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Industry experience is worth broadcasting


Being able to gain real-world experience can be a vital part of students' education at the University of Adelaide.

For some students, an industry placement as part of their degree is the first foot in the door for what will later become a rewarding career.

Sam Spirou is one Adelaide graduate who found that her industry placement created unique opportunities, helping her to pursue her chosen career path.

A graduate in Media and Law, Sam undertook a three-month placement with the breakfast show at Adelaide radio station FIVEaa.

"I knew that I wanted to do something in radio, so taking up an industry placement was an ideal opportunity," Sam said.

"The placement was invaluable - it gave me such an intensive learning experience, and I was able to learn about all of the different aspects of how the radio station worked. Those three months also helped me to decide that I wanted to become a radio producer."

When her placement was over, Sam sought volunteer work with the breakfast show at FIVEaa's sister station, Nova 919, gaining more industry experience and contacts in the process.

When a position as Assistant Producer with the breakfast show became available at Nova, Sam was able to use her prior experience with both stations to secure the job.

"When you're studying, you don't realise how competitive it is to get a job in the media. My industry placement really helped me to get this position. Not only did it teach me about radio and what's required in the job, it also gave me the drive to want to be where I am today.

"Looking back, I think the best thing about my placement was developing contacts and professional relationships that I have been able to maintain," she said.

Sam has since relocated to the Gold Coast, where she is now working for Sea FM and Gold FM, two radio stations that are both owned by Southern Cross Media. Among her roles is casual producer and panel operator for Gold FM's high-rating drive show, The Dan & Ken Show, which is broadcast nationally.

"I love radio - it has immediacy, it's fun, it reaches so many people, in the home, in their cars, even while they're shopping in supermarkets.

"It was great to have had the ability to do a placement as part of my Media degree at the University of Adelaide. It was definitely the experience I needed," she said.

Internships and industry placements play an important role right across areas of study at the University of Adelaide, such as Engineering, Arts, Law, Media, Business and Architecture.

Story by David Ellis

For more information about the Media degree or internships as part of study, visit Open Day Sunday 15 August.

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Sam Spirou at Gold Coast radio station Gold FM

Sam Spirou at Gold Coast radio station Gold FM
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