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Dr Thomas Prowse

Telephone +61 8 8313 6070
Position Research Associate
Fax +61 8 8313 4364
Mobile +61 4 3148 0729
Building Mawson Laboratories
Floor/Room G 38a
Campus North Terrace
Org Unit Ecology and Environmental Science

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Biography/ Background

I am a multi-disciplinary biologist/ecologist working in the fields of population ecology (including multi-species modelling), invasion ecology and climate change impacts. I am currently collaborating with an international team of scientists to develop and test generic tools for complex systems models that incorporate demographic, genetic, behavioural and epidemiological processes.

Previously I have worked on environmental, ecological and biological projects in marine, freshwater and riparian ecosystems. These projects have spanned a diverse range of research fields including evolutionary ecology, pollution biomonitoring, climate change biology, genetics, biochemistry, aquaculture and deep-sea reseach. Through my own research and also two years spent at the Australian Bureau of Statistics I have developed a keen interest in sampling and estimation theory.


PhD Marine Biology

University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia


BSc (Hons), major in Biological Sciences and specialization in Marine & Environmental Biology

Flinders University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia


Blackburn TM, Prowse TAA, Lockwood JL, Cassey P (in press) Propagule pressure as a driver of establishment success in deliberately introduced exotic species: fact or artefact? Biological Invasions

Haby NA, Prowse TAA, Gregory SD, Watts MJ, Delean S, Fordham DA, Foulkes J, Brook BW (in press) Scale dependency of metapopulation models used to predict climate change impacts on small mammals. Ecography

Prowse TAA, Johnson CN, Lacy RC, Bradshaw CJ, Pollak JP, Watts MJ, Brook BW (2013) No need for disease: testing extinction hypotheses for the thylacine using multi-species metamodels. Journal of Animal Ecology 82:355–364

Prowse TAA, Byrne M (2012) Evolution of yolk protein genes in the Echinodermata. Evolution & Development 14:139-151

Bradshaw CJA, McMahon CR, Miller PS, Lacy RC, Watts MJ, Verant ML, Pollak JP, Fordham DA, Prowse TAA, Brook BW (2012) Novel coupling of individual-based epidemiological and demographic models predicts realistic dynamics of tuberculosis in alien buffalo. Journal of Applied Ecology 49:268-277

Swanson RL, Byrne M, Prowse TAA, Mos B, Dworjanyn SA, Steinberg PD (2012) Dissolved histamine: a potential habitat marker promoting settlement and metamorphosis in sea urchin larvae. Marine Biology:1-11

Blackburn TM, Prowse TAA, Lockwood JL, Cassey P (2011) Passerine introductions to New Zealand support a positive effect of propagule pressure on establishment success. Biodiv Conserv 20:2189-2199

Prowse TAA, Brook BW (2011) Climate change, variability and management impacts in Australia. Pacific Conservation Biology 17:168-178

Prowse TAA, Falkner I, Sewell MA, Byrne M (2009) Long-term storage lipids and developmental evolution in echinoderms. Evolutionary Ecology Research 11:1069-1083

Soars NA, Prowse TAA, Byrne M (2009) Overview of phenotypic plasticity in echinoid larvae, 'Echinopluteus transversus' type vs. typical echinoplutei. Marine Ecology Progress Series 383:113-125

Byrne M, Prowse TAA, Sewell MA, Dworjanyn S, Williamson JE, Vaitilingon D (2008) Maternal provisioning for larvae and larval provisioning for juveniles in the toxopneustid sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla. Marine Biology 155:473-482

Byrne M, Sewell MA, Prowse TAA (2008) Nutritional ecology of sea urchin larvae: influence of endogenous and exogenous nutrition on echinopluteal growth and phenotypic plasticity in Tripneustes gratilla. Functional Ecology 22:643-648

Prowse TAA, Sewell MA, Byrne M (2008) Fuels for development: evolution of maternal provisioning in asterinid sea stars. Marine Biology 153:337-349

Byrne M, Sewell MA, Selvakumaraswamy P, Prowse TAA (2006) The larval apical organ in the holothuroid Chiridota gigas (Apodida): Inferences on evolution of the ambulacrarian larval nervous system. The Biological Bulletin 211:95-100

Prowse TAA, Pile AJ (2005) Phenotypic homogeneity of two intertidal snails across a wave exposure gradient in South Australia. Marine Biology Research 1:176-185

Entry last updated: Friday, 16 Jan 2015

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