Professor Robert Richards

Head of Discipline of Genetics
Professor Robert Richards
  Org Unit Genetics & Evolution
  Telephone +61 8 8313 7541
  Location Floor/Room 1 35 ,  Molecular Life Sciences ,   North Terrace

Foundation Fellow of the Faculty of Science (Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia)

Fellow of the Human Genetics Society of Australasia

Julian Wells Medal, Lorne Genome Conference

South Australian Innovator Award

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Publications since 2006:-

Comparative toxicity of polyglutamine, polyalanine and polyleucine tracts in Drosophila models of expanded repeat disease
CL van Eyk, CJ McLeod, LV O'Keefe, RI Richards
Human Molecular Genetics

Double-stranded RNA is pathogenic in Drosophila models of expanded repeat neurodegenerative diseases
KT Lawlor, LV O'Keefe, SE Samaraweera, CL van Eyk, CJ McLeod, CA Maloney ...
Human molecular genetics 20 (19), 3757-3768

Perturbation of the Akt/Gsk3-β signalling pathway is common to Drosophila expressing expanded untranslated CAG, CUG and AUUCU repeat RNAs
CL van Eyk, LV O'Keefe, KT Lawlor, SE Samaraweera, CJ McLeod, GR Price, DJ ...
Human molecular genetics 20 (14), 2783

Drosophila orthologue of WWOX, the chromosomal fragile site FRA16D tumour suppressor gene, functions in aerobic metabolism and regulates reactive oxygen species
LV O'Keefe, A Colella, S Dayan, Q Chen, A Choo, R Jacob, G Price, D Venter ...
Human molecular genetics 20 (3), 497

Selective neuronal requirement for huntingtin in the developing zebrafish
TL Henshall, B Tucker, AL Lumsden, S Nornes, MT Lardelli, RI Richards
Human molecular genetics 18 (24), 4830

Huntingtin-deficient zebrafish exhibit defects in iron utilization and development
AL Lumsden, TL Henshall, S Dayan, MT Lardelli, RI Richards
Human molecular genetics 16 (16), 1905

Know thy fly
LV O'Keefe, P Smibert, A Colella, TK Chataway, R Saint, RI Richards
Trends in Genetics 23 (5), 238-242

Genome-wide association study identifies novel breast cancer susceptibility loci
DF Easton, KA Pooley, AM Dunning, PDP Pharoah, D Thompson, DG Ballinger, JP ...
Nature 447 (7148), 1087-1093

A critical role for huntingtin in neural development
TL Henshall, AL Lumsden, MT Lardelli, RI Richards
International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience 24 (8), 511-511

FRA16D common chromosomal fragile site oxido-reductase (FOR/WWOX) protects against the effects of ionizing radiation in Drosophila
LV O'Keefe, Y Liu, A Perkins, S Dayan, R Saint, RI Richards
Oncogene 25 (58), 7662-7662

Contribution of mGluR and Fmr1 functional pathways to neurite morphogenesis, craniofacial development and fragile X syndrome
B Tucker, RI Richards, M Lardelli
Human molecular genetics 15 (23), 3446

Chromosomal fragile sites: Mechanisms of cytogenetic expression and pathogenic consequences
RI Richards
Genetic Instabilities and Neurological Diseases, 195

Common chromosomal fragile sites and cancer: focus on FRA16D
LV O'Keefe, RI Richards
Cancer letters 232 (1), 37-47


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