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Cycling Futures

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Cycling Futures

Edited by Jennifer Bonham and Marilyn Johnson

$66.00 | 2015 | Paperback | 978-1-925261-16-5 | 472 pp 

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978-1-925261-17-2 | 472 pp


  • Chapter Details

    1. Cycling: Bringing the future into the present
    Jennifer Bonham and Marilyn Johnson

    2. A glimpse at Australia’s cycling history
    Jim Fitzpatrick

    3. Health benefits of cycling
    Chris Rissel

    4. An epidemiological profile of cycling injury in Australia and New Zealand
    Julie Hatfield, Soufiane Boufous and Ros Poulos

    5. Faster than the speed of bikes
    Marilyn Johnson and Derek Chong

    6. Economics of everyday cycling and cycling facilities
    Jungho Suh

    7. Cycling and sustainable transport
    Simon Kingham and Paul Tranter

    8. Cycle touring
    Matthew Lamont

    9. Gender and cycling: Gendering cycling subjects and forming bikes, practices and spaces as gendered objects
    Jennifer Bonham, Carol Bacchi and Thomas Wanner

    10. Making (up) the child cyclist: Bike Ed in South Australia
    Anne Wilson

    11. More than a message: Producing cyclists through public safety advertising campaigns
    Rachael Nielsen and Jennifer Bonham

    12. Spaces for cycling
    Glen Koorey

    13. Off-road cycling infrastructure
    Narelle Haworth

    14. Teaching Australian civil engineers about cycling
    Geoff Rose

    15. What should planners know about cycling?
    Wendy Bell and Donna Ferretti

    16. Skilling landscape architects and urban designers for design of bicycle parking and network facilities
    Hilary Hamnett

    17. Cycling and Australian law
    Margaret Grant

    18. Evaluating cycle promotion interventions
    Jan Garrard

'The growing interest in cycling in Australia and New Zealand, as in other parts of the world, is underpinned by three major concerns: health and fitness, congestion and liveability, pollution and climate change.

Australasian researchers, practitioners, policy makers and community members are engaged in a global discussion on the role of cycling in addressing these concerns. Contributors to (this) book report on and extend this discussion as they explore the insights generated locally and internationally on the past, present and future of cycling.

The focus of the first half of the book is largely on the current engagement with cycling, challenges faced by existing and would-be cyclists and the issues cycling might address. The second half of the book is concerned with strategies and processes of change. Contributors working from different ontological positions reflect on changing socio-spatial relations to enable the broadest possible participation in cycling.'

From the 'Introduction'


'Today I was made aware of a new publication from Adelaide Uni rounding up a whole bunch of research into bike issues, laws, safety, promotion etc. etc. A superb read and I commend it to you. (...) Also great discussions on share paths, such as at Linear Park.
You can download a full version at the link, which is a nice touch from the Uni as this is the result of a considerable amount of work. Well worth a read for those interested in the subject.'

Simon Brewer, Mayor of Campbelltown, Facebook review,
23 March 2016

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