2017 Final


  • Jemma Seyfang

People’s choice award

  • Jemma Seyfang

Student choice award

  • John James


  • Danielle Schmandt: Australia’s copper clean up.
  • Lauren Whyte: Genetics and the lysosome – clues for Alzheimer’s disease?
  • Charles Klein: To make the oboe sing.
  • Erinn Fagan-Jeffries: What’s in a name? A new species of parasitoid wasp.
  • Rong Hu: One-size-fits-all versus customer tailored: Tacrolimus drug dose in kidney transplant patients.
  • Lulu Ouyang: A possible journey from inside out – Explore the dynamics of the shift towards corporate sustainability in China.
  • John James: Using dragonflies and robots to understand vision.
  • Biqing Li: Build walls or dismantle.
  • Jemma Seyfang: Selecting the right pig for the job.
  • Jana Norman: The cosmic person brings law down to Earth.

3MT 2017 Winner - Jemma Seyfang - Selecting the right pig for the job

Interview with Jemma Seyfang

3MT 2017 final - full event