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Sam Buckberry

Telephone +61 8 8313 8120
Position PhD Candidate
Building Medical School North
Floor/Room 6 08b
Campus North Terrace
Org Unit Paediatrics and Reproductive Health

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Biography/ Background

My research involves applying high-throughput genomics and bioinformatics methods in order to increase our understanding of human development in utero. Although the challenge no longer lies in how to generate genome scale data, significant challenges remain in developing informative and efficient ways to analyse these vast datasets. I’m currently developing novel ways of using high-throughput sequencing (RNA-Seq and DNA methylation) and microarray datasets to further our understanding of global gene regulation in the human placenta. The aim of this research is to comprehensively characterise sex-biased gene regulation and to learn how this influences fetal growth dynamics and the incidence of pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia and fetal growth restriction.


2012 - Present - PhD (Medicine), The University of Adelaide

2011 - Bachelor of Health Sciences (1st Class Honours), The University of Adelaide

2010 - Bachelor of Science, Flinders University

Awards & Achievements

2014 - Robinson Research Institute Travel Grant (SRB-ESA Conference)

2014 - Student Travel Award, Society for Reproductive Biology

2014 - Promega PhD Student Award (Oral presentation), Lorne Genome Conference 2014

2014 - Robinson Resesarch Institute Travel Grant (Lorne Genome Conference)

2013 - ANZPRA New Investigator Award Finalist (Oral presentation), Society of Reproductive Biology Conference

2013 - Student Travel Award, Society for Reproductive Biology

2013 - Robinson Research Institute Travel Grant

2012 - ANZPRA Award Finalist (Oral presentation), Society for Reproductive Biology

2012 - SRB Student Travel Award, Society for Reproductive Biology

2012 - Robinson Research Institute Travel Grant

2012 - Healthy Development Adelaide PhD Scholarship (3 years), Healthy Development Adelaide and the Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation

2012 - Australian Postgraduate Award (3 year PhD Scholarship)

2011 - Robinson Research Institute Petrucco Honours Scholarship

2011 - AR Riddle Honours Grant, The University of Adelaide

2011 - Chancellors Letter of Commendation, Flinders University

2010 - Chancellors Letter of Commendation, Flinders University

2010 - Summer Vacation Scholarship, Flinders University

2009 - Commonwealth Education Scholarship, Australian Commonwealth Government



Buckberry, S. Bianco-Miotto, T. Bent, SJ. Dekker, GA. & Roberts, CT. Intergrative transcriptome meta-analysis reveals widespread sex-biased gene expression at the human fetal-maternal interface. Molecular Human Reproduction (2014)

Buckberry, S. Bent, SJ. Bianco-Miotto, T. Roberts, CT. massiR: a method for predicting the sex of samples in gene expression microarray datasets. Bioinformatics (2014)

Buckberry, S. Bianco-Miotto, T. & Roberts, C. T. Imprinted and X-linked non-coding RNAs as potential regulators of human placental function. Epigenetics (2014)

Gatford, KL. Heinemann, GK. Thompson, SD. Zhang, JV. Buckberry, S. Owens, J. Dekker, GA. & Roberts, CT. Circulating IGF1 and IGF2 and SNP genotypes in pregnant and non-pregnant women and men, Endocrine Connections (2014)

Buckberry, S. Bianco-Miotto, T. Hiendleder, S. & Roberts, C. T. Quantitative allele-specific expression and DNA methylation analysis of H19, IGF2 and IGF2R in the human placenta across gestation reveals H19 imprinting plasticity. PLoS ONE 7, e51210 (2012)

Buckberry, S. & Burke da Silva, K. Evolution: Improving the Understanding of Undergraduate Biology Students with an Active Pedagogical Approach. Evolution, Education & Outreach (2012) 

Professional Interests

Genome Biology, Epigenetics, Bioinformatics, High-Throughtput Sequencing, Evolution, Human pregnancy

Entry last updated: Tuesday, 9 Feb 2016

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