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$12.8 million for health research

The University of Adelaide has been awarded $12.8 million in Federal Government grants to lead two major research programs addressing some of the world's most critical health problems.

Bacterial diseases expert Professor James Paton has received $9.1 million for a five-year program to help combat pneumonia, meningitis and gastroenteritis and other infectious diseases, which account for more than 10 million deaths worldwide each year.

Immunologist Professor Angel Lopez has also been awarded $3.7 million to investigate a group of protein hormones and their receptors that are implicated in several forms of cancer.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) announced the 2010 Program Grants last month.

Professor Paton, who is Director of the new Research Centre for Infectious Diseases at the University of Adelaide, says the $9.1 million will be spent on ongoing collaborative research into new vaccines and treatments for bacterial infectious diseases.

His team includes Dr Adrienne Paton and Dr Renato Morona from the University of Adelaide, as well as researchers from the University of Queensland and University of Wollongong.

"This injection of funds reinforces the investment that the University of Adelaide is making in research into infectious diseases, cementing the reputation of the Adelaide team as world leaders in this area," Professor Paton said.

The funding adds further value to the $4 million NHMRC Australia Fellowship awarded to Professor Paton in 2007.

Professor Lopez, who is co-head of the Centre for Cancer Biology at SA Pathology, hopes to develop new drugs with fewer side effects for the treatment of cancers. His funds have been awarded to SA Pathology but administered through the University of Adelaide, where he is an affiliate professor.

University of Adelaide psychiatrist Professor Sandy McFarlane, an international expert on the impact of disasters and post-traumatic stress disorder, will also work on a $7.1 million program led by the University of NSW to enhance Australia's capacity to reduce psychological problems after traumatic events.

Story by Candy Gibson

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Professor James Paton
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