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Awards to medical staff

Two University of Adelaide staff members have been recognised nation-wide by the Australian Medical Students' Association (AMSA) for their achievements in medicine.

Professor Peter Devitt, Head of Professorial Surgery at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, has received the 2011 AMSA National Teaching Award.

The award promotes excellence in medical education and recognises an individual who makes a significant contribution to the education of students in Australia.

Professor Devitt has authored several textbooks and developed the groundbreaking online learning system eMedici, an electronic journal of patient-based cases used for student learning.

The President of the Adelaide Medical Students' Society (AMSS), Thomas Crowhurst, said many medical students "owe much to Professor Devitt".

"Particularly through his innovation of the highly popular eMedici, Professor Devitt has shown his dedication to novel learning approaches which are now being expanded into other disciplines," Mr Crowhurst said.

Dr Christopher Wong, a 2010 University of Adelaide medical graduate, has been awarded the AMSA National Student Award for his dedication and contribution to the medical school, other students and the wider community.

Dr Wong was considered a worthy recipient for the award because of his extensive list of personal and academic achievements.

He was the first undergraduate student in the country to win the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand's Affiliate Prize for Scientific Excellence. He has also been a Teaching on the Run tutor at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and former AMSS President, Treasurer, Historian and Education Representative.

Dr Wong is also the 2011 Rhodes Scholar for South Australia and is currently a clinical lecturer for the University of Adelaide.

AMSA President Robert Marshall said the National Council was particularly impressed with "the diversity of Christopher's involvement in academic and community pursuits as a student".

"He is an inspirational role model for students," he said.

Story by Sarah Bown

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Dr Chris Wong

Dr Chris Wong
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Professor Peter Devitt
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