2019 Final


  • Jessica Bohorquez

People’s choice award

  • Jessica Bohorquez

Student's choice award

  • Jessica Bohorquez


  • Sylvia Edifor: Poo Power!
  • Ayodeji Aiyesimoju: The Future of News in Nigeria: Flip or Click?
  • Alfinura Sharafeyeva: The Trade Economists Tale
  • Josephine Hinneh: Hammering the “HMMR”
  • Caitlin Selway: A mud pie a day keeps the allergies at bay
  • Rukia Nzibo: Reporting on Terror: Is Peace Journalism possible in Kenya?
  • Jessica Bohorquez: Guardians of the Pipelines
  • Belinda Boehm: Pasta, present, and future: Simulating spaghetti for flexible phones
  • Lívia Garcez de Oliveira Padilha: Meat the Future
  • Anna Gardiner: Women's leadership programs: Worth crowing about? Or much cock-a-doodle-doo about nothing?

University of Adelaide 3MT 2019 full event

University of Adelaide 2019 3MT winner