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Dr Yuval Yarom

Telephone +61 8 8313 4727
Position Research Associate
Building Ingkarni Wardli
Floor/Room 4 42
Campus North Terrace
Org Unit School of Computer Science

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Teaching Interests

2016 - Secure Programming

2015 - Computer System Security

2014 - Computer System Security

Research Interests

My main research interest is in the area of computer and network security, with a current focus on microarchitectural attacks and on cryptography.  I am the leader of the security research area within the Centre for Distributed and Intelligent Technologies (CDIT) in the school of computer science.

Current Research Students

  • Fergus Dell - Evaluate the security of the Intel SGX extension (Honours)
  • Mark Eldridge - Electronic Voting System for Australian Federal Elections (Honours)
  • Lachlan Kang - Redefining anonymity (PhD)
  • Michelle McClintock - Enterprise security architecture - an organizational framework (PhD)

Past Research Students 

  • Tom Allan - Side channel attacks in Web browsers, Honours, 2016
  • Jungtaek Oh - Cryptographic attacks on modern CPUs, MCS, 2016
  • Gefei Li - Cryptanalysis of lightweight cryptographic primitives, MCS, 2015
  • Sam Jaeschke - Mitigation of the Flush+Reload Attack, Honours, 2015

Research Funding

2017 - Evaluating Cryptographic Implementations. Y. Yarom, Endeavour Research Fellowship. ($17,000)

2016 - Alien vs. Wombat: Predicting the Impact of Invasive Plant Species on the Dynamics of Herbivore PopulationsC. Szabo, S. Hiendleder, L. Woolford, A. Croxford, Y. Yarom, A. Camp. The University of Adelaide Interdisciplinary Grant ($10,000)

2016 - Disruptive innovation: block chain technology. D. Brown, N. Falkner, Y. Yarom, I. Troshani and S. Rao Hill. The University of Adelaide Interdisciplinary Grant ($22,530).

2016-2019 - Assessment and OS-Level Mitigation of Timing Channels. Y.Yarom and K. Falkner, Data61 CRP Research Agreement ($682,684).

2015-2016 - Assessment and OS-Level Mitigation of Timing Channels. Y.Yarom and K. Falkner, NICTA CRP Research Agreement ($132,378).

2015 - Computing Infrastructure Performance and Interoperability Research - Security. K. Falkner and Y. Yarom, DSTO Research Contract ($170,000).

2014-2015 - Assessment and OS-Level Mitigation of Timing Channels. K. Falkner and Y. Yarom, NICTA CRP ($232,167).

2014 - Model Driven Systems Engineering: Advanced Modelling of Communication Protocols. K. Falkner and Y. Yarom, DSTO Research Contract ($110,000).


Journal Articles

M. J. Wilkinson, C. Szabo, C. S. Ford, Y. Yarom, A. E. Croxford, A. Camp, P. Gooding, Replacing Sanger with Next Generation Sequencing to improve coverage and quality of reference DNA barcodes for plants, Scientific Reports, vol. 7 art. 46040, 2017

Y. Yarom, D. Genkin and N. Heninger, CacheBleed: A Timing Attack on OpenSSL Constant Time RSA, Journal of Cryptographic Engineering. Accepted 2017

Q. Ge, Y. Yarom, D. Cock and G. Heiser, A Survey of Microarchitectural Timing Attacks and Countermeasures on Contemporary Hardware, Journal of Cryptographic Engineering. Accepted 2016.

A.Barak, O. Laden and Y. Yarom, The NOW MOSIX and its Preemptive Process Migration Scheme, Bulletin of the IEEE Technical Committee on Operating Systems and Application Environments (TCOS), Vol. 7, No. 2

Refereed Conference and Workshop Publications

P. Grubbs, T. Ristenpart and Y. Yarom, Modifying an Enciphering Scheme after Deployment, EuroCrypt 2017, Paris, FR, Apr 2017.

T. Allan, B. B. Brumley, K. Falkner, J. van de Pol and Y. Yarom, Amplifying Side Channels Through Performance Degradation, ACSAC 2016, Los Angeles, CA, US, Dec 2016.

D. Genkin, L. Pachmanov, I. Pipman, E. Tromer and Y. Yarom, ECDSA Key Extraction from Mobile Devices via Nonintrusive Physical Side Channels, CCS 2016, Vienna, Austria, Oct 2016.

C. Pereida garcía, B. B. Brumley and Y. Yarom, "Make Sure DSA Signing Exponentiations Really are Constant-Time", CCS 2016, Vienna, Austria, Oct 2016.

L. Groot Bruinderink, A. Hülsing, T. Lange and Y. Yarom, Flush, Gauss, and Reload – A Cache Attack on the BLISS Lattice-Based Signature Scheme, CHES 2016, Santa Barbabra, CA, US, Aug. 2016.

Y. Yarom, D. Genkin and N. Heninger, CacheBleed: A Timing Attack on OpenSSL Constant Time RSA, CHES 2016, Santa Barbabra, CA, US, Aug. 2016.

F. Liu, Q. Ge, Y. Yarom, F. Mckeen, C. Rozas, G. Heiser, R. B. Lee, CATalyst: Defeating Last-Level Cache Side Channel Attacks in Cloud Computing, HPCA 2016, Barcelona, Spain, March 2016.

Y. Yarom, G. Li and D. C. Ranasinghe, Evaluation and Cryptanalysis of the Pandaka Lightweight Cipher, ACNS 2015, New York, NY, USA, June 2015.

F. Liu, Y. Yarom, Q. Ge, G. Heiser and R. B. Lee, Last-Level Cache Side-Channel Attacks are Practical, IEEE S&P 2015, pages 605-622, San Jose, CA, USA, May 2015.

J. van de Pol, N. P. Smart and Y. Yarom, Just a Little Bit More, CT-RSA 2015 pages 3-21, San Francisco, CA, USA, April 2015

N.Benger, J. van de Pol, N. P. Smart and Y. Yarom, “Ooh Aah... Just a Little Bit” : A small amount of side channel can go a long way, CHES 2014, pages 73-92, Busan, Korea,  September 2014

Y. Yarom and K. Falkner, FLUSH+RELOAD: a High Resolution, Low Noise, L3 Cache Side-Channel Attack, Proceedings of the 23rd USENIX Security Symposium, pages 719-732, San Diego, CA, USA, August 2014.

Y. Yarom, K. Falkner and D.S. Munro, S-RVM: a Secure Design for a High-Performance Java Virtual Machine, Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Virtual Machines and Intermediate Languages (VMIL 2012), October 2012, DOI: 10.1145/2414740.2414745

H. Detmold, A. van den Hengel, A. Dick, A. Cichowski, R. Hill, E. Kocadag, Y. Yarom, K. Falkner and D. S. Munro, Estimating camera overlap in large and growing networks, Proceedings of the 2nd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras (ICDCS 2008), Stanford University, California, USA, 7-11 September 2008, DOI: 10.1109/ICDSC.2008.4635694.

D. Dolev and D. Malkhi and Y. Yarom, Warm Backup Using Snooping, Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Services in Distributed and Networked Environments (SDNE 1994), Prague, Czech Republic, 27-28 June 1994, DOI: 10.1109/SDNE.1994.337777


Q. Ge, Y. Yarom and G. Heiser, Do Hardware Cache Flushing Operations Actually Meet Our Expectations?, arXiv:1612.04474.

G. Li, Y. Yarom and D. C. Ranasinghe, Exploiting Transformations of the Galois Configuration to Improve Guess-and-Determine Attacks on NFSRs, Cryptology ePrint archive 2015/1045.

Y. Yarom, Q. Ge, F. Liu, R. B. Lee and G. Heiser, Mapping the Intel Last-Level Cache, Cryptology ePrint archive 2015/905.

Y. Yarom and N. Benger, Recovering OpenSSL ECDSA Nonces Using the Flush+Reload Cache Side-channel Attack, Cryptology ePrint archive 2014/140.

Selected talks and presentations

Invited Talks

USB Snooping Made Easy: Crosstalk Leakage Attacks on USB Hubs, Fifth Data61 Software Systems Summer School, SSSS 2017, Sydney, Australia, 13-14 Feb. 2017.

Thwarting cache-based side-channel attacks, PROOFS 2016, Santa Barbara, CA, US, 20 August 2016

Im in ur Cache Keepin ur Bitez, Fourth NICTA Software Systems Summer School, SSSS 2016, Sydney, Australia, 8-9 Feb. 2016.

Last-level cache side-channel attacks are practical, I-CORE Day, Tel Aviv, Israel, 1 Apr. 2015.

Side channel attack on OpenSSL ECDSA, 18th Workshop on Elliptic Curve Cryptography, ECC 2014, Chennai, India, 8-10 Oct. 2014.


 Micro-Architectural Side-Channel Attacks, CHES 2016, Santa Barbara, CA, US, 16 August 2016.


Community Service

PC Member

Journal reviews

  • Journal of Cryptology
  • Microprocessors and Microsystems
  • Transactions on Computers
  • Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing
  • Transactions on Privacy and Security

External Reviewer

  • SPT-Iot 2017
  • ASPLOS 2017
  • SPT-Iot 2016
  • AsiaCCS 2015



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