The Defence and Security Institute plays a key role in the Australian capabilities essential to our nation’s defence, security, and prosperity.

We are committed to ensuring that the University of Adelaide builds and maintains the research skills, infrastructure, commercialisation and knowledge transfer abilities required to continue contributing to the defence of our nation.

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Latest news from the Institute

Human integrated sensor system program

Sometimes it is not possible to identify in advance if there are chemical or biological agents present in an area.

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Drone-borne gamma ray sensors

In a CBRN attack, our defence forces must be able to accurately assess a battle space for radiation and other toxic substances.

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Simultaneous location and mapping in autonomous vehicles

Robotic and autonomous vehicles are valuable defence assets as they can undertake operations which present increased risks to personnel, such as entering contested or contaminated areas where they can gather information, or act as relay points for communication systems.

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From the Newsroom



Undergraduate places support nuclear-powered future

The University of Adelaide has today, Wednesday 29 November, received Federal Government commitment to fund the training of hundreds more domestic undergraduate students to join the defence workforce of the future.



South Australian researchers join forces with global defence consortium

The University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia have joined five leading universities in the United Kingdom and United States to support the AUKUS alliance.



Sovereign radar expertise is focus for new centre

A new Centre at the University of Adelaide for research into high-frequency (HF) radar technology will play a critical role in the nation’s safety and prosperity.



Trailblazer defence program formalised

The Defence Trailblazer for Concept to Sovereign Capability program has taken another step in being formalised with the conditions of grant being finalised and the announcement of the board members.



Defence specialist leads Trailblazer

A leading defence industry specialist with more than 30 years’ experience in the sector has been appointed as Executive Director of the Defence Trailblazer for Concept to Sovereign Capability.



Cutting-edge laser technology focus for research centre

A new centre at the University of Adelaide will focus on further developing the latest laser technology needed to keep Australia and its allies safe from emerging military threats.


Research impact stories

Bots Manipulate Public Opinion Russia - Ukraine in Conflict

New research from the University of Adelaide has shown that social media bot accounts have been used in malicious campaigns to influence online discussion during the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Autonomous rovers for moon exploration

When it comes to studying the surface of moons and planets, robot explorers called “rovers” are the gold standard. They can travel into space far more easily than a human astronaut, traverse new terrains quickly, and collect mountains of useful data.

Giving REDSPICE bite: Why strengthening Australia’s cyber capability demands unprecedented ASD-university collaboration

The Australian Government’s REDSPICE blueprint, released with last week’s 2022-23 budget, will significantly increase the Australian Signals Directorate’s (ASD) cyber and intelligence capabilities.