Wendy Wright

Wendy Wright

"Lost and Found in Translation", a presentation given at the Iowa International Writer's Program Iowa City Library Panel is published on:


and also on



Australian Broadcasting Commission scriptwriter:

"Seeds of Beauty" by Wendy Wright, an ABC Radio National program  can be read on:



"World Banquet" a two part series, can be found on abc.net.au



a novel "The Air of Tokyo" published by INDRA of Melbourne, the UNESCO City of Literature, can be found at the University of Oxford's Bodelian Japanese Library, the Harvard University's Widerner Library, the National Library of Scotland in the United Kingdom, the National Library of Australia, and many other libraries nation-wide. This novel has been referred to in such bibliographies as that written by the world renowned Christopher Abani, for the "Poetics of Exile" Conference held in Auckland New Zealand:


(this book is held in the same bibliography as other writers who were also presenters in this conference, such as the Nobel Prize Winner, J.M. Coetzee)



a review of "The American Occupation of Japan and Okinawa", by Michael J. Molasky", the article is titled "Lovers and Losers of Different Colours"


*The Tokyo Journal


(one hard-copy of this issue of Sakurajaku can be found in the Barr Smith Library special collections at call number 895.61 S1589


Reviews of my work have appeared in:

ART MONTHLY, The Age of Melbourne, The Sydney Morning Herald, SA Life



* Australian Research Network of the Japanese Economy member, supported by the Australia Japan Foundation at the Australian National University


* sponsered by, invited to and contributed work to Australia Research Council "Aspirations" project nodule "Thinking Poetry" Masterclasses, held at the University of Melbourne and led by Dr, Paul Magee of the University of Canberra.


* contracted by Univeristy of Edinburgh 2011, translator of architectural article by Kenzo Tange "From Passion to Theory" for Berg Publishers magazine "Art in Translation", published at Oxford, UK, forthcoming in 2012.


exhibiting, poetry readings, designing masterclasses, translation, ancient to contemporary literature of the world. theatre, comparative culture










Doctor of Philosophy, 2007, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Adelaide.

Adjunct Visiting Research Fellow, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Adelaide, 2008 - September 2011.

Fellow of Writing, Iowa International Writer's Program, University of Iowa, America.

Bachelor of Arts, Comparative Culture, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan.

Graduate Diploma, Arts Administration, University of South Australia.

Master of Arts, Department of English, University of Adelaide.




Harvard University's Widener Library, and also the English Department of Harvard University hold copies of my first novel, "The Air of Tokyo" (this can be found on the link http://hollis.harvard.edu/?itemid=library/m/aleph008853793) "The Air of Tokyo" is also held in the National Library of Scotland 

At the Sydney Opera House Japan Focus Festival  I was contracted by Mitsui as interpreter for the world famed taiko drummer Hayashi Eitatsu, by The Perth Festival as interpreter for the production of "Lear" written by playwright Kishida Rio and directed by Ong Ken Seng of Theatreworks, Singapore, by The Adelaide Festival as interpreter for director Kawamura Takeshi of Daisan Erotica for the production of "Macbeth". The Australian Broadcasting Commission commissioned my  program "Japanese Women Poets" featuring my own translations and prose, and broadcast this work twice.  SBS Japanese Radio has interviewed me in Japanese for my exhibition of bi-lingually created poetry at the Artpsace of the Adelaide Festival Theatre, opened by Nobel Prize winner J.M. Coetzee, reviewed by "Art Monthly" national magazine for the arts. "SA Life", and the "The Advertiser" newspaper.

"The Tokyo Journal" first published my poetry while I was living in Kamakura on the banks of a carp filled river between the mountains and the sea, among the temples. After a catalystic meeting with the poet Kazuko Shiraishi in Tokyo, the Iowa International Writer's Program invited me to the 2005 program where I gave a lecture, "Lost and Found in Translation" at the Iowa City Public Library, a poetry reading at the Prarie Lights Bookshop and a lecture for the post-graduate class of International Literature Today at the University of Iowa. During my life in Japan my translations and poetry were published in such major poetry magazines as "Sakurajaku" and "Nefdo".

 In contemporary Japanese dance I trained in Tokyo with Iwashita Toru of the world renowned "Sankai Juku".  I have conceptualised and co-produced a contemporary Japanese dance workshop held at the Sydney Wharf Studios, sponsored by the Ausdance Masterclasses. I have studied choreography with Semimaru of Sankai Juku and Kokutoin, at the Arles Dance Studios, Montpellier, the Salzburg Art Festival, Firenze, Venecia, Bari, Reggio Amelia, and Milano. 

My photography and poetry has also been created while at the Athens Art Festival, the Pina Bausch Danstheatre in Wuppertal, Germany, Barcelona and Santiago de Compostello, Spain. and in Finland at the Kuopio Dance Festival. I have also trained in tradtional Japanese dance, performing at festivals in outdoor shrines in Japan at the Adelaide Festival Theatre and studying at the National Theatre of Japan.

The Air of Tokyo, published by INDRA of Melbourne, my first novel, has been reviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers as well as by the Africa Asia Inteligence Wire.

I am now writing a collection of translations of the imagery of ancient and contemporary Japanese playwrights and poets.

Attorney General's Department, South Australian Government, Multicultural SA Interpreter for the Japanese language.

in 2010 became a professional member of the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators as an interpreter and translator for Japanese~English, and was invited to present my work at the National Ausit Conference

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