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Adelaide Biobank

The University of Adelaide has established the Biobank, a bio-repository, to centrally and securely house valuable research material currently stored in ultracold (-80 degrees) freezers throughout the Schools. The Biobank will assist researchers in the secure storage of their samples that are:

  • Archival materials (irreplaceable/valuable samples from past research)
  • Back-up materials (critical/valuable samples from current research)
  • Materials generated from longitudinal and long-term studies (current and future research resources)

The Biobank is a purpose built facility at the North Terrace Campus built to a PC2 standard, housing 28 new Ultracold (-80 degrees) freezers. Detailed information on suitable and acceptable material for storage in the Biobank can be found in The Facility page.

Research freezer management policy

As part of the Biobank project the University has developed a new Research Freezer Management Policy to achieve best management practice of Ultracold freezers and their research materials. The policy takes into account the "ABC approach of Complete Freezer Management" which consists of three initiatives:

a. FreezerPro, the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

b. The Biobank

c. Guidelines for the physical management of local freezers in all Schools

The successful implementation of this approach will be beneficial to the University in reducing the University's research and financial risk by securely storing, managing and recording critical research material and establishing one standard recording and reporting system for all freezers and their contents. Detailed information on the Policy and each of the three initiatives can be found in our Process and Forms page. For information about the Biobank manager and contact details please visit the Contact Us page.

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A panoramic view of the Biobank

A panoramic view of the Biobank