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Partner with us and benefit from our research and development expertise. 

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The Water Research Centre is looking for partnership opportunities for challenges that may be great or small. Our team has Australia’s greatest breadth and depth of expertise in water. We are passionate about industry partnerships that make a difference to business, communities and the environment. 

Partnership benefits

  • Commercial benefits; we can save you time and money
  • Innovation; research collaborations are a major source of new innovations
  • Custom water research solutions; we deliver research tailored to meet your specific needs. We pair your project with researchers that can meet the research needs, in terms of both expertise and ability to deliver to the timeframe
  • Trust; having our team in your corner can generate greater trust by communities and government in your particular water solution
  • Equipment; access the full analytical capabilities of the University of Adelaide’s research infrastructure, and that of our partners
  • Problem solving; our team has extensive experience on some of the nation’s most complex water issues•Leverage; we have access to funding schemes to make your investments stretch further.

Our research expertise

Success stories

Our research teams have delivered significant benefits to industry and government on a wide range of water projects. For example:

  • Saving many millions of dollars in water infrastructure and maintenance costs through optimisation of design
  • Commercialisation of technologies through various patents, such as p-CAT, and creation of spin-off companies such as Optimatics.

See our program pages Murray-Darling Basin, Security and sustainability, Technology, engineering and design, and Fairness for specific case studies of our work.

Current partners


Government partnerships

Water resources are a key strategic asset for most countries in the world. Our research is targeted to underpin more sustainable management of natural resources.Joint appointments with government agencies help to build a ‘hard-wired' link between research and policy adoption. The Water Research Centre currently has joint positions with the South Australian Department for Environment and Water.

Our research has helped to underpin:

  • Lakes and reservoir management (internationally) to minimise the risk of algal blooms.
  • Policy related to the management of the Coorong and Lower Lakes, a Ramsar listed wetland in South Australia.
  • A decision support system and policy related to water management in the South East of South Australia, a biodiversity hotspot and site of a number of Ramsar listed wetlands.
  • Policy related to the management of the River Murray.
Aquatic micro invertebrates

Industry partnerships

For an individual business, cooperation needs to match the needs of the business and the skillset of researchers.

For the mining and renewable energy industries, the centre works closely with The University of Adelaide’s Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources and Centre for Energy Technology to match researchers.

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