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It's an honour for our alumni


Congratulations to those members of the University of Adelaide alumni community whose contributions to their field and their community were acknowledged in the 2007 Australia Day Honours List.

Among those to receive an Australia Day Honour this year was Professor Christopher Findlay, Acting Executive Dean of the Faculty of the Professions and Head of the School of Economics.

He was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for "service to international relations in the Asia-Pacific region, to economic cooperation in trade, transportation and economic reform, and to education".

Professor Findlay believes that long list of contributions is actually all part of the same job - his job as an academic.

"It means a lot to me," he said of the Honour. "I've valued very much the recognition that it gives to the work that I've done; work to some extent that I've always thought was part of my normal academic role."

The main reason for Professor Findlay's award is his work with various institutions that link Australian researchers, business people and policy makers with their counterparts in East Asia - in particular, his work with the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC), the forerunner of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum.

Professor Findlay described his involvement in this nexus of academics, business and policy makers as "the perfect package".

"It's what I've always thought academics were supposed to be doing - working on interesting things that were important and topical, but also interesting from an analytical and disciplinary point of view. You can then bring these things back into your teaching and into your research, so it becomes a loop. It means that your work has a focus on real-world impact."

Companion in the Order of Australia (AC)

Dr J Robin Warren AC (MBBS 1961, MD 2000)
for service to medicine and to medical research, particularly through the discovery of the bacterium Helicobacter Pylori and its role in gastritis and peptic ulcer disease.

Officer in the Order of Australia (AO)

The Honourable Dr John C Bannon AO (LLB 1967, BA 1968)
for service to politics and to the South Australian Parliament, to history, particularly through researching and publishing in the subject area of Australian Federation, and to the community through sporting, cultural and welfare organisations.

Mr Maurice J de Rohan OBE AO deceased (BTech (Civil) 1960)
for service to Australia-Britain relations through involvement with and contributions to organisations promoting business, educational, charitable, community and sporting initiatives.

Professor Börje Nordin AO (DSc 1993)
for service to medicine nationally and internationally as a pioneering researcher in the fields of calcium metabolism, osteoporosis and renal stone disease, and as a clinician and academic.

The Honourable Justice John W Perry AO (LLB 1959)
for service to the judiciary and to the law, particularly as a contributor to the activities of professional regulatory committees, to legal education, and to the community.

Member of the Order of Australia (AM)

Professor Donald B Bursill AM (BSc 1971)
for service to water quality research and resource management through a range of research and industry organisations.

Professor Christopher C Findlay AM (BEc (Hons) 1975, University Staff)
for service to international relations in the Asia-Pacific region, to economic cooperation in trade, transportation and economic reform, and to education.

Professor Brian A Hills AM deceased (PhD 1967, DSc 1975)
for service to medical research, particularly in the fields of respiratory physiology and decompression sickness as an educator and author.

Mrs Elizabeth Keam AM (M Nurs Sc 1998)
for service to community health in the field of palliative care through contributions to the development of programs and services to assist people with a terminal illness, and to nurse education.

Dr Peter Malycha AM (MBBS 1969)
for service to medicine through research and development of new procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, to medical education, and to professional organisations.

Dr Gregor A Ramsey AM (BSc 1958, Dip Sec Ed 1961)
for service to education, particularly through contributions to higher education, the vocational education and training sector, and programs committed to quality teaching and school leadership.

Professor Graham Vimpani AM (MBBS 1967)
for service to medicine as a paediatrician committed to improving child health and welfare through contributions to a range of government, professional and community organisations, and as an academic, researcher and clinician.

Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM)

Mr Colin H Brideson OAM (Dip Prim Ed 1959, BA 1966)
for service to the community though a range of service, church and educational organisations.

Mr Brian Condon OAM (DipAg 1946)
for service to the community, particularly through the Rotary Club of Port Pirie and the International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians.

Mr Carl Crossin OAM (BMus 1979, BMus (Hons) 1980, University Staff)
for service to music, particularly as a choral conductor and founding director of the Adelaide Chamber Singers.

Dr Andris P Darzins OAM (MBBS 1961)
for service to medicine as a general practitioner and as a contributor to the development of aged care facilities in South Australia.

Ms Pamela Dunsford OAM (BAgSc 1973)
for service to the wine industry as an oenologist, judge and promoter of the role of women in the field, to business development and to tourism.

Mrs Vera K Matthews OAM (Dip Arts & Ed 1953)
for service to the community as Coordinator of the Brighton Church of Christ Community Care Centre.

Dr Tony O'Malley OAM (BTech (Civil) 1965)
for service to the community of South Australia, particularly as a contributor to the evaluation of economic, social and environmental trends in the state.

Mr John E Vickery OAM (Dip Oenology 1955)
for service to the wine industry as an oenologist, particularly through the development of innovative methods for riesling production.

Public Service Medal (PSM)

Mr Kym F Duggan PSM (LLB 1978)
for outstanding public service in the development and implementation of major reforms to the family law system.

Mr Roger B Wickes PSM (BAg Sc 1970, MAg Sc 1980)
for outstanding public service, particularly for his contribution in the field of natural resource management.

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Professor Christopher Findlay
Photo by David Ellis

Professor Christopher Findlay
Photo by David Ellis

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