Jean Fornasiero, Greg McCarthy, Clem Macintyre and Carl Crossin (eds.) A History of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Adelaide 1876-2012 (Adelaide: University of Adelaide Press, 2012).
      • “Riots, Elections and Society: Discerning Social and Political Trends in India and Pakistan in Coming Decades” in Amitendu Palit and Gloria Spittel (eds.) South Asia in the New Decade: Challenges and Prospects (Singapore: World Scientific, 2013).
      • “Mapping the Strength of Village Elites” in Lance Brennand and Auriol Weigold (eds.) Re-Thinking India: Perceptions from Australia (New Delhi: Readworthy, 2013), pp. 104-127.
      • “Comparative Reflections on The Civilizing Process” in David Lemmings and Ann Brooks (eds.) Emotions and Social Change: Historical and Sociological Perspectives (New York & London: Routledge, 2014), pp. 233-251..
      • "Privatization and Resistance in South Asia" in Mita Bhattacharya, Russell Smyth and Marika Vicziany (Eds) South Asia in the Era of Globalization: Trade, Industrialization and Welfare (Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers, Inc, 2004)
      • "'We are the Slowest Reformers': Disinvestment of India's State-Owned Enterprises" in Dilip Dutta (ed.) Economic Liberalisation and Institutional Reforms in South Asia: Recent Experiences and Future Prospects (New Delhi: Atlantic Publishers and Distributors, 2000)
      • "Militarism and Development in Underdeveloped Societies" in Lester Kurtz (ed.) Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace, and Conflict  Second Edition (Oxford: Academic Press, 2008)
      • "The Two Nations: Indian Federalism in the Rip Tide of Debt and Globalism" in Ian Copland and John Rickard (eds.) Federalism: Australia and India (New Delhi: Manohar Publishers, forthcoming 1997)
      • "Equal Opportunity: "`Shock' or Opportunity? Reflections on the Australian Experience," in A. Nakamura ed., Comparative Studies of Public Administration (Tokyo: EROPA Local Government Center, 1995).


    Expertise for Media Contact

    CategoriesPolitics & Government, Foreign Countries & People
    ExpertiseAsian politics, economic reform in Asia, India, Pakistan, South Asia, reform, politics (development, economic reform in Asia), Indian politics, Pakistan politics, Pakistani politics, suicide; social change, failed states
    NotesAlt phone: (08) 8303 5610/5699
    After hours(08) 8339 1724

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