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Dr Wolfgang Haak

Telephone +61 8 8313 5565
Position Research Fellow
Fax +61 8 8313 4364
Building Darling Building
Floor/Room 2 05c
Campus North Terrace
Org Unit Ecology and Environmental Science

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Research Interests

My research interests and my research area are best described as 'human palaeobiology' or 'molecular archaeology'. Here I work at the interface of conventional disciplines of archaeology, anthropology, molecular genetics and medical and forensic sciences. I most notably utilise the time-travelling ability of ancient genetic data at the population level to create new views on evolutionary and cultural changes in the complex journey of the human past, mostly via comparison with large datasets from modern-day populations.

Research Funding

ARC funded research projects


DP130102158 (2013-2015) Haak W, Ho SY, Llamas B, Behar DM

Refining the timescale of human evolution and dispersal using ancient DNA


DP1095782 (2010-2012) Haak W, Llamas B, Quintana-Murci L, Hughes AL

A shipload of consequences: studying the impact of Old World diseases on native South American populations via ancient DNA


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Refereed journal articles

Templeton JEL, Brotherton PM, Llamas B, Soubrier J, Haak W, Cooper A, Austin J. DNA capture and Next Generation Sequencing recover whole mitochondrial genomes from highly degraded samples for human identification. Investigative Genetics (in press).

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Mundorff AZ, Kiley S, Latham KE, Haak W, Gilson T (2013) Individualizing Unidentified Skeletal Remains: A Differential Diagnosis Combining Pathological Changes and Biomolecular Testing. Journal of Forensic Identification 63 (6): 617-632.

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Fehren-Schmitz L, Llamas B, Tomasto-Cagigao E, Haak W (2012) Ancient DNA and the early population history of western South America: what have we learned so far and where do we go from here? Boletin Arqueologia PUCP 15. [Spanish].

Badro DA, Douaihy B, Haber M, Youhanna SC, Salloum A, Ghassibe-Sabbagh M, Johnsrud B, Khazen G, Matisoo-Smith E, Soria-Hernanz DF, Wells RS, Tyler-Smith C, Platt DE, Zalloua PA, The Genographic Consortium (2013) Y chromosome and mtDNA Genetics Reveal Significant Contrasts in Affinities of Modern Middle Eastern Populations with European and African Populations. PLoS One 8 (1): e54616. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0054616.

Behar DM, Harman t C, Manry J, van Oven M, Haak W, Martinez-Cruz B, Salaberria J, Oyharçabal B, Bauduer F, Comas D, Quintana-Murci L, The Genographic Consortium (2012) The Basque paradigm: genetic evidence of a maternal continuity in the Franco-Cantabrian Region since the Late Paleolithic. American Journal of Human Genetics 90 (3): 486-493. doi:10.1016/j.ajhg.2012.01.002.

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Refereed conference papers

Haak W, Brandt G, Meyer C, De Jong HN, Ganslmeier R, Pike AWG, Meller H, Alt KW (2010) Die schnurkeramischen Familiengräber von Eulau - ein außergewöhnlicher Fund und seine interdisziplinäre Bewertung. Tagungen des Landesmuseums für Vorgeschichte Halle, Band 04, pp. 80-89.

Burger J, Haak W (2010) Mitochondrial Haplotypen aus humanen neolithischen Skeletten der LBK bzw. AVK. In: Gronenborn D, Petrasch (eds) The Spread of the Neolithic to Central Europe. RGZM-Tagungen, Band 4 1/2, pp. 141-146.


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