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Drone training at University of Adelaide

Article in the news 

Droughts are threatening global wetlands

University of Adelaide scientists have shown how droughts are threatening the health of wetlands globally.

Published in the journal Earth-Science Reviews, the scientists highlight the many physical and chemical changes occurring during droughts that lead to severe, and sometimes irreversible, drying of wetland soils. Read the article.


    Pelican landing on the Coorong in South Australia.

    Project Coorong

    The University of Adelaide is leading scientific investigations as part of Project Coorong, a $70 million Commonwealth and South Australian Government investment to support the long-term health of the Coorong. The trial and investigations component of this major initiative is being coordinated by the Goyder Institute.

    Several University of Adelaide scientists from the Water Research Centre and Environment Institute are leading major research projects within this component including:

    • Prof. Justin Brookes and Prof. Phill Cassey - waterbirds
    • Assoc. Prof. Luke Mosley – nutrient dynamics
    • Prof. Michelle Waycott – algae and aquatic plants
    • Dr Matt Gibbs – integration and modelling