Dr Risti Permani

Dr Risti Permani

Dr Risti Permani is a Lecturer in Global Food Studies at The University of Adelaide. Dr Permani has also undertaken extensive research in Indonesia, including in an academic capacity and as a consultant for organisations such as the Australian Department of Agriculture and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR). Her recent work focuses on dairy and beef cattle sectors including live cattle trade, dairy value chains, and school milk programs in Indonesia. She has published on various socio-economic topics in Asia.

Dr Permani has strong commitment to contribute to the bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Australia. She is heavily involved in various collaborative projects between Australian and Indonesian institutions. Dr Permani is also one of the co-founders of GoLive Indonesia, a network which facilitates discussions on development issues in Indonesia and topics related to Indonesia’s engagement with Australia. With her team, she has organised more than 60 academic and policy discussions in 2011-15 both in Indonesia and Australia. She is also serving as the Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies (ACICIS) Agriculture Semester Program Advisory Panel. She was the 2015 Conference of Australian and Indonesian Youth (CAUSINDY) delegate. 

Dr Permani is actively involved in science and social media communication. In addition to her role in GoLive Indonesia that actively uses social media strategies, she is managing and writes for the University of Adelaide’s Global Food Studies blog. She was a member of the Global Food Security Conference’s Junior Researcher Task Force in Ithaca, NY in 2015.

Dr Permani has been awarded the 2014 Faculty of the Professions Executive Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research; the University of Adelaide Priority Partner Institution Grant; the 2013 Faculty of the Professions University of Adelaide Women’s Fellowship; the ANU Indonesia Project Research Grants 2013/2014 Round; the 2011 Australia-Indonesia Institute Grants (for GoLive Indonesia).


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Doctor of Philosophy in Economics (University of Adelaide): 2006-2009 (Conferred in 2010)

Master of Economics (University of Adelaide): 2004-2005

Bachelor of Science in Statistics (Bogor Agricultural University): 2000-2004


In Semester 1, 2016, I will be teaching AGRIBUS 7055 Global Food and Agricultural Markets.

My additional teaching interests:

  • East Asian Economies- covering aspects on international trade, international finance and development economics
  • Agricultural policies
  • Agricultural sector in developing countries

Current projects

My recent work mostly covers various issues in Indonesian agricultural sectors including trade policy, food security policy, farmers' welfare and self-sufficiency issues. I am also doing research on agricultural policies in other developing countries such as Thailand and Bangladesh.

Please visits the following websites for more information about my current projects:

Developing Smallholder Inclusive Food Value Chain Models for Local and Global Markets

Supporting capacity building for research on improving market integration for dairy production systems in Indonesia


Supervisory role

I supervise Master of Global Food and Agricultural Business (MGFAB) students working on a wide range of topics from starting up an agricultural business in African countries to the structure, conduct and performance of beef sector in Papua. See this article for more information about our MGFAB research project.


I am managing Food Security Blog.

I am involved in the GoLive Indonesia Project.



Refereed journal articles:

Permani, Risti and Vanzetti, David. 2016. "Rice Mountain: Assessment of the Thai Rice Pledging Program". Agricultural Economics. doi: 10.1111/agec.12228 *ERA 2010 Rank A

Permani, Risti. 2013. "Optimal Export Tax Rates of Cocoa Beans: A VECM Approach". Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. 57 (4). p.579-600. *ERA 2010 Rank A

Permani, Risti. 2013. "Determinants of Relative Demand for Imported Beef and a Review of Livestock Self-Sufficiency in Indonesia". Journal of Southeast Asian Economies (formerly, ASEAN Economic Bulletin). 30 (3). p.294-308. *ERA 2010 Rank B

Permani, Risti. 2011. "The Impacts of Trade Liberalisation and Technological Change on GDP Growth in Indonesia: A Meta Regression Analysis”. Global Economy Journal. 11(4). Article 7. *ERA 2010 Rank B

Permani, Risti. 2011. "The Presence of Religious Institutions, Religious Attendance and Earnings”. Journal of Socio-Economics. 40 (3). p.247-258. *ERA 2010 Rank B

Permani, Risti. 2009. "The Role of Education in Economic Growth in East Asia: A Survey". Asian-Pacific Economic Literature. 23(1). p.1-20. *lead article *ERA 2010 Rank C


Book chapter:

Permani, R, Setyoko, N. R., Trewin, R. and Vanzetti, D. 2016. “Indonesian Livestock Policy: Lessons for Self-Sufficiency”, in R. Trewin (ed.), Crucial Agricultural Policy. Singapore: World Scientific.

Permani, Risti. 2011.“Education Challenges in Indonesia with Special Reference to Islamic Schooling”, in C. Manning and S. Sumarto (eds.), Employment, Living Standards, and Poverty in Contemporary Indonesia. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. 


Policy Brief:

Permani, Risti. 2011. "Moving Beyond the Blame Game: the Ban on Australian Live Cattle Exports to Indonesia, Lessons to be Learnt". IPGRC Policy Briefs. Issue 5 June 2011. (available online at here)



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