Dr William Robertson

Dr William Robertson
  Org Unit School of Mechanical Engineering
  Email will.robertson@adelaide.edu.au
  Telephone +61 8 8313 3599
  Location Floor/Room 2 33 ,  Engineering South Building ,   North Terrace


Horizontal stability of a quasi–zero stiffness mechanism using inclined linear springs

  • Acoustics Australia, Vol 42, No 1
  • William S. P. Robertson, Ben Cazzolato and Anthony Zander
  • Based on 2013 conference paper ‘Planar analysis of a quasi-zero stiffness mechanism using inclined linear springs’


PhD Thesis

Experimental results of a 1D passive magnetic spring approaching quasi-zero stiffness and using active skyhook damping (pdf)

  • Will Robertson, Ben Cazzolato, Anthony Zander
  • Conference of the Australian Acoustical Society, Victor Harbour
  • Slides (pdf)

Falling cat robot lands on its feet (pdf)

  • Ben Shields, William S. P. Robertson, Natalie Redmond, Ross Jobson, Rian Visser, Zebb Prime, Ben Cazzolato
  • ACRA 2013: Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation
  • Prizes: Best overall paper, Best student paper, RSPCA award

A modern take on the theoretical modelling of inertial properties of a human body for biomechanical simulations (pdf)

Planar analysis of a quasi-zero stiffness mechanism using inclined linear springs (pdf)

  • Will Robertson, Ben Cazzolato, Anthony Zander
  • Conference of the Australian Acoustical Society, Victor Harbour
  • Slides (pdf)
  • Prize: Best paper award


Axial Force Between a Thick Coil and a Cylindrical Permanent Magnet: Optimising the Geometry of an Electromagnetic Actuator (pdf)

Theoretical analysis of a non-contact spring with inclined permanent magnets for load-independent resonance frequency (pdf)

2012 (co-author)

Developing sports engineering education in Australia

  • Paul R. Medwell, Paul N. Grimshaw, Will S. Robertson, Richard M. Kelso
  • Engineering of Sport Conference 2012
  • DOI: 10.1016/j.proeng.2012.04.045


A simplified force equation for coaxial cylindrical magnets and thin coils (pdf)

2011 (co-author)

Development of a magnetic levitation vibration isolator using inclined permanent magnet springs

The Development of a 6 Degree of Freedom Quasi-zero Stiffness Maglev Vibration Isolator with Adaptive-Passive Load Support


Maximising the force between two cuboid magnets (pdf)

Parameters for optimising the forces between linear multipole magnet arrays (pdf)

A public framework for calculating the forces between magnets and multipole arrays of magnets (pdf)

  • Will Robertson, Ben Cazzolato, Anthony Zander
  • Unpublished.


Theoretical design parameters for a quasi–zero stiffness magnetic spring for vibration isolation (pdf)


ICSV14 conference in Cairns, Australia


Active 2006 conference in Adelaide, Australia


InterMag 2005 conference in Nagoya, Japan


PhD progress report (pdf)

  • Half-baked thoughts on where my research was heading.


PhD research proposal (pdf)

  • Long time ago, now.


Pool playing robot (pdf)

  • Honours thesis
  • Justin Ghan, Tomas Radzevicius, Will Robertson, and Alexandra Thornton
  • Supervisor: Ben Cazzolato

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