About Our Chaplains

Our Chaplains are experienced and qualified professionals who are authorised by their faith tradition, and accredited by the University of Adelaide to support the well-being of students and staff.

They are here as fellow travellers in life, to be a listening ear, and to respond to your questions or needs with care and respect.

Their door is open to all members of the community, irrespective of personal belief, philosophy, life view or faith. Chaplains welcome the opportunity for discussion of the broader questions of life, spirituality or faith, as well as being available for pastoral care and counsel in particular personal situations.

Information on the appointment of Chaplains is available in the University's Procedure for the Appointment of Chaplains.

  • Anglican

    Geoff Lin

    Geoffrey Lin

    I've been the Anglican Chaplain since 2004 and am also an Assistant Minister at Holy Trinity Adelaide on North Terrace.

    I have completed a Bachelor of Divinity (Honours Cl 1) from Moore Theological College as well as Bachelors of Economics and Laws (Honours Cl 1) from Sydney University, and previously worked as a management consultant with Booz Allen & Hamilton.

    I am keen to connect with students, staff and faculty to provide pastoral care and, in particular, to help them consider the claims of Jesus of Nazareth.

    I give public talks, run small group discussions, and meet with individuals on request.

    Contact Geoffrey

  • Baptist

    Reuben S

    Reuben Salagaras

    I've been a chaplain since 2013 and attend Rostrevor Baptist Church. My aim is to love and serve the staff and students of the University of Adelaide.

    I have trained at Moore Theological College (Bachelor of Divinity) and have completed Bachelors of Engineering and Laws at Adelaide University.

    I enjoy discussing life and the hard questions that often arise around faith and Jesus. I am available to all students, staff and faculty of the University. Get in touch! My door is always open, so to speak, for a coffee and chat.

    In seeking to love and serve the University, I:

    • Connect students and staff with Bible sudies, prayer groups and Christian networks on campus
    • Offer prayer support for staff and students
    • Provide Bible teaching to the campus and pastor students by working closely with Evangelical Students
    • Refer students and staff to other support services as required
    • Run small group discussions
    • Meet with individuals on request
    • Am available to meet with individuals or groups to advise on matters relating to faith and spirituality, especially the Christian faith
    • Assist with or conduct weddings, funerals, memorials and similar services

    Contact Reuben 

  • Lutheran

    Fraser Pearce

    Fraser Pearce

    I'm a pastor at Bethlehem Lutheran Church on Flinders St in the Adelaide CBD, and have served there since 2010. Before that I was the pastor at congregations in Melbourne and Bendigo.

    I did a B.A. and M.A. in History at the University of Sydney, and did my pastoral training at Australian Lutheran College .

    Together with my colleagues, Geoff Lin and Reuben Salagaras, I welcome the opportunity to offer Christian pastoral care and support to students and staff.

    Together with other local Lutheran pastors we offer a weekly Bible study targeted at young people from a Lutheran background including students from Lutheran schools, but which is also open to anyone who's interested. We work closely with Evangelical Students.

    Contact Fraser

  • International students

    David Purton

    David Purton

    David has a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Adelaide and a Master of Divinity from Ridley Theological College, Melbourne. David is a Christian and loves talking about life and faith with people from many backgrounds and cultures.

    He has been working alongside international students since 2011 at both the University of Melbourne and the University of Adelaide, teaching from the Bible, mentoring and caring for students, and helping them understand their faith better while at university.

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