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April 2005 Issue
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Vincent's career move: back to school!

 Graduations | Hong Kong

After 21 years of hard work in the Hong Kong financial industry, Vincent Li has put his promising career on hold - to gain further skills through the University of Adelaide.

Vincent graduated with his MBA from the University of Adelaide at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Hong Kong last month.

Vincent had previously held such positions as Vice-President of the Paine Webber Group's Hong Kong office, and was Division Director with the Equity Markets Group of Macquarie Bank when he made his decision in 2003 to stop working and recommence studying.

"I worked with Macquarie for eight years and have spent 21 in total in the Hong Kong financial industry, but I realised that I would not be able to go much further without improving my academic qualifications and acquiring more contemporary skills and knowledges," Vincent said.

"So I made the decision to resign from Macquarie and undertake my MBA with Adelaide. I chose Adelaide because a lot of very outstanding and successful senior executives I worked with in Macquarie Bank were graduates from leading Australian universities, including the University of Adelaide.

"My choice proved to be the right one and the course was very enlightening and inspiring. I found the course gave me a much better understanding of how and why things are happening in the business world, and also provided me with very useful tools to compete in a rapidly changing environment."

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Vincent Li
Photo by Ben Osborne

Vincent Li
Photo by Ben Osborne

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