2018 Final


  • Bernard Evans

People’s choice award

  • Bernard Evans

ThincLab award

  • Chidozie Alozie


  • Veronica Coram: Future benefits, future burdens.
  • Joseph Rossi: Love, betrayal and cunning: A biochemical interaction story.
  • Aditi Roy: Missing: Women in management.
  • Sarah Bernhardt: That time of the month: When menstrual cycle stage affects breast cancer treatment.
  • Caitlin Gray: Understanding human interaction in the online world
  • Chidozie Alozie: The new problem we all live with.
  • Gia Dat Phan: Predicting and preventing landslides.
  • Emily Skelly: Past mouth microbes for present mouth maladies.
  • Constantin Seidl: Drought is here! Are water users ready?
  • Bernard Evans: What dragonflies can teach us about motion adaptation.

University of Adelaide 3MT 2018 winner

University of Adelaide 2018 3MT thincLab winner

3MT 2018 final - full event