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Associate Professor Sarah Wheeler

Telephone +61 8 8313 9130
Position Associate Professor
Building Nexus 10 Tower
Floor/Room 6
Campus North Terrace
Org Unit Ctr Global Food & Resources

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Biography/ Background

Sarah is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow with Centre for Global Food and Resources at the University of Adelaide. She graduated with her PhD in 2007, and has over 100 peer-reviewed publications in the research areas of irrigated farming, organic farming, water markets, water scarcity, crime and gambling.

She is an Associate Editor of the Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics and an Associate Editor of Water Resources and Economics. She has been a guest editor for a special issue of Agricultural Water Management and is currently on the editorial boards of Economics and Agricultural Science. Sarah is also the Chair of the Murray-Darling Basin working group of the Food, Energy, Environment and Water (FE2W) Network.

Sarah was born on an irrigated dairy farm in NSW, and grew up on a dryland mixed farm at the top of the Great Dividing Range in the New England region. She has worked as an economist both nationally and internationally, in places such as Rural Solutions South Australia, ESCAP United Nations (Bangkok), Environment Agency (UK) and the South Australian Centre for Economic Studies.


PhD Economics - University of South Australia (2007)

Bachelor Economics (Hons) - University of Adelaide (1996)

Research Interests

Environmental and Agricultural Economics
Organic Agriculture
Water Trading
Gambling and Crime

Research Funding

* 2015-2016 Loch, Wheeler, Young, Zuo UNESCO: Developing a water market readiness framework

* 2014-2018 Wheeler: ARC Future Fellow Adapting for an uncertain future: farmer behaviour in water-stressed basins
* 2014-2016 Wheeler, Loch, Bjornlund, Garrick, Boxall, Adamowicz: ARC Discovery Transitioning to a water secure future
* 2014 Wheeler: National Water Commission expert advisor
* 2013-2014 Wheeler, Zuo, Loch, Grafton: Federal Department of the Environment Survey of Users of the National Pollutant Inventory
* 2013-2017 Pittock, Ramshaw, Grafton, Stirzaker, Bjornlund, Wheeler, Loch, Zuo, Sibanda, Sullivan, Mbakwe, Munguambe, Nhabetse, Mdemu, Kashaigili, Lwena, Chitanda, Kapufi, Nyamangara, Rooyen, Moyo, Mashingaidze Homann- Kee Tui, Mawokomatanda, Thebe. The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) Increasing irrigation water productivity in Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe through on-farm monitoring, adaptive management and Agricultural Innovation Platforms
* 2013 Wheeler, Loch: National Water Commission Expert Advisors
* 2011-2013 Wheeler, Bjornlund, Beecham, Shanahan, Zuo and Loch National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (Cat 1) Water Trade, Climate Change and Irrigator Adaptability in the Murray-Darling Basin
* 2011-2012 Wheeler, Cheesman: Federal Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Populations and Communities, Survey of water sellers to the Restoring the Balance program
* 2009-2012 Wheeler, Bjornlund, Shanahan, Singh, Klein, Hatton-MacDonald: ARC Linkage, Partners = Murray Darling Basin Authority, Goulburn Murray Water, NSW Department of Energy and Water, Department of Sustainability and Environment and University of Lethbridge, CanadaImproving water market outcomes through a better understanding of market behaviour
* 2010-2011 Wheeler, Zuo: National Water Commission, Contribution to the evaluation of the National Water Initiative
* 2009 Wheeler: Horticulture Australia (through SARDI) Citrus thrips disease
* 2008 Bjornlund, Kuehne, Cheers, Wheeler: RIRDC and UniSA Div Business, Water Trading
* 2008 Wheeler: SA Centre for Economic Studies Gambling Research Tasmania
* 2007-2009 Wheeler, Round, Wilson: Vic. Department of Justice Gambling and Crime Research in Victoria
* 2006 Wheeler: SA Centre for Economic Studies Gambling Research South Australia


i. Books

Bjornlund, H.; Brebbia, C. and Wheeler, S. Eds. (2013) Sustainable Irrigation Management Technology and Policies IV, WITPress, Southampton.

Loch A, Wheeler S, Bjornlund H, Beecham S, Edwards J, Zuo A & Shanahan M (2013) The role of water markets in climate change adaptation. National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast, 126 pp. ISBN: 978-1-925039-01-6.

ii. Refereed Journal Articles

Wheeler S, Zuo A, Bjornlund H, Mdemu M, Rooyen A and Munguambe P. (2016) “An overview of extension use in irrigated agriculture and case studies in south-eastern Africa” International Journal of Water Resources Development

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Zuo A., Wheeler S., Boxall P., Adamowicz V., Hatton-MacDonald D. (2016) “Measuring price elasticities of demand and supply of water entitlements based on stated and revealed preference data”, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 98(1), 314-332

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ii. Book Chapters

 Settre C., S. Wheeler (forthcoming) “Acquiring Water and Trade”, in Avril Horne, Angus Webb, Michael Stewardson, Brian Richter and Mike Acreman (eds) Water for the environment:  Policy, Science, and Integrated Management, Elsevier

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Wheeler S. (2008) “The Influence of Market and Agricultural Policy Signals on the Level of Organic Farming” in Organic Farming, ICFAI Research Centre, India.

Professional Associations

AARES (Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society)

Food, Energy, Environment and Water Network (FE2W)

International Water Resource Economists Consortium

Centre for Water Economics and Policy, ANU

Centre for Water Policy and Management, La Trobe University

Independent Gambling Research Consortium, University of Adelaide

International Association of Agricultural Economists

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