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University of Adelaide Archives

UNESCO Memory of the World

The University Archives preserves the rich history of South Australia's foremost educational institution.

The Archives contains the non-current administrative records of the University that are worthy of permanent preservation. The collection dates from the establishment of the University in 1874 and includes University Council and committee minutes, Elder Conservatorium records, early student and staff records, as well as a number of private donations that provide an insight into life at the University. There are also records from student clubs and societies and related institutions including Roseworthy Agricultural College, Waite Agricultural Research Institute, Adelaide Teachers College and the South Australian College of Advanced Education.

The Barr Smith Library's Special Collections houses personal papers of members of the academic staff, graduates, benefactors and other individuals and organisations associated with the University of Adelaide.

Archives Objectives

The University Archives aims to preserve and provide access to an authentic record of the people, programmes and governance of the University of Adelaide. It provides archival management for records in support of the administrative, teaching, research, and wider community interests of the University.

The Archives seeks to:

  • facilitate University compliance with the State Records Act 1997.
  • select only those records that best document the University and, therefore, allow the controlled disposal of records not of enduring value.
  • ensure the reliability of evidence through maintenance of the context and order of the archival records entrusted to its care.
  • create and maintain electronic and hard-copy descriptive tools that provide intellectual and administrative control of the records.
  • provide a physical environment for records that ensures their long-term viability and usefulness.
  • respond to the needs of staff, students and the general public for historical evidence and information.

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